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Glo recharge code [how to recharge phone and data, 4x recharge and double recharge]

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Glo recharge code

Globacom, Nigeria, recently released a new USSD code that will be used for recharge card pin top-up. It’s impossible to load the Glo card pin without the use of the USSD Glo recharge code.

The Glo recharge code USSD number is *123*Globacom recharge card pin#. The recharge card pin has a 15 digit number that will be revealed after scratching the seal of the card.

If the Glo recharge card pin is 123456789012345, for your Glo recharge credit you follow the following steps;

  1. Open the dial pad of your phone
  2. Type *123*recharge card pin# i.e. *123*123456789012345#
  3. Finally, click on send/Ok on the device.
  4. If the recharge card pin is correct, you will receive an instant message on the success of the recharge.

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Glo 4x recharge code

The latest offer by Globacom Nigeria is the Glo 4x recharge code. Subscribers can use the Glo 4x recharge code to receive 4 times the value of the airtime recharged.

However, the Glo 4x recharge code is not a tariff plan (Glo users can use this option regardless of their prepaid tariff profile) and is available for all Globacom Nigeria subscribers.

When a subscriber recharge N100, he/she will receive a total of N400 i.e., N100 original recharge value + N300 airtime bonus. Also, the recharge of N500 will give bonus airtime of N1500 + N500 for the original recharge.

Subscribers can activate the Glo 4x bonus using the 4x bonus recharge USSD code, which is *323*Recharge PIN# in place of the regular recharge code of *123*Recharge PIN#. All recharge that is made with the *123*Recharge PIN# is not eligible for the bonus.

The 4x bonus can also be received when users recharge their Glo lines using any of this electronic mediums; Mobile transfer, Glo café, POS terminals, ATM, Bank recharge, etc. for the 4x bonus to be activated, users must recharge their lines with any of the following amounts: N150, N250, N550, N1050, N2050, N5050 and N10,050.

Code for Glo recharge

The code for loading the Glo recharge card is the same as the Glo recharge code. Customers can recharge their Glo line by using the recharge USSD code format.

The recharge USSD code format is *123*Globacom recharge pin#. The Globacom recharge pin is always a 15 digit pin.

Glo data recharge code

Globacom Nigeria has loads of data plans for its subscribers, which will ensure that they receive value for their data subscription. Subscribers can choose from the various data plans available on the network, such as the Flexi plan, Campus data booster plan, Weekly, Daily, and Monthly plan.

The network service provider offers high internet speed compared to other networks in Nigeria.

The Glo data recharge code is *777#. With this code, it’s easier for customers to buy, share, and gift and manage their data subscription. Subscribers on any of the Glo prepaid tariff plans can make use of this code.

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Glo double recharge code

The Glo double recharge plan, also known as the Glo Bumpa plan, is the plan that offers a 200% recharge bonus to customers whenever they recharge their Glo lines with airtime from N100 and above.

Customers can migrate to this tariff plan by dialing *100*10*1# and subsequently press 1 when they are asked to.

Glo bonus recharge code

Globacom, Nigeria has a variety of bonus packages for their esteemed customers. The glo recharge bonus code is the code used to get the glo bonus through airtime recharge. Here is a link that contains all the glo bonus packages and their code.


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Glo recharge from bank account

Customers can recharge from their bank account using any of the following methods:

  1. Bank USSD Code
  2. Bank APP
  3. Network USSD

Bank USSD Code

This is the fastest way customers can use to buy airtime directly from their bank accounts.

Below is a table that contains several banks in Nigeria and the code to use to purchase airtime.

Access Bank*901*amount#Stanbic IBTC*909*amount#
Diamond Bank*426#Sterling Bank*822*amount#
Ecobank*326#Skye Bank(Polaris Bank)*833#
Fidelity Bank Online. A Brief Review.” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Fidelity Bank*770#UBA*919*amount#
First Bank*894#Union Bank*389*032*amount#
First City Monument Bank*389*214*amount#Zenith Bank*966#
Guaranty Trust Bank*737#Keystone Bank*322*082*amount#

Bank APP

This is the safest and convenient method in which customers can recharge their Globacom line from their bank account is through the bank APP.

However, customers must have to download the bank APP from the android play store or the iOS store. If the APP has been successfully downloaded and installed, Customers can now purchase airtime for their lines by scrolling through the APP to the recharge feature there.

Network USSD

Subscribers can recharge their Globacom line using the lines that are linked to their bank account by dialing the unique USSD code for recharge. The bank network USSD code is *805*amount#. This code will only work if the line linked to your bank account is a Globacom line.


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