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How to cancel auto renewal on airtel. Practical steps

Today, Airtel is one of the largest network provider in Nigeria. It offers of the best telecommunication services.

From villages, towns, cities, and states, the coverage of Airtel is well felt. The service provider also offers some of the cheapest data plans ti its customers. A user can get plans that suits his or her lifestyle.

However, just like any other network service providers in Nigeria, Airtel also has issues with the auto-renewal on data subscriptions. Yes, many users don’t like auto renew, especially when they never planned for it. They prefer to subscribe afresh when their data plans expire instead of being charged automatically.


How can I cancel auto renewals on Airtel? That’s what this article is all about. Please keep reading.

How to stop whatsapp auto renewal on airtel

As one of the leading network provider in the country, Airtel keeps offering cheaper data packages for customers. One of such exciting data packages is the WhatsApp subscription plans ((Daily, Weekly, and Monthly). The WhatsApp data plans are pocket friendly.

Airtel also has an auto-renewal option for this plan. If you don’t want an auto-renew after your plan expires, there is an easy way out.

If you want to stop WhatsApp auto-renewal on Airtel, follow these steps:

Text STOP to 140. Or text STOP AUTO-RENEW to 440.

If you are using Blackberry, text DEACTIVATE to 440.

How to deactivate current data plan in airtel

If you are looking for affordable data plans in Nigeria, you can go wrong with Airtel. Do business online, and stay connected with family and friends.

Make sure you turn off the auto-renewal option after your subscribe to a data plan. If you don’t, you will be automatically charged when your plan expires. This means an equivalent of the cost of the subscription will be deducted from your airtime.

In order to opt-out from the auto-renew feature on Airtel, Text STOPAUTORENEW to 44. You can also text STOP to 141.

For Blackberry users, text DEACTIVATE to 440. You will be opt out from the auto-renewal. If none of these work, please get in touch with Airtel customer care. Call 111 or send a DM on Twitter via @airtel_care.

How to cancel auto-renewal on airtel voice bundles

Does the auto renewal on Airtel voice bundles irritates you? You don’t need to be bothered anymore.

Airtel Nigeria now offers a feature for auto resubscription for several plans, include data plans.

It’s is fast and easy.

You can cancel auto-renewal either via SMS or the USSD code.

For SMS, text STOP to 141. This cancels data auto renew.

For the USSD code, dial *100#. Next, select option 3 (for Internet bundles). Select 11 for More. Select 4 for Auto Renewal. Finally, select 2 for Cancel Auto Renewal.

That’s all!

How to stop auto renewal of airtel broadband

Are you currently using Airtel broadband and you are experiencing an auto renewal you don’t want? Sorry for the inconvenience.

You can always stop the auto renewal of Airtel broadband and other bundles.

For Android bundles, dial *438*100#.

For Mega bundles, dial *408*100#.

For Blackberry bundles, text STOPAUTORENEW to 440.

For other plans, including broadbands, text STOP to 141.

Stop airtel auto renewal pack

We all know it, it can be frustrating to recharge airtime for call use only for us to discovered that the airtime has automatically be used for a subscription we forgot we had on auto renewal.

Yes, most of us have been there. But you can easily prevent this next time. You need to simply stop Airtel auto renewal pack. Cancel the package on auto renewal.

How do you do this? Text STOP to 141. The auto renewal feature will be cancelled.

How to activate auto renewal on airtel

Airtel seems to be the only mobile network provider in Nigeria to ask users whether they would like to enable the auto renewal feature or not whenever they buy a data plan. That’s good options. Some people want the auto renewal feature while some don’t want it.

To activate auto renewal on Airtel, simply select the option when asked (when you are in the process of buying a data plan).

How cancel all airtel subscribtion

After subscription to any Airtel data plan, it is important that you turn off the auto renewal feature if you don’t plan to automatically renew it when it expires.

Failure to turn it off may cause your airtime being deducted.

Do you want to cancel all Airtel auto subscriptions? Simply text STOP to 141.

Airtel deactivate code

Here are some Airtel deactivate codes you can use whenever needed.

For End of call, dial *362*2# to deactivate. To activate, dial *362*1#.

To manage all your subscriptions, dial *121#.

Airtel customer care

Whenever you want to reach out to the Airtel customer care, just dial 121.

You can also send an email message to [email protected].

How to check airtel data balance

Checking your Airtel data balance is simple.

Dial *140#. Wait for a SMS message on your phone.

You can also dial *141#. Then select option 6.

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