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How to borrow credit and data from Airtel Nigeria

It happens all too often that we all need airtime credit in an emergency, and there isn’t anywhere to obtain such credit. Most mobile networks in Nigeria had long started borrowing credit to their “trusted” customers. Don’t think the telecom operators are borrowing you because they like you; it is all business to them as nothing is free even in Freetown.

The first thing you need to realize is that borrowing credit from airtel usually comes at a 15% fee. Apparently, telecom companies are even smarter than banks when they give you a loan. They simply take the interests before even giving you the principal.

Anyway, due to the 15percent interest fee, it means that you don’t get the amount you borrowed. For example, if you borrow 100 naira, 15% of 100 is 15naira. Then, they deduct that 15naira interest from the 100 naira you intend to borrow. In essence, if you try to borrow 100naira, they are only going to give you 85naira. You will pay back 100naira. The remaining 15naira is their gain. Smart business.


How to borrow airtime credit from Airtel Nigeria

Simply dial the code *500*credit amount#

For example, if you wish to borrow 100 naira. Dial *500*100#. But don’t forget that they will only give you 85naira, the remaining 15naira goes to airtel.

How to borrow Data from airtel line

It can happen that you are enjoying that Instagram thread and your data finish in the middle of the night and you have nowhere to buy. Airtel Nigeria has made it possible for you to borrow data just the way you can borrow credit.

  • Dial *500#
  • Choose option 3. Option 3 is to borrow data and continue.
  • Select the data options you are interested in and continue.

There are different airtel data bundles available to borrow. A data of 10MB will cost you 50 naira; 50MB will cost you 100 naira, and 200MB will cost you 200 naira. If you cannot borrow data from airtel, it can only mean because your line is new or you have not paid back the previous one you borrowed. In essence, they can’t just decide not to borrow you, it is in their interest to borrow you.

How to borrow data from airtel without paying back

Well, this is something you can do, but it is not something that makes any sense. You can register a Simcard on the airtel network, you probably load 100 naira on it and use it. As soon as they allow you to borrow, you borrow the credit, use it and throw away the sim card. But note that new sim cards might not be able to borrow more than 100 naira for a start.

While it is mathematically possible to borrow credit without paying back, it is certainly not worth it.

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