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Complete Guide to MTN Please Call Me short message code

by Abbey

At the moment, there are over 50 million Subscribers to the MTN network in Nigeria. This makes the network one of the largest telecommunication networks in Africa. The company, a product of the South African government and private investors, has existed for over 25 years in Nigeria.

There are many short message codes available to MTN subscribers for various operations. These codes are created with simple numbers to enable users to remember them easily. Also, these codes can be sent by you via USSD and SMS.

In this post, we shall inform you about how to use MTN Call Me Back code. You will learn how to send the code through USSD and SMS.

Background information about MTN Call Me Back Service

The Call Me Back service is a free short message service that enables users to send a Call Me Back message to other MTN users. Hence, it can only be used by MTN subscribers to send messages to only people on the MTN network. This service can be valuable in emergencies and when you don’t have airtime to make a call.

If you are out of airtime and don’t know how to send the Call Me Back, the MTN network has provided a simple USSD code to enable you to complete the operation quickly.

Rather than flash or beg for airtime to make a call, you can send a message using MTN Please Call Me Back short code with or without airtime. MTN allows users to send a maximum of five, please call me back messages daily. Therefore, you can’t send more than 35 of this kind of message in a week.

Once the call-back of my message has been sent, you will get a notification from MTN Nigeria as a sign of confirmation. To launch the call me back, dial the code *133#. It is easy to memorize, so you don’t need to search for it any time you want to use it. MTN provides five different calls me back short messages to their subscribers. The codes for each of them are listed below.

Call me, I have a gist for you

This is one of the five call-back short messages you can send to a fellow MTN subscriber. You can send it when you have a piece of crucial information to share with someone. To send this message, follow the steps below.

  • Dial * 133# code from an MTN line.
  • Type the phone number of the intended recipient and select 4 for Call me back, I have a gist for you.

Call Back, I need your assistance

Here is another call me back message. You can send this to someone if you need them to help you with something crucial. To complete the process, dial *133# from a registered MTN line.

Afterward, type the MTN phone number of your intended recipient and choose 5 for Call me back, I need your assistance.

Send me credit

This one is slightly different from the others mentioned earlier. Here you don’t need the recipient to call you back. It is more specific because it tells the receiver what you want – send me airtime.

To complete this process, dial *133# from an MTN registered sim card. Then, please type the number of the receiver and choose 3  send me credit.

Please call me

This is the simplest call me back short message you can send to anyone on the MTN network if you want them to reach out to you. It is not specific, and often people intend to ignore it. To complete this process, dial *133# from your MTN sim card.

Then, input the MTN line of the intended recipient and choose 1 for call me.

Call me back, I love you

This is the favorite call back message you send to those close to or have a relationship with. It can be your family member, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, or family friend. You should dial *133# from your MTN line.

Afterward, type the phone number of the intended recipient, which must be an MTN line. Then, select 2 for calling me back, I love you.

There you have it, all the information you need to know about the MTN call back services.


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