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100% Free JAMB CBT practice software to score really high marks

by Abbey

1.      What is the JAMB CBT and why is it important?

The JAMB Computer-based test was introduced in order to eliminate the use of papers when writing the exam. JAMB questions are objective type, for this reason, it only made sense that the questions should be computer-based. The biggest advantage of writing a CBT exam is that it takes less than a second for a computer to mark your scripts. In fact, your scores are recorded the moment you click the submit button.

Human beings are error-prone but computers are not. With computers, JAMB can easily know the students who passed above 200 marks in a matter of minutes. Also, for any given university, JAMB can also easily rank the top students for any university and for any course. Computers are just fantastic, almost magical.

 2.      Should I buy the JAMB CBT software?

I have gone through the pains of obtaining a CBT styled question software for you. You can write your CBT test without the need for buying any software. Explain.com.ng is also highly optimized for mobile phones, so you can take your exam even when you are walking. Click this link to start practicing jamb tests in maths, physics, chemistry, economics and just about any subject

You don’t have to buy a JAMB CBT software because we got you covered. Start your test absolutely FREE here. We don’t charge you N2000 like the others.

3.      How can I get the jamb cbt software for practice?

Explain.com.ng has made your life a lot easier. Start your FREE CBT styled practice here. Remember to check back later as our team is constantly adding brand new questions all the time. You don’t need any special training to practice the test online, just start your test at once.

4.      The JAMB cbt software 2019

The 2019 software is not really different from any other year. As I have previously said, get your practice test underway for free from us right here. Also note that because our exams are mobile-friendly, you do not need to download a special CBT app…especially an app that you will be asked to pay for.

5.      How to get the free jamb cbt practice software + full activation and crack

Well, I did some digging for you. A website called http://pass.ng has a CBT software that you can pay around N2000 to have access to the JAMB. But what if you don’t have money? There is still a way.

Note that software cracking is not usually advised and people who built the software deserve to get money from it. At explain.com.ng, we will never sell any information to you and our CBT styled questions are just as good, if not better than the one you can find anywhere else.

Visit this link to download the practice software https://drive.google.com/file/d/13UWsk9tOCAOQRDnEIoloB4Ur6duBaVpM/view

And then, watch this video in other to obtain full activation and crack.


 6.      Where are all the JAMB CBT centres in Lagos?

The file below contains the JAMB CBT centres in Lagos. Note that these centres are the approved centres by JAMB and any other centre which is not on this list is a potentially fraudulent one. You are advised to strickly go to only approved CBT centres to be on the safe side.

For people who want to open a JAMB CBT centre, visit this link here to know the requirements for such business. Below is the approved CBT centres for LAGOS. 



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