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40+ most important Jamb related questions and detailed answers

This is one of the most complete archieve of JAMB questions on the internet. I have painstakingly gone through every question and ensured that the anwsers are accurate and can be trusted. Enjoy!

Q1. How to check jamb result

There are two ways to this, via SMS and via visiting the JAMB portal. We are going to answer this question by using the 2019 template and you should expect JAMB to stick to this method for subsequent years.

a. Phone or SMS method


Text RESULT to 55019. Easy and simple. You MUST send this message with the exact number you used in registering for JAMB/UTME.

Pros: it is instant especially for those who don’t have internet connection.

Cons: It cost N50 per SMS.

SMS responses you can expect to get

  1. If you sent the message from a phone line that was not used for the exam registration, you will get the following response. “This phone number was not used for registration.”
  2. If your result is OK, you will receive a text like this, “Dear Mr/Miss XYZ, your result is as follows…” all your scores will be provided.
  3. For a withheld result, you will get the “Result withheld” response.
  4. If your result is withheld but is going through more processing and they require more documents from you, you will get the response “Result withheld pending the upload of clarifications/documents required from you.”
  5. If you were absent at the exam but had a registration number, the response “canceled” will be sent to you.
  6. If you gained unauthorized access to the exam hall, the response “Invalid Entrance into the Exam Hall” will be sent to you.

b. Computer method

The Great news is that no more scratch card is required from you, this process is now 100% free.


  1. Visit the result checking portal via this link:
  2. Enter your JAMB/UTMA registration number or your email address in the space provided.
  3. Click on “Check my results.”
  4. That’s all, just print out your result if it is ready.

If you had googled “how to check my jamb result” the above is how you can access your results.

Q2. How to create jamb profile

JAMB profile creation is now a necessity due to the use of the JAMB CBT. The JAMB profile is like opening an account with JAMB and telling them of your intention of writing the exam. The profile is vital as it enables you to do things like register for the JAMB, result checking and subsequent printing of original result, accept or reject caps admission status and even to correct any error you might encounter in the process.

The good news is that the controversial National Identification Number(NIN) as a requirement for JAMB/UTME has been canceled.

What does your JAMB profile contain?

  • Name
  • Email
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Passport photo
  • Course
  • Local government origin
  • WAEC and NECO result

Although, there are three ways of creating your JAMB profile, we will only discuss two.

a. SMS method


From the messaging app on your phone, type Surname, First Name & middle name in that order to 55019. For instance, if your Surname or family name is Bode, your first name is Chidi, and your middle name is Aminu. Type Bode Chidi Aminu to 55019.

This SMS will cost you N50. Importantly, make sure that the number you are using for this process is your number. You cannot share this same number for the JAMB registration of your family and friends.

Wait to receive a 10 digit confirmation code that will contain your ePin. This ePin will then be used to register only at one of JAMB’s accredited CBT centers.

Please check the approved CBT centers in your state.

What if I made a mistake?

Resend a text from the same phone number you first used and send your correct Surname/family name, first name and middle name to 55019

To retrieve a lost confirmation code, send  (from the registered number) “RESEND” to 55019.

b. Computer-based Registration

Step 1

  1. Create a Gmail, yahoo mail, Hotmail or any other email account if you don’t already have one. Please don’t misplace your email login details. Please stick to Gmail if you can. WHY? Check question 41.
  2. Verify your email. To this, go to this site, and enter your email, phone number and select a security question. Input an answer for the security question and “verify e-mail.” Please cross-check your details first.
  3. After this process, a link will be sent to your email. Check for the link in your inbox, spam or junk folder. It MUST be in one of those. The email will be sent from and the title of the email will be “Email Address confirmation.”
  4. Open the email and click on “Click here to continue profile creation.”
  5. This email will contain your JAMB profile registration code, you can write this code down or even take a screenshot of the email. Better still, never ever delete this email. And with this, you have just learned how to register jamb.

Step 2

Clicking the verification link that JAMB sent to your email address will bring out a page where you will have to enter this information.

  • Your surname
  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Date of birth (day, month & year),
  • Your phone number
  • Nationality
  • State
  • LGA
  • The password to your profile.


  1. Cross-check this information carefully. And then, click sign-up. This will bring a message as “Your account creation was successful.”
  2. From here you can click on “Proceed to Login” to see your brand new profile. That’s all.

Q3. How to upload WAEC result on jamb portal

The process of uploading your WAEC, NECO, NAPTEB or any other O’level result is the same.


  1. Log into your profile with the details you used in your profile creation on this link 
  2. Click on the link “Check my admission Status.”
  3. Click on the link “Access my Caps.”
  4. Click on “my O’level result” to see if this has been uploaded. If it is not there, kindly go to one of the approved CBT centres closest to you with your O’level result to have it uploaded.
  5. If you are an “awaiting result candidate,” as soon as you now have your O’level, quickly go to accredited CBT centres to have your results uploaded.

That’s all, you have just learned how to upload WAEC/NECO/NABTEB result to JAMB website.

Q4. How much is jamb form

  1. JAMB 2020 registrationform will cost you N3500.
  2. CBT registration will cost you N1000 max.
  3. The JAMB mandatory textbook will cost you N500 (sweet sixteen).

You should expect to spend N5000. But there might be other costs like transportation and maybe some charges from the cyber-café but this is highly dependent on individual scenarios.

Lastly, foreign based candidates will pay $20.

 Q5. When is jamb form closing

The 2020 JAMB will commence on January 13th and will close on February 17th 2020. So hurry up. That’s that, no need to keep asking your friend every time “when is jamb closing or when will jamb registration end?”

Q6. When will jamb result be out

The joint admission and matriculation board officially announce that the 2020 JAMB exam will commence from March 14th to April 4th . Last year it took JAMB two weeks to release the results, going by this calculation your results should be out by 3rd week of April 2020.

Q7. How to reprint jamb slip

By going to the JAMB website directly

  1. Log in to the official JAMB for exam printing by visiting this link.
  2. Enter your JAMB registration number or email address on the provided space.
  3. Click on “Print Examination Slip”.

Ensure you allow pop-up for this site if you get the notification. Press “control P” on your keyboard to print. Ensure you print 2 colored copies, one for the exam and one as your personal reference.

Or From You email Account

Once JAMB begins sending exam slips to candidates, simply check the email you used in your JAMB registration. Your slip would already be in your inbox or trash/junk folder. Just find the attachment and print it.

Q8. How to print jamb admission letter

Before printing

  1. Ensure that you have been offered admission by your target university.
  2. Ensure that you have checked your admission status to confirm your admission.
  3. Have N1000 ready to be paid to Interswitch via MasterCard or verve card before you can print the letter.

The Process

  1. Visit this link.
  2. Enter your email address and password
  3. Click on the “admission letter” tab.

Q9. When is jamb exam starting?

From official sources, the 2020 JAMB exams will commence between March 14th to April 4th. Your exact examination time, date and centre can be found on your JAMB slip. The question “when is jamb starting” is always on the mind of candidates, I have just given you the confirmed info.

Q10. How to check jamb admission status

  1. Go to the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board portal here.
  2. Log in with username and password
  3. Scroll down a bit and click ‘Check Admission Status.”
  4. Select the year of exam and enter the registration number for that year.
  5. Proceed to click on “Check admission status.”

 Q11. How to print original jamb result or how to print jamb slip

Since the process has already been clearly covered by JAMB itself, I won’t be “beating a dead horse.” Kindly go to this link and print your original results.

Q12. How to check jamb caps and how to check admission status on jamb caps

  1. Go here and login with your email address and password.
  2. On the left-hand side, find the “admission tab.” Click on it to open a drop-down menu and click “Check Admission Status”
  3. Select year of the exam including your registration number for that year.
  4. Click the “Check Admission Status” Button.
  5. In case you are admitted, you will get a Congratulating message. If you are not admitted yet, you will get “Sorry No admission has been given yet.”
  6. Then, you can accept or reject the admission. This is how to accept admission on jamb caps.

Q13. When is jamb result coming out

As already answered, it is it would be out in the third week of April 2020.

Q14. When is jamb form coming out

The form for the 2020 JAMB/UTME will start selling from January 13th 2020 to February 17th 2020.

Q15. How to check jamb mock result

Kindly visit this link, enter your details and your mock result will pop out.

Q16. How to change institution in jamb or how to change course in jamb

JAMB has extensively discussed this topic, kindly go to this link to change your institution or course.

Q17. How to check jamb centre and date of examination

All you have to do is reprint your JAMB slip and your JAMB centre and date of examination will be right there. Please check question 7 to this solution.

Q18. When is jamb registration closing or when is jamb registration ending?

February 17th 2020.

Q19. When is jamb reprinting starting?

JAMB reprinting will start 7 days to the commencement of the CBT exam. Since the CBT exam will start on March 14th 2020, JAMB reprinting will start on 7th March 2020.

Q20. How to print jamb examination slip

Visit this link, enter either your registration number, email or phone number and print your JAMB exam slip.

Q21. How to pass jamb and tips on how to score above 300 in jamb

Well, there is no proven way to pass this exam. JAMB is something that you had started preparing for since SS1 even though you might not realize it. My advice to students is that from SS1 is when you have started preparing for any university entrance exam and you must be a bit serious from that class. But what if you were OK in SS1 and SS2 and you still need some last-minute tips as you start JAMB preparation. Then, these suggestions are for you.

  1. Take past questions tests to establish a baseline of where you are. If you do not do well initially, a bad test practice will motivate you to start reading even more. On the other hand, even though you did ok in the test, you will be to know your weak points as you won’t know all questions equally.
  2. Focus on subjects you do not know first. If I am good at maths algebra but I am poor in maths statistics. It is only wise for me focus on statistics first. If I am ok in English but my chemistry sucks, it is only wise that I allocate more time to English.
  3. For maths, do not use the “best part” of your brain to learn maths. What do I mean by this? The best time to study is after you wake up overnight. You want to use this period to study difficult to grasp concepts in subjects like human anatomy in biology, or some graphs in economics. Maths requires constant practice, but it does not need the most crucial part of your morning hours for practice.
  4. You should also sleep. Your brain cannot keep working like a clock. You need to learn to sleep for long periods of time like 7 hours per day. Sleeping is like a giant reset button that helps your brain to function normally. If you don’t sleep, you will realize that you will be wasting time reading something for 3 hours and not getting it. A well-rested brain would enable you grasp the same thing in 1 hour. I know you are under a lot of pressure to succeed and pass but it won’t happen if you don’t rest, and it sure won’t happen overnight.
  5. Don’t follow the crowds. Your friend might be the one that reads overnight. If you can’t do it, don’t follow them. Sleep all through the night as God wants it. When you wake up, you can start reading. Personally, I hate this idea of reading overnight. I don’t do it, and those who do it are not better than me. You must realize that you can’t cheat nature, nobody can read for 18 hours straight! Yes, some people might brag about how they burned the candle and didn’t sleep but people lie a lot. Even if they are reading, maybe only 4 hours out of the 18hours were used for any form of productive reading.
  6. Limit time with your phones. When you are solving that math question…ok, fine, you can be browsing lindaikeji too. Don’t just make the phone a habit especially when you have an exam like JAMB.
  7. Pray. Sometimes in exams, you need a bit of luck even though you have prepared hard enough. But don’t think you can fool God. Read your book very hard, and then, pray. If you have been a bad child and you suddenly want to bribe God by being a good child and thinking that praying will suddenly make God reward you with passing; you are wasting your time. There are lots of people who do not believe in God but still score excellent grades. Exam has nothing to do with religion. However, if religion is your thing, it is good. At the end of the day, everyone, both religions and none religious needs a bit of luck for certain things in life. I had a 215 in jamb and 58 in post UTME and I still got into one of the Fed. University of Technology in a cool engineering field. I shouldn’t get in normally, but I did anyway. Maybe I was lucky because people who got over 280 can’t get admissions anyway.

I have written too many exams in my life and these strategies I shared with you is pure gold. I might not be the best student, but I know how to stay among the best students. If you have been a decent student since SS1 and you follow my tips, you can pass jamb successfully.

Q22. How to login to jamb caps

To log in to JAMB CAPS, kindly enter this URL.

Q23. How to check jamb centre or how to check my jamb center

Kindly reprint your JAMB slip 7 days to the exam and your JAMB centre will be on the slip.

Q24. When is jamb registration starting?

The 2020 jamb registration will start on January 13th.

Q25. How to reset jamb password

  1. Visit the link here.
  2. Enter your email address and date of birth.
  3. Click “Get password reset link.”
  4. Check your email account like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Check your inbox or spam/junk folder for a message from JAMB.

Click on the link in the message and you will be redirected to where you can enter your new password.

Q26. How to check admission status on jamb?

If you wish to see if you have been admitted or not, kindly go to question 12 on JAMB CAPS. I have explained it in detail already.

Q27. When will jamb form be out?

The 2020 JAMB form was out on January 13th. Hurry up, the forms will run out of sale on February 17th.

Q28. How to upgrade jamb score?

I am sorry I might have to tell you the news you don’t wish to hear. This is one of the biggest fallacies in this exam. There is nothing like a score upgrade. Don’t let anyone fool you. I can also use photoshop to design a JAMB result for you where you now scored 260 instead of the original 160 you scored. But it will be just a worthless piece of paper except you want to use it to brag to your friends, there is nothing like an upgrade of scores.

Q29. How to register for jamb caps

Visit the official site here and log in your details.

Q30. How to check jamb result with registration number or how can i check my jamb result?

Visit this link, enter your registration number. Easy.

You can also visit question 2 to see how to check your results from your phone.

Q31. How to retrieve jamb profile code or how to get jamb profile code?

The JAMB profile code is the first thing you would get after making your intentions known to JAMB that you want to participate in the exam.

From the phone number you used in registering for the exam. Simply send RESEND to 55019. Chill for 10 minutes, your code will be sent to you.

Q32. When will jamb registration end?

The 2020 JAMB registration will end on Feb 17th 2020.

Q33. When is jamb reprinting date?

This is usually one week to the exam. For the 2020 JAMB, expect the JAMB reprinting to start on 7th of March 2020. It might also start earlier but I am sure you will know anyways.

Q34. Where is jamb office in lagos

You will find the JAMB  office at this address. You can use the google map to find the exact physical address if you plan to visit.

11 Ojora Road, Ikoyi, Lagos

P.M.B. 12748, Lagos, Lagos State.

Mobile No.: 08033209947

Tel: 01-2694751-2

Fax: 234-1-2694098

Q35. What is jamb website?

JAMB website regarding the organization as a whole:

As a student, the below website is more tailor-made for your JAMB exam needs:

Q36. How to calculate jamb and post utme score for 2020/2021 session

The old method

JAMB involves 4 subject combinations. Each subject involves 50 objective questions and each question carries 2 marks. For example, you are writing maths English, Government and commerce in JAMB. Maths has 50 objective questions and each question carries 2 mark. It means the total score for maths is 50×2= 100. The same thing will apply to English, government, and commerce. They all add up to 400 scores.

For Post-UTME, this just really depends on the school. But they are usually computer-based objective questions too. You know why? Because objective questions are easy to mark and your prospective university is too “lazy” to set questions that do not involve automatic marking.

The New Method

Well, Jamb has now decided that it wants to also start considering your O’level results. This new method is now used in conjuction with your old method in order to reward students with great O’level scores. JAMB has developed a point based systems as shown below.

Also, your O’level result will now be graded as seen below. Note that this O’level scores is for your 5 core subjects that are most related to your proposed degree.

How this is calculated.

If I scored 215 on the JAMB and I have the following O’level results: 2A, 1B2, 1B3, 1C5. My JAMB score will be 26 + [(2×6) + (1×4) + (1×4) + (1×3)= 26 + 23 = 49. My post UTME will make up the remaning difference. 

Lastly, JAMB is now rewarding candidates that are using one O’level sitting with a free 10points. So, if I wrote my o’level in one sitting, my score will now be 49+10 = 59.

Q37. What is jamb CAPs?

CAPS is called Central Admissions Processing System. This is just a giant database where JAMB can track every student and know who gets admitted in what school. You can also see the school you have been admitted in via JAMB CAPS. Check question 12 for more regarding whether or not you are admitted to a school.

Q38. When will jamb start giving admission?

The first batch of admission is expected to start from August. I know this is not the answer you want to hear but each school is different in processing new admission. August to December is when this will be known. Contact people in the prospective school you want to attend. Join Whatsapp groups, you will know somehow as long as you have the internet. I hate waiting too.

Alternatively, just keep checking your JAMB CAPS periodically. This have been outlined in question 12.

Q39. How to check jamb matriculation list

  1. Visit the JAMB website on this link.
  2. Find the tab “STUDENT+” at the top and click on it.
  3. Click on “Check Matriculation list”
  4. Type in the year you wrote the exam and the registration number.

From here you will be told that you are on the matriculation list and will be able to print the result slip. But of course, you can’t do these if you are not on the list.

Q40. How to change jamb email address

Don’t listen to fraudsters or any cyber-café. Only JAMB office closest to you can do this for you. To change your JAMB email address or phone number, kindly visit any JAMB office nearest to you. Find the nearest JAMB office to you from this link.

Remember to go along with any Documents you used or received during Registration and JAMB acknowledgment slip.

Q41. How to recover JAMB email address

I hope you created your account using Gmail. If you did, then follow the steps below to recover your lost email address:

  1. Go to the Gmail username recovery page on this link.
  2. Enter the phone number you used in creating the account.
  3. Gmail might ask you a few more questions. Provide the answers and they will give you the email you are searching for.

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