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[DETAILED] Profile of all Gulder Ultimate Search Anchors

by Abbey
chidi mokeme

chidi mokeme

The Gulder Ultimate Search reality tv show which is organized by the Gulder Lager Beer has seen several contestants since its inception.

Just like the Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eyes’ tv show, the Gulder Ultimate Search (See why the Gulder Ultimate Search was stopped) is led by anchors which are selected and announced by the sponsors. The anchors lead the show from the selection process until the final stage of the show where the prize is given to winners.

Gulder Ultimate Search (Educate yourself on what the Gulder Ultimate Search is all about) is mostly anchored by Actors or influential persons in the Entertainment industry.

Since its debut in 2004, the following persons have anchored the Gulder Ultimate Search (Check our grand review of the last Gulder Ultimate Search) Tv show.

Bob Manuel Udokwu

Bob Manuel Udokwu

Bob Manuel Udokwu is a Nollywood actor, movie director, politician, producer, and reality TV host. He was born on April 18, 1968. Bob Manuel Udokwu attended St. Peters School for his elementary education in Coal Camp, Enugu State. He gained admission to the University of Port Harcourt to study Theatre Arts (Check out the 9 best art courses you can study in Nigeria)

A few years later, he proceeded to the University of Lagos where he graduated with a degree in political science with a focus on International Relations. He served as the National President of Nigeria University Theater Art Student Association (NUTASA) for 2 years between 1987 to 1990.

Bob Manuel Udokwu came to be known as the face of the Gulder Ultimate Search (Meet all winners of the Gulder Ultimate Search) show. He successfully anchored the Gulder Ultimate Search (Check out Guide to the Gulder Ultimate Search 2021) reality tv show for five years starting from 2005.

Darey Art

Darey Art

Darey Art Alade is a Nigerian RnB rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, humanitarian, philanthropist, and businessman. He was born on February 9, 1982, in Lagos, Nigeria.

Darey Art is the youngest child of the pioneer Nigerian Jazz artist Art Alade who was prominent in the 70s.

He attended the University of Lagos, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music.

Darey Art Alade is a co-anchor of the Gulder Ultimate Search Reality TV Series.

Chidi Mokeme

Chidi Mokeme

Chidi Mokeme was born on 17 th of March 1972. He is a popular Nollywood actor and a TV host. He is a native of Oba, Anambra state. Oba is the town as of the popular celebrity barman Obi Cubana who became the talk of the Internet in the past few weeks due to the luxury displayed at his mother’s burial.

Chidi Mokeme alongside Bob Manuel Udokwu anchored the most of the Gulder Ultimate Search TV show.

Chidi Mokeme recanted how anchoring Gulder Ultimate Search has opened up more opportunities for him. Chidi Mokeme is rumored to be the anchor of this year’s edition of the show.

Chidi Mokeme earlier anchored the first edition of the show from 2004 until he left a few years later, he returned to anchor GUS 10 in 2012 due to a drop in the number of viewers of the show.


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