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[DETAILED] A grand review of the last Gulder Ultimate Search

gus 11

Gulder Ultimate Search commonly referred to as GUS is a Nigerian reality tv series, organized, sponsored, and promoted by Nigerian Breweries Plc to create awareness about the Gulder Lager Beer brand in Nigeria. The first edition of the show premiered in September 2004.

The Gulder Ultimate search (Read our comprehensive guide  about what the Gulder Ultimate Search is all about? is also the first Television that is 100 percent Nigerian. All the contents of the show including participants and anchors were sourced locally to promote Nigeria home and abroad.

The Nigerian Breweries Plc successfully funded the show from the first edition – GUS 1 before the termination of the show in the 11 th edition. GUS 11 which ran between October 21 to November 14, 2014 was the last edition of the Gulder Ultimate Search TV  show.

All About GUS 11: The Last Edition of Gulder Ultimate Search

The last edition of the Gulder Ultimate Search (Check out Guide to the Gulder Ultimate Search 2021) was the GUS 11. The preparation for this edition of the show began with a rigorous selection process. The final selection was held at Victoria Island in Lagos, with a wild outdoor party for the guests and contestants at the end of the selection.  There was also an increase in the number of contestants in this edition from the normal 10 or 12 to 14 contestants.

18 contestants survived all previous elimination exercises and were moved to the final stage of the selection process. Darey Art who anchored the event called out 4 contestants and asked them to leave the stage, leaving out the 14 needed contestants.

Contestants of GUS 11

gus 11

After screening out the contestants, Darey Art, the event Anchor called out all the 12 contestants to the stage. The contestants for the 11 th edition of the Gulder Ultimate Search (See pictures of all past winners of the Gulder Ultimate Search) reality tv show who went for “The Mission” in Aguleri Forest in Anambra State are;

  1. Nwagboso Joshua
  2. Afolabi Emmanuel Olusegun
  3. Ubachukwu Chinedu
  4. Otto Canon Chimenem
  5. Iwuoha Ikenna Iroh Noela
  6. Appi Samantha
  7. Erijakpor Loretta
  8. Nne Cosy Joe, Robinson Sharon
  9. Eriata Blessing Ese
  10. Nwagbagiro Sandra
  11. Emedike Ikenna
  12. Addoh Evi

Popular Events of GUS 11

GUS 11 was entertaining. Several interesting events occurred during the selection process and the actual treasure hunt. We will briefly analyze some of the notable events that occurred in this edition of the show.

Mother of Three Scales Through Regional selection

As Gulder Ultimate Search (See the Profile of all Gulder Ultimate Search anchors) continues to prune the thousands of applicants which graced its application venues. A mother of three thrilled everyone when she emerged as one of the regional winners in the South-south region. Mrs. Loretta Erhijakpor stood up and beat other young contestants due to her resilience and hard work.

Thousands Throng Liberty Stadium to Register

The atmosphere at the Liberty Stadium in Rivers state (Want to know more about Rivers State? Click here) was filled with thrilled applicants who were surprised to see the new measures employed by Gulder Lager Beer to screen out weaker contestants.

Igwe of Aguleri’s vote of thanks to Gulder Lager Beer

For choosing his community as the host of ‘The Mission’, the Igwe of Aguleri thanked Gulder Lager bear for finding his community worthy of hosting the Gulder Ultimate Search reality tv show. He made the remarks when the organizers of the show paid him a courtesy visit ahead of the commencement of the show in his domain.

Governor Obiano Visits GUS camp

Governor Willie Obiano paid a visit to the camp of GUS contestants. His visit marked the first time a sitting governor will be visiting the contest scene. Chidi Mokeme who was the anchor of this edition took the governor round the camp.

GUS 11: The Last Woman Standing

In this edition of the show, the cash prize for the last woman standing was 5 million Naira and a car. After many rigorous tasks, 6 people were left, out of which 2 were Women. During the Bucket Trap task, Evih Adoh gave up paving way for Samantha to be declared as the last woman standing.

Samantha Appi was left alone to battle Nne Cosy Joe, Ubachukwu Chinedu, Otto Canon Chimenem, and Afolabi Emmanuel Olusegun for survival.

Winner of GUS 11

After a rigorous contest, Chinedu Ubachukwu a twenty-four-year-old contestant beat 14 other contestants to emerge as the winner of the 11 th GUS. Chinedu Ubachukwu is a native of Anambra state in Eastern Nigeria. Chinedu Ubachukwu won the 11 th GUS and was rewarded with a cash prize of 15 million Naira and a brand-new car.

The governor of Anambra state earlier pledged a cash prize of 10 million Naira to Chinedu Ubachukwu. On November 1, people from all parts of Anambra state gathered at the Main Hall of the Women center to celebrate Chinedu Ubachukwu.

Past Winners of the GUS

The past winners of Africa’s first reality tv show are:

  1. Ezego Egwuagwu – GUS 1 winner
  2. Lucan Chambliss – GUS 2 winner
  3. Hector Joberteh – GUS 3 winner
  4. Dominic Mudabai – GUS 4
  5. Michael Nwachukwu – GUS 5
  6. Uche Nwaezeapu – GUS 6
  7. Oyekunle Oluwaremi – GUS 7
  8. Christopher Okagbue – GUS 8
  9. Paschal Eronmose – GUS 9
  10. Dennis Okike – GUS 10
  11. Chinedu Ubachukwu – GUS 11

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