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Dansol high school. A rather detailed guide.

by Abbey
Dansol High School

Dansol high school is one of the leading Christian co-educational schools in Nigeria. Established on the 9th October 1995 by Mr. and Mrs. Akinyemiju, the school’s name is a combination of Daniel and Solomon, which represent the total dedication to God and the manifold wisdom of God. The school’s motto is ”Wisdom and Excellence” and is dedicated to equipping and building students who will excel through wisdom obtained from God.

In this article, I will share with you everything you need to know about Dansol high school. Read on.

Dansol high school fees

Dansol high school fees are not made available online to the public. However, you can contact the school using their official email address or by visiting the school to get a schedule for the Dansol high school fees.

Dansol high school principal

Dansol high school proncipal

The current Dansol high school principal is Mr. Esan Oladapo. However, some of the notable administrators of the school include

Mrs. A.A Akinyemiju – Proprietor & President, Dansol Christian Missions

Mrs. Tara Olanitori – Executive Director

Mrs. Margaret Okooboh – Vice Principal

Dansol high school vacancies

Opportunities to join the staff at Dansol high school arise from time to time.

Vacancies are usually published in the local newspaper, and details of available positions are also posted on the school official website.

However, if you like to make an application to Dansol high school, you can send a request to the school using their official email address info@dansolschools.com or by submitting your application in the school.

Dansol high school entrance result 2020

The result for the Dansol high school entrance examination is out. The list of the successful candidates who took part in the entrance examination from the 22nd February to 25th February 2020 is posted on the official school website.

You can check the Dansol high school entrance examination result for 2020/2021 here.

Dansol high school yearbook

Alumni’s of Dansol high school has a database (yearbook) that contains details such as name, year of graduation, phone numbers, address, email address of all alumni of the school.

You can click here to fill the Dansol high school yearbook form.

Dansol high school hostel

Dansol High School Hostel

Dansol high school provides quality hostel accommodation for its students (boys and girls) where the following virtues are taught: co-operation, peaceful co-existence, total reliance on God, and perseverance. The Dansol high school hostel system’s primary objective is to train its student to become the difference that the world needs.

The Dansol schools don’t only pay attention to students’ academic performance; equal attention is given to the spiritual, physical, and mental development of the students through several activities like morning and evening devotion daily, weekly Sunday service, swimming lessons, sports, and others. All this and more are incorporated into the Dansol high school hostel life.

Dansol school hostel

Dansol high school fees 2017

The Dansol high school fees for the 2017/2018 session are between N210,000 – N300,000 for each term, depending on the student’s class.

Dansol high school Ikeja

Dansol high school Ikeja is a Christian day and boarding school that was established on the 9th of October 1995 by Mr. & Mrs. A.A Akinyemiju with the aim of building and training its students with a strong academic and Christian foundation.

Dansol schools students

The school, which occupies a 2.5 acre of land in Ikeja, has several facilities such as a science laboratory, an e-library, computer laboratory, sickbay, music and dance rooms, boarding house facilities, swimming pools, sports pitch and many more.

Dansol high school admission

Dansol High School is known for its structured and detailed admissions process which involves the following steps:

  1. Parents or students are required to visit and make inquiries about the school.
  2. Parents are required to buy and present a completed application form to the management of Dansol high school and, in turn, obtain an examination slip for their child or ward.
  3. Candidates are to write an entrance examination, and Dansol will inform successful candidates of an interview with their parents. This usually happens in February and March.
  4. After the interview, successful candidates are offered admission and must accept the admission and make the required payment in April.
  5. Resumption for newly admitted students begins in September.

The cost of the Dansol high school application form is N20,000 only.

Dansol high school address

Dansol high school is situated at the following addresses

  1. Dansol High School, 13/15 Acme Crescent, off Acme Road, off Agidingbi, Ikeja.
  2. Dansol Nursery/Primary School, 2 Longe Street, off Agidingbi Road, Ikeja.

Also, you can contact the school management using their phone numbers.

  • Dansol High School – +2348160006165, +2347018791944
  • Dansol Nursery/Primary School – +2348077723980, +2347018439525

Dansol high school anthem

Dansol high school has a school anthem that depicts the values the school was founded upon.

Below is the Dansol high school anthem:

Standing by a purpose true,
Heeding God’s command,
Honor them, the faithful few!
All hail to Daniel’s band!

Dare to be a Daniel,
Dare to stand alone!
Dare to have a purpose firm!
Dare to make it known.

Hold the Gospel banner high!
On to victory grand!
Satan and his hosts defy,
And shout for Daniel’s band.

Dare to be a Daniel,
Dare to stand alone!
Dare to have a purpose firm!
Dare to make it known.

“Dansol cultivates and promotes the special gifts of learners.”

Dansol high school proprietress

You can watch Cole Godsfavour, a Dansol high school student, performing the Dansol high school anthem here.

Dansol high school Agidingbi

Dansol high school Agidingbi is a Christian day and boarding secondary located in Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos, to build the next set of world leaders with a strong academic and Christian foundation.

Dansol secondary school

Dansol secondary school (Check out the top 13 secondary schools in Nigeria) is privately owned boys and girls school that offers education to the following class grades: nursery, primary, junior secondary, and senior secondary. The school was established in 1995 and ran a Nigerian education curriculum system of education.

Dansol high school students during a laboratory experiment

You can connect with the school management using the Dansol secondary school website here.

Dansol high school common entrance

Prospective students seeking to gain admission into the Dansol high school are required to take part in a common entrance examination as part of the school admissions process.

However, the prospective student will have to attend an interview with the school board at a stipulated date after the common entrance examination. Successful students will be offered admission to the school.

Dansol high school choir

Dansol High School Choir

Dansol high school is a preferred destination for parents who desire an all-inclusive development for their children or wards because of the academic excellence of the school but because the school cultivates and promotes the extraordinary gifts of her students.

As part of her co-curricular activities, Dansol high school has a school choir (Junior and Senior Choir) for students that love music. The school choir performs regularly at assemblies and special concerts like the Christmas carol service and the annual high school music concert in Lagos state.

The choir director for the Dansol high school choir is Mr. Lanre Oyeneye, a renowned music consultant in Nigeria.

Dansol high school email address

The Dansol high school has an email address that is integrated with the school’s official website. Parents and students can make inquiries, lodge complaints, ask relevant questions to the school management using the email address.

The Dansol high school email address is info@dansolschools.com. The school management responds to all emails sent to the above email address.

You can compare Dansol high school with Meadow hall school or with Grange school.


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