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[CONFIRMED] AGIS Abuja salary structure

by Abbey
Agis HQ Abuja

The Abuja Geographic Information Systems (AGIS) is a land registry agency that was established to provide geo-referenced spatial data of the Federal Capital Territory.

The Abuja Geographic Information System was established under the Federal Capital Territory Administration in 2005, AGIS to serve as the official GIS Data source for the Federal Capital Abuja. AGIS possesses an authority backed by the law in all matters related to digital land administration matters in the FCT.

The AGIS “deploys the latest technological and communication hardware with Land Administration System (LAS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) linked to the AGIS Digital land Data Repository with full coverage of aerial photography of Abuja and environs”.

In 2019, AGIS captured a High resolution of 12cm orthophotos of all urban areas in Abuja, and 30 cm orthophotos for all rural areas in the Municipal councils outside the city center which are used to confirm survey coordinates, land use, and development status of the areas in the nation’s capital.

The AGIS has the technical capacity and infrastructure, with its trained and qualified staff to process and produce digitally secured certificates of occupancy and registration of Land documents quickly and effectively to all applicants of land titles in Abuja.

AGIS Management

Some key management staff members of the Abuja Geographic Information System include:

Muhammad Hazat Sule

Director of Information & Customer Service (AGIS/Lands)

G. Bawa

Director, Legal Services AGIS/Lands

AGIS Salary Structure

The Abuja Geographic Information System which is under the Federal Capital Territory Administration uses the Consolidated Public Service Salary Structure (CONPSS). [Check out Federal Capital Development Authority salary here] . [Check out Federal Capital Development Authority salary here] . Check out Abuja Environmental Protection Board Salary.  . The salary for various grades and levels of the agency are summarized below.

  • Grade Level 7 (Step 1-15) – N45,000 to N56,000
  • Grade level 8 (Step 1-15) –   N63,000 to N97,000
  • Grade level 9 (Step 1-15) –   N77,000 to N114,000
  • Grade level 10 (Step 1-15) –   N83,000 to N123,000
  • Grade level 12 (Step 1-11) –   N88,000 to N127,000
  • Grade level 13 (Step 1-11) –   N114,000 to N138,000
  • Grade level 14 (Step 1-9) –   N125,000 to N175,000
  • Grade level 15 (Step 1-9) –   N163,000 to N217,000
  • Grade level 16 (Step 1-9) –   N228,000 to N275,000
  • Grade level 17 (Step 1-9) –   N392,000 to N597,000

AGIS Allowances and other Benefits

Apart from their basic salaries, staff members of the Abuja Geographic Information System enjoy several incentives such as;

Health Insurance: Each staff of the agency is covered by the National Health Insurance Scheme.

Travel allowance: Staffs of the Bureau of Procurement travel most of the time for monitoring and evaluation, and each trip comes with a handsome allowance for Air tickets and accommodation in choice hotels.

Housing Allowance: The National Housing Scheme was launched to provide affordable housing to public servants, each staff member of BPE is entitled to a housing unit upon subscription into the housing scheme.

Annual leave: Just as other departments under FCTA, staff members of AGIS have an option to go for a paid annual leave for 21 days.



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