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AEPB Salary Structure [Abuja Environmental Protection Board]

by Abbey

About AEPB 

The Abuja Environmental Protection Board is the regulatory authority vested with the powers of control, protection, and management of the environment and other related matters in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

AEPB Salary Structure

  1. Grade Level 1 is the lowest grade in the Abuja Environmental Protection Board, and civil servants at this grade are expected to be paid a salary between N22,100 and N23,096 monthly. This makes up to an average annual salary of N250,200 NGN to N305,152
  2. Grade Level 2: Workers are expected to earn between N26,176 per month and N29,610 per month, or N297,968 NGN and N371,760 NGN annually.
  3. Grade Level 3: Civil servants are expected to be paid a monthly salary (Check the state civil service salary structure in Nigeria) between N32,085 and N33,878. This amounts to N768,864 NGN to N1,154,496 NGN, annually.
  4. Grade Level 4: Workers in level 4 are paid 37,089 monthly and about 560,949k Naira Yearly.
  5. Grade Level 5: Civil servants in this level receive about 39,032k Naira monthly and about 653,084k yearly.
  6. Grade Level 6: 42,057 Naira monthly and 432,098 Naira annually. This is often the entry position for those with an NCE result.
  7. Grade Level 7: The take-home is N66,386 and N93,781, per month. Their annual salary will then be N916,632 to N1,325,372.
  8. Grade Level 8: This is the entry-level for BSc holders in both the Federal, State Civil Service (read all about the federal civil service commission), and local government. The monthly income for Grade Level 8 employees is between N164,434 and N244,644 NGN. Yearly, the workers will earn between N1,973,208 and N2,935,928. When people join the Abuja Environmental Protection Board with a Master’s degree qualification, they are often placed at Grade Level 9.
  9. Grade Level 9: Worker’s salary is between N193,819 and N289,324. They are paid a sum of N2,435,828 and N3,459,888 per annum.
  10. Grade Level 10: NGN 218,180 and N343,220 monthly. Their annual salary should sum up to be between N2,838,160 and N3,918,400 annually.
  11. Grade Level 12: N263,240 and N379,597 monthly, and an annual take-home of about N3,088,830 and N4,255,064.
  12. Grade Level 14: Civil servants in this level earn between N325,518 and N457,952. The annual salary is about N3,932,256 and N5,463,474.
  13. Grade Level 15: Workers in this level belong to the Managerial Cadre. They earn as much as N360,537 and N502,217 monthly, and an annual salary of about N4,316,564 to N6,326,604.
  14. Grade Level 16: This is the second-highest rank in the Abuja Environmental Protection Board, a worker in this level is paid a monthly salary between N399,701 and N579,043.
  15. Grade Level 17: This is the highest rank that can be attained in the Abuja Environmental Protection Board. Directors and other managerial cadres are paid with this scale.

Abuja Environmental Protection Board Recruitment

Recruitment into the Abuja Environmental Protection Board requires fulfillment of certain requirements.

Basic Requirements

To get recruited into the Abuja Environmental Protection Board, you must satisfy the following basic requirements.

  1. A Bachelors Degree, or a Diploma in a related field
  2. Possession of NYSC discharge certificate
  3. Possession of a valid means of identity i.e. Voters Card, or National Identity Card.
  4. Other requirements deemed fit by the agency.

How to apply

To apply for employment into the Abuja Environmental Protection Board you must apply online through the official website of the agency accessible at www.niwa.gov.ng/careers.

Recruitments into the Abuja Environmental Protection Board are announced via online mediums and national dailies as required by law. It is also good to have an insider who can notify you whenever there is an opportunity in the agency.

Note: It should be noted that at the time of writing, the Abuja Environmental Protection Board has not commenced any recruitment.

AEPB Address

Address: 776 Independence Ave, Central Business District 900103, Abuja.

Contact: 08156754018


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