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Butterfly sewing machine. All you need to know about quality sewing machines

by Dan Hunter
two lion sewing machine industrial manual

Getting a good sewing matching for your tailoring works will have great impact in your business. From the Butterfly Sewing Machines to the Two Lion Sewing Machines, quality machines always get the good jobs done.

In Nigeria today, both Two Lion Sewing Machine and Butterfly Sewing Machine remain few of the best around. Many fashion designers in Nigeria prefer working with any of these two brands – for decades. They are very efficient. You can’t go wrong using any of them.

The Butterfly Sewing machine comes in different models (the JA2-1 with three drawer and the JA2-1 with two drawers). Prices of these models do vary, but they are often within N52,000 to N65,000.

This article shall focus more on the Two Lion brand of sewing machines available in Nigeria. Keep reading.

Two lion sewing machine manual

two lion sewing machine

If you are a good fashion designer, you would understand the value of having a good sewing machine around. You are almost guaranteed with a perfect finishing even with a Two Lion Sewing Machine Manual.

The foot sewing machines are notoutdated inthe Nigeria yet. They are still more useful for professional tailors. The manual tail machines by Two Lion are trusted and easy to use. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or a beginner, this brand is a good deal. They are also very affordable. Sew every type of clothes with this machine sewing machine – with ease.

All models of sewing machines (manual and electric) are great for professional tailors. They deliver amazing patterns and designs. Fabrics like leather, denim, silk, and others are easy to sew on Two Lion Sewing Machines.

So, how much does a Two Lion Sewing Machine really costs in Nigeria? From manual to auto, prices vary. But be ready for prices within N57,0000 to N80,000. It’s that affordable.

Two lion industrial straight sewing machine

Are you are professional fashion designer who is always busy with work? Owning the new generation model of the Two Lion Industrial Straight Sewing Machine will ease you work. It is quiet and smoothens performance.

This type of machine was mainly designed to deal with heavy-duty workload. It can deal with more intense projects, and can run for long hours.

Two lion industrial machine

A tailor who is always down with heavy-duty workload needs to buy a Two Lion Industrial Machine. This sewing machine makes work easier and faster for delivery. For more serious sewing projects, it is a real investment for any professional fashion designer in Nigeria.

Two lion sewing machine website

For decades, the Two Lion brand of sewing machine has been trusted in Nigeria. It is a great tool for both beginners and professionals in the fashion designing industry.

You can get varieties of models at Two Lion Sewing Machine Website.

How to assemble two lion sewing machine

two lion sewing machine manual

Are you a beginners at sewing clothes with a Two Lion sewing machine? Or maybe you are a professional but new to assembling a Two Lion Sewing Machine. Don’t worry, it’s simple.

In most cases, the sewing machine will come with a book (manual) on how to properly assembly it. Simple settle down and go through the pages of your manual. Then begin to apply the steps explained.

Spend few minutes with the Two Lion Sewing Machine to get familiar with it. Check out the different stitch buttons available. And also practice by threading the machine and needle. Make provision to practice with some scrap fabrics. Have fun while at it.

What if your Two Lion Sewing Machine doesn’t have a manual to read?

No problem. Maybe you bought a used machine and the manual is already missing.

Follow these sewing machine basics:

  • Power switch.
  • Connect foot pedal to the machine.
  • New needle and new thread.
  • Wind the bobbin and thread the machine.
  • Find the straight stitch.
  • Set the reverse button/knob for backstitching.
  • The thread tension settings.

For the full guide, please check How To Assembly Two Lion Sewing Machine.

Two lion industrial weaving machine

A fairly-used Two Lion Industrial Weaving Machine costs within N55,000 to N57,000 in Nigeria.

What’s the difference between the traditional consumer sewing machine and the industrial sewing machine? They have several differences. For more professional and long term usage, industrial sewing machines are built for these. Also when it comes to durability, the industrial sewing machine is more durable.

These weaving machines guarantees you better trims. It makes provision for better enclose seam allowance. Inner edges of clothes won’t be unraveled, this is crucial for longevity.

Two lion sewing machine review

On a general note the Two Lion Sewing Machine has been regarded as one of the best and affordable sewing machines in Nigeria. According to users, it is very rugged and durable.

You can’t go wrong in your quest to give your loyal clients professional touch by using a Two Lion Sewing Machine.

Two lion electric sewing machine

Getting more works done require more investment. Yes! Electric sewing machines are great. Weather you are a beginner or a professional, a Two Lion Electric Sewing Machine offers you great designing options. You can get more creative while working with dresses.

The advanced Two Lion TL 8590 model will help you get more done in less time.


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