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Top 10 Real Estate Companies In Lagos and their contact address.

Real Estate

Real estate companies have a special place as one of the economic backbones of any society. They bring standardization and commercial value to a town or city. Without real estate, the true worth of a place cannot be ascertained, and this is why real estate companies are precious as one of the building blocks of any economy.

There are many real estate companies in the city of Lagos. Some are indigenous, while others are foreign-based. In this post, we will detail the full, top 10 real estate companies in Lagos as well as their contact addresses.

1. Adron Homes & Property

A premium project evaluation and real estate company, Adron Homes & Property strives to provide qualitative analysis on the worth of homes, commercial buildings, and space in and outside Lagos city. They have a long line of landed properties scattered around the city’s mainland and Island.


Adron Homes & Property

Contact Info

2. PWAN Homes Ltd

PWAN Homes Ltd is one of the significant real estates first in the city of Lagos. Located on the Island, the company offers its services to persons and entities looking to get personal and commercial properties in the town for good and suitable rates.

PWAN Homes Ltd

Contact Info

  • Address: Floor One to Five, Puri Mall Building, KM 25, Lekki/Epe Expressway, Opp LASU, Ajah, Lagos.
  • Email: [email protected] / [email protected]
  • Telephone: +234-12956848
  • Website:

3. Sterling Homes Ltd

Sterling Homes Ltd is a real estate company specializing in the construction, evaluation, and managing of buildings and properties in Lagos. They also give out Land and Housing Schemes in various locations around the city and other cities in Nigeria.

Sterling Homes

Contact Info

4. Cappa and D’Alberto Plc

Standing as one of the first real estate companies in the city, Cappa and D’Alberto Plc was founded in 1932. They are experts in real estate as well as construction.

They have a track record of handling major projects such as residential to commercial properties. These projects include apartment buildings, offices, churches, and public centers. Some notable works from Cappa and D’Alberto Plc are Tafawa Balewa Square and the National Stadium in Surulere.

Cappa and D’Alberto Plc

Contact Info

5. Cadwell Ltd

Cadwell Limited is one of the most creative real estate firms in Lagos that embark on much significant development of luxury properties such as push apartments, residential edifices, and commercial office spaces. They offer their list of premium services to elite clients that place value on high-end features.

Cadwell Ltd

Contact Info

6. Primrose Development Company

Primrose Development Company prides itself on the development and sales of significant commercial properties and building projects in the city of Lagos. They have a track record of providing a high-end evaluation to exclusive properties and spaces around the city.

Primrose Development Company

Contact Info

  • Address: First City Plaza, 44 Marina Rd, Lagos,
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telephone: +23417644000
  • website:

7. Primewaterview Ltd

Primewaterview Ltd engages in the development and commercialization of major building projects around the city of Lagos. They offer exclusive services to high-end clients on properties in main high-brow areas in Lagos Island.

Primewaterview Ltd

Contact Info

  • Address: 185, Moshood Olugbani Str, off Ligali Ayorinde, VI Extension, Lagos
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telephone: +234 1-2799486(87)
  • website:

8. Kings Court Realtors

Kings Court Realtors is an exclusive premium real estate company that specializes in offering high-end realtor services for many an elite clientele in Lagos, major cities in Nigeria and abroad. Their list of services ranges from property evaluation, sale, management of commercial and personal building spaces.

Kings Court Realtor

Contact Info

9. Curtis Real Estate & Property Development Company

This firm is one of the many popular realtor companies that offer a range of property management services such as sales, evaluation, and maintenance. Their locations of concentration are most centered around high-end areas in Lagos Island.

Curtis Real Estate & Property Development Company

Contact Info

10. Jide Taiwo & Co

Jide Taiwo & Co is a premium real estate firm that handles the leasing and sale of many commercial spaces and buildings, such as residential buildings, hotels, and offices. They professionally evaluate properties for a variety of companies and entities, which makes them a top name in the real estate game.

Jide Taiwo & Co

Contact Info

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