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Akpororo (Life, Comedy, Wife)

by Maryam AbdulWahab
A picture of popular Nigerian comedian, Akpororo

Akpororo Comedy

Popular Nigerian comedian, Akpororo, kicked off his career by participating in several comedy contests. He had no intention of becoming a full-time comedian, but as time went on, he started to grow his passion for comedy.

Akpororo’s style of comedy is a combination of secular and church-related jokes. The talented comedian revealed in an interview that he performs comedy that deals with lunatics because he had once attended to mentally-ill people that visited the church for spiritual healing.

Akpororo participated in the National Comedy Challenge. He was the winner of the comedy contest; Calabar Zone. He relocated to Lagos with the hope of becoming the nationwide winner but he, unfortunately, couldn’t claim the prize. He participated at ‘AY Open Mic’ in 2009 but did not win. These failures did not discourage him from pursuing a career in comedy. It, instead, motivated him.

Striving effortlessly to become a successful comedian, Akpororo’s hard work and resilience paid off in the end. He became well known after participating in ‘Basketmouth’s Laff and Jam.’ He also participated in AY Live, a popular notable event that is usually graced by several popular personalities in the entertainment industry.

Akpororo has performed at several events; even at cathedrals and churches. His style of comedy has a positive message that usually gets people inspired while their faces linger with smiles.

Akpororo Wife

Josephine Ijeoma Onaubughuchi, the pretty wife of Akpororo and mother of his children, is someone that has caught the eyes of the comedian right from their first meeting. 

The talented dancer and model was in an intimate relationship with the award-winning comedian before he proposed to her in August 2015. Josephine cheerfully said ‘yes’ and the two walked down the aisle shortly afterwards.

Josephine Ijeoma is undoubtedly a pretty woman. Even though the comedian has stated that he had no interest in tying the knots with someone from the entertainment industry, his belief changed when he got attracted to the model.

Josephine Ijeoma OnaubughuchiAkpororo revealed that what had attracted him to his talented wife were two qualities- beauty and intelligence.

Akpororo vs Akpororo

The award-winning comedian organised his first comedy show in August 2014. The show is titled ‘Akpororo vs Akpororo’ and it was held at the Shell Hall, MUSON Centre.

His first comedy show was graced by several remarkable comedians and musicians in the entertainment industry.

Akpororo Songs

You would be fascinated to learn that Akpororo is not only a talented comedian that makes people laugh; he is also a talented singer.

The popular comedian revealed that he would not give up on his passion for singing godly music because of comedy. Akpororo has released a couple of gospel songs such as-

Days of Elijah

Big God

Am His Son

Turn Around


Biggi God

Papa God


Skaa Taa Dance

Thank You Lord

Thank Am Oh

Who Get Ear


Chukwu Oh

Wa Se Temi

Mo De

Laugh Out

 Akpororo House

Akpororo built a mansion in Okokomaiko area of Lagos State. While aware that most wealthy people and Nigerian celebrities build houses around Lekki area, the comedian chose Okokomaiko. He revealed that he prefers Okokomaiko because it is a safe and peaceful area.

Akpororo stated that he walks on the street of Okokomaiko without fear because he is not scared of getting harassed. He also revealed that he plays football with his friends at the field and organizes a monthly religious programme called ‘Street Praise’ where neighbours join to give praise to the Most High.

Akpororo completed his mansion in October 2017. However, the public only learnt about it last year, when he took to his Instagram page to post a picture of the mansion. He appreciated God and dedicated the hard work he had put into completing the house to his wife and daughter. He also revealed how his life has transformed from living in a poor settlement to owning his own house. 

Akpororo Wedding

Akpororo tied the knots with his heartthrob, Josephine Ijeoma, at their glamorous wedding at Eagle’s Club, Surulere. They got married on the 14th of November, 2015.

Akpororo revealed that he knew she was his soul mate right from the moment they talked. Their wedding was the talk-of-the-town and it was graced by celebrities such as Francis Odega and Ali Baba.

 Akpororo Biography

Jephthah Bowoto, remarkably known as Akpororo, is a native of Ilaje, Ondo State. He was born and raised in Warri, Delta State. He completed his primary and secondary school education in Delta State.

Akpororo started off by pursuing a career in gospel music. However, he participated in the National Comedy Challenge organized by Opa Williams in 2008. Akpororo won the Calabar zone of the National Comedy Challenge.

He gained prominence after performing in ‘Basketmouth’s Laff and Jam’ show. He went on to organize his first comedy show ‘Akpororo vs Akpororo’ in 2014.

Akpororo is a multi-talented star. Apart from being a talented comedian, he is also a gospel singer and an actor. He has featured in movies such as ‘The Antique’ and ‘Headgone.’ His stellar performance in ‘Headgone’ bagged him three nominations.

Akpororo has won several awards such as the 2015 Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards for the Best Comedic Act and the 2014 Naija FM Comedy Awards as the Best Comedian of the Year.

Akpororo is a successful comedian with the ‘grass to grace’ story. He has once stated that there was a period when he could not afford the basic needs.

He signed a deal with Airtel in 2015. He is also a human rights ambassador for Okokomaiko residents.





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