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Federal road safety commission. Things you must know

by Dan Hunter
federal road safety commission

About the federal road safety commission

The Federal Road Safety Commission, also referred to as Federal Road Safety Corps, is aNigerian Government agency established for the purpose of managing road safety and affairs in the country. The Corps was established in 1988 and it currently operates at all states inNigeria, including the Federal Capital Territory.

Boboye Oyeyemi is the current head of the FRSC. His rank as the Corps Marshal is the highest in the ranking system.

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Federal road safety commission (frsc)

The Federal Government of Nigeria on February 1988 established the Federal Road Safety Commission. This Commission was created via the Decree No. 45(1988), as it was amended by the Decree 35 of the 1992. It was referred to in the statute documents as the Federal Road Safety Commission Act cap 141, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria. It was passed into law by the National Assembly as the Federal Road Safety Commission (establishment), Act 2007.

The vision of the corps is mainly for the eradication of road traffic damages. And to create safe environment for motoring in the country.

Federal road safety commission of nigeria

The Federal Road Safety Commission of Nigeria is a government agency that is responsible for the following:

  • It clears obstruction on the highways.
  • It determines periodically on the requirements for driver’s license.
  • It prevents and reduces accidents on the roads.
  • It designs and makes driver’s license for different classes of motor users.
  • It educates motorists, the general public, and drivers on how to make use of the highways properly.

Federal road safety commission act

The Federal Road Safety Commission Act is the Establishment Act which was created on February 1988.

Before it was formed, there were terrible regarding the road traffic system of the country. This lead to an upsurge in road accident from traffic. The Federal Government of Nigeria stepped in and initiated the need for an effective and credible response to this challenge.

By 1988, the government created the FRSC by using the Decree No. 45 of the 1988.

Federal road safety commission remita payment

Payment of fine(s) for the Federal Road Safety Commission can be madeonline via the Remita platformor into the Federal Government Revenue account at any commercial banks close to you.

To make payments through the Remita platform, simply follow the steps below:

Visitwww.remita.net. When you get there, choose “Pay FG Agency”. Now select FRSC under the MDAs menu. Choose“Offences” and pay for your fines.

How can I generate the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR)?

Visit the official website at www.remita.net.

Select the“Pay FGN’s and State TSA”option.

Next, clickon “Pay Federal Government of Nigeria”.

Now input the name of the MDA on the field: “Name of MDA”.

Choose the “Name Of Service/Purpose”. Make sure it is relatedto the payment. Then continue with the remaining proceduresfor the FGN TSA collection transactions.

Federal road safety commission drivers license verification

The FRSC driver’s license verification number can be confirmed on their official website.

If you want to check your driver’s license verification number (Check how exactly how to verify your driver’s license here), follow these steps:

  • Visithttps://www.nigeriadriverslicence.org.
  • Next, select the “DL Application”tab, and there comes a drop down list.
  • Click on the “Re-issue of Driver’s License” to validate your license.
  • If your driver’s license has expired, simply select the “Renewal of Driver’s License”option.

Federal road safety commission gifmis code

The GIFMIS code of the Federal Road Safety Commission is 1000027503.

Federal road safety commission recruitment

federal road safety commission recruitment

The FRSC recruitment exercise for 2021 is on.

Applicants are to apply online at https://recruitment.frsc.gov.ng.

Please follow the simple instructions there.

Federal road safety commission plate number verification

There are several means by which you can verify your plate number with the FRSC.

To verify your motor’s plate number via text message, follow these steps:

On your phone’s text message tool, type: Your Verify Plate Number.

Send it to 33324.

Federal road safety commission corps ranks

Below are the Corps ranks in the FRSC, from bottom to the top:

  • Assistant Route Commander (ARC). This is the entry level.
  • Deputy Route Commander (DRC).
  • Route Commander (RC).
  • Superintendent Route Commander (SRC).
  • Chief Route Commander (CRC).
  • Assistant Corps Commander (ACC).
  • Deputy Corps Commander (DCC).
  • Corps Commander (CC).
  • Assistant Corps Marshal (ACM).
  • Deputy Corps Marshal (DCM).
  • Corps Marshal (CM). The highest rank.

Federal road safety commission corps ranks and salary

For entry level employees with the grade level 8 at the Federal Road Safety Commission, the average monthly salary is around N100,000.For those at grade level 7, it’s about N90,000.

Frsc login portal

Here is the login portal of the Federal Road Safety Commission: https://frsc.gov.ng/login.


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