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Airbnb in Lagos and Abuja

by Baderinwa Adedamola

Airbnb Lagos. Best places to rent apartments

Airbnb Lagos probably has the most impressive collection in Nigeria. A large amount of high-income areas makes it possible to have varieties of apartments in sensitive areas. Notably, the best places to rent apartments on Airbnb Lagos include:

  • Ikoyi
  • Victoria Island
  • Magodo
  • Omole Estate
  • Lekki
  • Ajah

Airbnb Abuja

Airbnb Nigeria. How to rent an apartment

If you’re ready to book an apartment on Airbnb, you can send a request to the host to book a reservation. However, a full setup account is required before you can book a place. If you’re unsure about the listing or its availability, you can also send a message to the host. To book a place, you can explore two options

Instant Book

For hosts who don’t want to approve each reservation, once you click Reserve, the next page will show Confirm and pay. As the name suggests, you can confirm a reservation at these places right away.

Lagos airbnb apartment

Request to book

  • On a listing, click or tap Check availability
  • Select dates, number of guests, then click or tap Reserve
  • If you are shown Confirm and pay, you can book instantly
  • If you are shown Request to book, you can add payment info, review the policies and terms, and message the host before you submit
  • If your request is accepted, you’ll be charged for the reservation. If the host declines the request or doesn’t respond within 24 hours, no charge is made and you can try booking a different place.

Pre-approval or a special offer


The host invites you to book for the dates and prices shown when you contacted the host

Special offer

The host chooses a custom price (or other details) and invites you to book with the new details

 Airbnb apartment for rent in Lagos

best airbnb apartments lagos and abuja

Various apartments are available at specific locations in Lagos. These apartments vary in prices and amenities. The range of amenities and location plays a large role in determining the price of the apartments per night.

Entire Serviced apartment in Lekki, Lagos at $59/night

Arts, plants bohemian apartment in Ikoyi at $30/night

Cozy Island apartment, Victoria Island, Lagos at $20/night   

BAAI premium apartment in Lagos at $13/night

Airbnb Abuja. Prices for houses around the city.

Users can search for houses in Abuja by entering it as the preferred location. The platform also allows precise location-reading to search for apartments nearby in case the user is in Abuja. The prices vary for the several apartments available in Abuja-having an average price range between $15-$60/night. The location and available amenities play a large role in price determination.

Cozy self-contained apartment in Abuja at $17/night

Independent Studio in Abuja at $26/night  

Renting your apartment for Airbnb

  • Set up an account

The first step in setting up an Airbnb account is to tell them what city you live in and if you’re renting out the entire place, a private room or a shared room. They also want to know how many guests you’re willing to accept at a time, so do the math and figure out how many people the site can sleep comfortably. Then, click “get started.”

  • Provide details

Now is the time to get specific about what your listing has to offer, so be sure to select “apartment” from the property type drop-down list. Next, you’ll designate the number of beds and bathrooms available to renters, as well as the exact address and any amenities, like pool or laundry room access.

Be sure to select any amenities that apply from the list provided, so that your listing will be shown to more people. But be totally honest and accurate because a renter can cancel if they find out that an Airbnb apartment isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, or demand money back if that’s the case when they show up.

  • Name your listing

Although they shouldn’t, people really do judge a book by its cover. So, name your Airbnb apartment listing with memorable, fun adjectives that speak to the spirit of the place and the area. This is also where you’ll insert an image of yourself looking like a welcoming host.

  • Upload a precise image

Everyone wants to physically see images of the actual property, so at this time you’ll add high-quality (at least 1024 x 683px) photos of all relevant rooms. Try to make them as clean and attractive as possible, especially the first three because they’ll dominate your Airbnb apartment listing.

  • Select booking settings

Airbnb has standard guest requirements, but at this point, you can add any extras that you find befitting. This includes house rules, identification requirements, and so on. At this point, you can also denote other bits of info about the property, such as whether an elevator or on-site parking is available.

  • Create your calendar

Just because you’re listing on Airbnb doesn’t mean that you have to offer it up all the time. You can opt for select dates, block off periods when relatives come to visit, or leave the calendar wide open-whatever works best for you.

  • Specify pricing

You can set your own price points, or take advantage of the Airbnb pricing tool. This handy function updates prices as supply and demand fluctuate for similar rentals in your area. They’ll also adjust based on other factors as needed, like tourism upticks and big holidays in your area.

You’ll set your own base price regardless, so make sure it’s in line with similar properties nearby. Also, you’ll be asked to choose a currency in which your guests will pay, as well as minimum/maximum nightly prices.

  • Publish profile

Once you’re happy with the Airbnb apartment listing and are sure that it’s an accurate representation of the property, it’s time to make your profile visible.


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