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Air Hostess In Nigeria[Salary, training Schools etc]

by Abbey
Air Hostess In Nigeria.
Air Hostess In Nigeria.

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Air Hostess In Nigeria

What is it like to be a flight attendant? The job of an airline crew member can be glamorous and exciting but also fraught with plenty of logistical challenges.

Air hostesses are usually responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers, serving food and drinks, managing in-flight entertainment, assisting with boarding/deplaning procedures, communicating important information about delays or cancellations to passengers onboard or at the gate, as well as keeping track of luggage that has been checked.

There are many opportunities available for those who might not have extensive experience working in this industry; however, these positions require training which is typically provided by airlines themselves.

Nigerian Air Hostesses are a fascinating part of Nigeria’s history. Some have risen to the top of their profession and become well-known personalities in Nigerian society, while others remain unknown. In this blog post, we will explore the story of these women who serve as ambassadors for Nigeria across the world by taking care of its citizens on flights and giving them an experience they will never forget.

Who is an Air Hostess?

An Air Hostess is a flight attendant who helps passengers and crew members on an airplane. They are also responsible for meal service, safety demonstrations, cabin preparation, and ensuring that the plane takes off on time!

Air hostesses often need to be able to speak more than one language to communicate with passengers from different countries.

Air Hostess In Nigeria, Air Hostess.

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Air Hostess Salary In Nigeria

Nigerian air hostess salary is among the highest in Africa, and a career in this sector can be very lucrative.

Nigerian air hostesses on international flights currently earn an average of $2,000 per month or more! However, the salary structure for air hostess on domestic flight is from 200 to 350k naira.

For those who are interested in pursuing a career as an airline attendant but are unsure about how to go about getting started, many websites offer advice on how to get hired by airlines like Emirates Airlines and Qatar Airways.

Air Hostess School In Nigeria

The Nigerian government has recently announced that it will be launching an Air Hostess school in Nigeria.

This is to reduce the number of Nigerian girls who are trafficked from their home country and forced into servitude as sex slaves or those who have been tricked by human traffickers and end up in brothels abroad.

The new institution will provide training for young women interested in becoming air hostesses at local airlines. I hope this initiative becomes popular among Nigerians because it may help keep more girls from being exploited both here and abroad.

The Nigerian Air Hostess School is a school that trains girls on how to be an air hostess and is located in Lagos Nigeria.

The school was founded by Mrs. Gbemisola Amos-Sowah, who grew up in England with her parents being from Nigeria, she had the dream of opening a school for girls as she felt there were not enough opportunities for them to grow into successful women.

She wanted to give back and provide more opportunities for female children to succeed in life.

The Nigerian Air Hostess School offers classes in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Information Communication Technology (ICT).

They also provide scholarships for those who cannot afford the fees or uniforms which can cost over USD 200 per year $240.

Air Hostess Requirements In Nigeria

For the first time in history, Nigeria is going to have a national carrier. This will be an airline that will change everything for Nigerians who want to travel abroad. The National Carrier Airline of Nigeria (NCAN) wishes to employ Air Hostesses and needs more information about air hostess requirements in Nigeria before they can make any decisions on hiring.

Air Hostess Training In Nigeria

In Nigeria, it is the dream of many young people to become air hostesses. The training for that job is tough and requires a lot of discipline.

But many see this as a good opportunity to make some money and start their own business. Training lasts six months or longer.

Air hostess training in Nigeria is a career that has been in existence for many years. It’s believed to be one of the most sought-after careers by Nigerian females.

The job involves providing professional services to passengers onboard airlines during flights, and this includes checking tickets, taking meal orders, serving food and drinks, answering questions about destination cities, or helping with baggage handling.

Air Hostess Academy In Nigeria

Air Hostess academy in Nigeria is one of the few female-led academies that has been established to train young girls and ladies on how to be a lady.

The academy provides training on various factors which includes grooming, etiquette, cooking, sewing, and more. It is an excellent school for any girl who wants to learn about life skills as well as career opportunities ahead.

The Air Hostess Academy was founded by Mrs. Oluwatoyin Olayemi in 2005 with her daughter’s help. They started with just 3 pupils but now they have over 500 students enrolled at their facilities at Lekki Free Trade Zone Lagos State Nigeria.

Air hostess academy in Nigeria is the number one school for training air hostesses. We are an organization that trains women from all over Africa to be successful and happy air hostesses.

Nigerian Air Hostess Academy is the best Nigerian air hostess academy in Nigeria. It prepares you for a career as an air hostess and offers free courses to help you become one of the world’s most sought-after professionals.

The courses take 9 months to complete with classes from 8 am-5 pm every day Monday through Saturday, excluding Sundays.

List of Top Air Hostess  Schools in Nigeria Location

1. Universal School of Aviation (USA)Lagos

Universal School of Aviation (USA) is the leading aviation school in Nigeria. They are an accredited professional training institute that has been in business for over 10 years and has trained over 2000 pilots.

With a 98% success rate, they offer courses in both English and French with instructors from all around the world to provide students with quality teaching.

The USA program was founded by Nigerian pilot Dapo Olorunyomi who gained his flying experience while working as a senior captain for one of Nigeria’s largest airlines, Arik Air.

After realizing that there were no schools providing flight training to Nigerians at home, he decided to start his aviation school so that Nigerians could learn how to fly themselves back home.

2. Nigeria College Of Aviation Technology Zaria (NCAT)Zaria, Kaduna

The Nigerian College of Aviation Technology is an aviation school in Kaduna, Nigeria.

The college was founded on May 2nd, 1954 by the then Minister of Education and Social Development Alhaji Ibrahim  Suleiman. NCAT has been a pioneer in aviation training since its inception.

Today it trains pilots for airlines all over Africa and around the world. It also offers international flight safety courses to train cabin crew members for various airlines that fly internationally like Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airways, South African Airways among others.

3. Anis International School of Aviation & Transportation Studies Lagos

Anis International School of Aviation & Transportation Studies (AISATS) is one of the leading aviation and transportation schools in Nigeria.

AISATS offers certificates, diplomas, degree programs in aviation administration and management, air traffic control, airport management, and aviation operations.

Their courses are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need for a successful career in this dynamic industry.

They provide excellent training facilities which include classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology as well as an aircraft hangar where students can learn how to service aircraft from front end to back end.

4.International Aviation College Illorin, Kwara

International Aviation College, Illorin is a private university in Nigeria that offers aviation courses as well as engineering and law. The school was founded by Professor Ayo Oyesile who has been teaching at the University of Ilorin for over 20 years.

The founder of this college wants to make education globally accessible so he created this institution with the idea that anyone can have access to these degrees, without having to pay high international tuition fees.

Professor Ayo Oyesile also started other schools such as International Science and Technology University (ISTU) which is located in Kwara State, Nigeria.

5.YMS Aviation School Lagos

YMS Aviation School is one of the leading flight schools in Lagos Nigeria. They offer a wide range of courses and training programs to suit the needs of aspiring pilots, air traffic controllers, engineers, and other aviation professionals.

YMS Aviation School has been established for more than 20 years now with its headquarters at Murtala Muhammed Airport in Ikeja, Lagos State.

It offers professional pilot training as well as engineering training such as Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) which are internationally recognized qualifications that will enable you to secure good job opportunities worldwide after graduation.

The school also runs an on-campus hostel facility for students who need accommodation during their time at YMS Aviation School.

6.Eagleair Flight Training Centre Minna, Niger

Eagle Air Flight Training Centre is a flight school based in Minna, Niger. They offer training for both pilots and aircraft technicians.

Their programs are designed to be tailored to the individual’s needs, skills and interests. The goal of Eagle Air Flight Training Centre is to provide quality aviation education at an affordable price that can be met by all potential students across the globe.

Eagle Air Flight Training Centre has been providing aviation education since 1996 and over the past 20 years we have seen our staff grow from one instructor to six instructors with more than 100 hours of experience each in teaching various aspects of aviation-related subjects such as:

  • English language courses
  • ICAO & JAR-OPS courses
  • Aircraft Maintenance Courses (including agricultural aircraft maintenance)

7.Dhaewood Aviation Business School (DABS)Lagos

Dhaewood Aviation Business School, DABS is a privately-owned aviation training institution that offers international standard flight instruction and other related courses in Nigeria.

The school provides the best aviation education to Nigerian students and has an excellent track record of success in preparing them for careers as commercial pilots, flight instructors, or air traffic controllers.

DABS was founded by Captain Dauda Alao in 2004 to provide Nigerians with access to high-quality aviation training at an affordable cost.

Since then, over 1,000 Nigerians have graduated from the school’s programs and are employed as professional pilots around the world today.


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