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[DETAILED] Nigerian Navy Seaman Salary and Benefits

by Abbey
nigerian navy seamen

nigerian navy seamen

You must have heard of the word ‘Seamen’ before, but don’t have a full idea what they do. A Seaman is a generic term that is used to described junior Naval officers around the world.

In the Nigerian Navy, anyone who is enlisted into the navy with O-level results is automatically referred to as a Seaman. In most military complexes around the world, the Navy is said to have the most lucrative salary and allowance packages.

Prospective applicants of the Nigerian Navy will be interested in knowing the benefits that are attached to working for the Nigerian Navy as a Seaman.

What is the name of the ranks of people regarded as Seamen?

In the Nigerian military, the word ‘Seamen’ is used to described junior officers in the Nigerian Navy. Sometimes, the word ‘sailors’ is used instead of seamen. Although four ranks in the Nigerian Navy carry the word ‘seaman’. The ranks are; Ordinary Seaman, Seaman, Able Seaman, and Leading Seaman.

Apart from the officers officially listed as Seamen, the first 7 ranks of the Nigerian Navy are classified officially as Seamen or Sailors. These ranks are categorized as the non-commissioned officers. The 7 seamen ranks are;

  • Warrant Officer
  • Petty Officer
  • Leading Seaman
  • Able Seaman
  • Seaman
  • Ordinary Seaman
  • Recruit

What do Seamen do? Role and Responsibilities of a Seaman

Navies globally are a critical component of any nation’s Security Architecture. You must have heard of the great exploits of the United States Navy Seals.

Without a strong Naval Force (See what it takes to pass through NDA as a Naval officer), the sovereignty of a Nation’s waterways cannot be guaranteed. The Sea is a critical component of the Military complex. From the movement of Cargo Ships to the exploration of Oil, the Sea is a critical national asset that must be secured.

Constitutionally, the Nigerian Navy was established to provided security in our Nation’s waterways. They do this through surveillance and regular military exercises.

The major role and responsibilities of the Nigerian Navy Seamen include:

  • Ship and Cargo maintenance
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Emergency services and security of the Waterways
  • Participation in official ceremonies
  • Maintenance of critical National assets
  • Surveillance
  • Cargo Security
  • Escort team
  • Accident rescue team

How to attain this rank

To attain the rank of a seaman in the Nigerian Navy, you must satisfy these requirements.

Qualification/requirement needed to be recruited as a Seaman?

To join the Nigerian Navy as a Sailor or a Seaman you must satisfy some basic requirements.

  • Candidates must be between the age of 18 and 35. For Non-tradesmen the age requirement is between 18 to 25, while for tradesmen like drivers, pastors, Nurses, Teachers, imams, and electricians the maximum age is 35.
  • Candidates must also be at least 1.69 ft tall for the males and 1.65fts for the females.
  • Possession NABTED, NECO, WAEC results with at least 5 credits passes which must include English and Mathematics.
  • Prospective applicants must be Nigerian citizens by birth
  • Prospective applicants have to be free from any criminal act, conviction by any law court within or outside Nigeria
  • He or she must not be married.
  • No physical deformities, eye-related issues, tattoos, diseases like Hepatitis, or stammering. Applicants with medical issues need not apply.
  • Applicants must pass a drug test.
  • All documents provided must be fully authentic; possession of forged documents is a criminal offense

What is the salary you are expected to earn for this rank?

The salary of the Nigerian Navy is not officially available on the website of the Nigerian Navy. Just like other Military institutions like the Army and Airforce, the official salary of the Navy is not known (Check out our post on Ranks in the Nigerian Army and their Salaries). Salaries of military officers and other critical military institutions like the DSS are often treated as classified information.

However, it is popularly believed that Naval Seamen earn a salary of about 70 – 120k per month. There are also provisions for the allowance which include; Travel allowance, Education, and Furniture.

Other benefits like pension, housing healthcare


Apart from the official salary package, the Navy Seamen are placed under the contributory military pensions of the armed forces of Nigeria (See the Police Rank Equivalent to Military in Nigeria).

The Military Pensions Board is the official body saddled with the payment of military pensions in Nigeria.  Every military officer is entitled to a monthly pension upon retirement. Navy seamen earn a pension of about 25k to 6ok per month together with other benefits.


All officers of the Nigerian Navy are entitled to accommodation in the Nigerian Navy Barracks. The Nigerian Navy is also engaged in building housing estates in major bases of the institutions.

The Navy Post Service Housing Scheme is a housing scheme provided by the Nigerian Navy to all its retired officers who have subscribed to the program.


All naval seamen are entitled to health care insurance as long as they have subscribed. The Defense Health Maintenance limited is the body charged with providing affordable health care to all eligible military officers and their families. The Defense Health Maintenance Limited is owned by the Ministry of Defense.


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