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A complete list of all Nigeria zip or postal code

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nigeria zip code for all states

A complete list of all Nigeria zip or postal code

Postal codes in Nigeria are numeric, comprising of six numbers. NIPOST, the Nigerian Postal Service, divides the nation into nine (9) districts, which make up the initial digit of the code. The second and third numbers joined with the first, is the dispatch area for active arranging. The last three numbers speak of a strategic/public location. This strategic/public can be any of the following; a mail station office, a provincial region, or an urban territory.

Nigeria is made up of six geo-political zones with each geo-political zone having a similar ethnicity and foundation, social practices and history. The geo-political have helped in the powerful distribution of resources by the administration and was made during the rule of General Ibrahim Babangida. The six geo-political zones are; North East, North West, North Central, South, South West, and South East. Every one of the states in the 6 geo-political zones has its unique postal codes.

However, Nigeria doesn’t have ZIP codes; ZIP codes are only used and available in the United States of America. Instead, Nigeria uses postal codes for different states, depending on the state that you are located when required to give a ZIP code provide the postal code of the particular state you stay.

Below is a list of the 36 states and the F.C.T. with their postal code

Abia State – 440001

Adamawa State – 640001

Akwa Ibom State – 520001

Anambra State – 420001

Bauchi State – 740001

Bayelsa State – 561001

Benue State – 970001

Borno State – 600001

Cross River State – 540001

Delta State – 320001

Ebonyi State – 840001

Edo State – 300001

Ekiti State – 360001

Enugu State – 400001

F.C.T. – 900001

Gombe State – 760001

Imo State – 460001

Jigawa State – 720001

Kaduna State – 700001

Kano State – 800001

Katsina State – 820001

Kebbi State – 860001

Kogi State – 260001

Kwara State – 240001

Lagos State – 100001/101001

Nasarawa State – 962001

Niger State – 920001

Ogun State – 110001

Ondo State – 340001

Osun State – 230001

Oyo State – 200001

Plateau State – 930001

Rivers State – 500001

Sokoto State – 840001

Taraba State – 660001

Yobe State – 320001

Zamfara State – 860001

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