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Where can I sell my pig in Nigeria?

by Abbey
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Pig Farming is one of the lucrative businesses (Check out the top 7 lucrative businesses) you can start-up in Nigeria. The farming of pigs is referred to as piggery. Many people have become millionaires through the business of pig farming in Nigeria. The majority of Nigeria’s pig farms are located in the North Central region of the Country.

For pig farmers, sometimes the marketing aspects for pigs can be difficult due to the lack of delineated markets for pigs. However, there are several ways pig farmers can sell their pigs profitably.

You can transport pigs to local markets and sell or invite people who are into the business. Most times, they will come to you to purchase it.

On the flip side, you can also decide to market your pigs by yourself. You can also sell to popular hotels, bars, and restaurants.

Is there a market for pigs in Nigeria?

While there are no official markets for selling pigs unlike other livestock, it is still very easy to sell your pigs in Nigeria. Most pig farmers in Nigeria sell to local butchers, family members, and friends. Pork is consumed by many tribes in Nigeria during special occasions, therefore, most farmers use these opportunities to sell their pigs.

How much is pig per kg in Nigeria?

According to Livestocking.net a website that gives a real-time update about livestock product pricing in Nigeria, the average price per kg of pigs range from 1000 – 1500 Naira.

Where can I sell pigs for slaughter?

You can sell pigs in many markets across Nigeria. However, to sell pigs for slaughter purposes, there are lists of approved abattoirs in each state where you can sell pigs to be slaughtered.

Does Nigeria export pigs?

Nigeria as a country does not export pigs officially due to several restrictions on such products. Most countries have a list of safety standards and requirements that must be fulfilled before the exportation of livestock products is allowed.

Despite being one of the largest producers of pigs, Nigeria also doubles as the country with the highest mortality rate of pigs as more than 10,000 pigs die annually in Nigeria.

However, some African countries like Niger Republic, Cameroon, Benin, and Togo have less strict rules about livestock importation, coupled with the west African free trade agreement, these factors have enabled Nigerian pig farmers to export their products to these neighboring countries.

How much does it cost to start a pig farm in Nigeria?

Despite the high return on investment, starting a pig farm in Nigeria does not incur much. The majority of your expenses will be on feeding and medications. You can start up a mini piggery farm in Nigeria with about 100,000 Naira and scale up with time. The following are the steps you must take to start up a piggery in Nigeria.

Secure a land for breeding: the biggest and most difficult hurdle faced by a majority of pig farmers in Nigeria is how to secure land. If you can secure a good land, then you are properly on your way to success in the pig farming business. A land of about 7 acres or more will be enough to start up.

Build spacious and standard pens: Pigs need a lot of space. To avoid the spread of diseases or a situation where the pigs will injure themselves, it is advisable to build a spacious and well-ventilated pen. The built pen must also have a well-drained surface to avoid an accumulation of water in the pen, which may subsequently attract disease-causing organisms.

Buy Piglets from trusted sources: it is important to be cautious of where you purchase your piglets. Some piglets have some underlining ailments which you may not be aware of. As a principle, make sure you buy healthy piglets from verified and reliable sources. It is also important to start up with a few piglets first before scaling up later.

You may need workers: If your pigs are up to at least the 100, then, definitely you need to employ at least 3 to 4 staffs to help you take care of them. Pigs need a lot of care especially when they are still young, therefore, you must give them all the adequate attention.

Feeding is crucial: Pigs require a lot of food especially at a young age when they are still growing. You will spend a lot in the aspect of feeding, it is important to get advice from someone who has experience in the business in other to gain an idea on how you can cut feeding costs sustainably.

Does Nigeria import pork?

Officially, Nigeria as a country is one of the highest producers of pigs globally, therefore there is absolutely no need for the importation of pigs in Nigeria. Instead, the Federal government under the Ministry of Agriculture is working on modalities that will see Nigeria exporting its livestock products in the next few years to come.

How do pig farmers make money in Nigeria?

Pigs farmers make a lot of money in Nigeria. An averaged sized pig can cost about 50,000 Naira in the market. Most entrepreneurs into the piggery business have testified of its high Return on Investment.


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