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Wema bank. An accurate guide.

by Abbey
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Wema bank is among the oldest banks in Nigeria. It was established on May 2nd, 1945.

Right from its inception, the bank always endeavour to provide it’s clients with outstanding banking products and services. These services help individuals, firms, and the general public ease financial stress and also to meet their financial needs.

Wema bank app

Introducing the Wema Bank Mobile Banking app was an innovative idea. With it, customers can now bank at the comfort of their homes or offices – anywhere, anytime.

The mobile banking app helps you send or withdraw cash from any place in the world. Youall only need an internet enabled mobile device (Android and others) to make it work.

Also, the Wema mobile banking app for Android has SMS Banking highlights.

Below are some of the benefits of using the Wema bank app:

  • Information, balances and history concerning any suspicious fraud attempt about your account with the bank can be accessed within minutes.
  • You can request for your account statement which would be sent in pdf format to you as at when needed.
  • Application for an ATM Card can be done at your comfort zone, anywhere you are. You can apply for an ATM Card using the mobile banking app for Android Smartphones.
  • Cheques can easily be confirmed and any cheques issues can safely be stopped.
  • You can easily request for a cheque book with just the internet connection and a click.
  • A quick access to connect and chat with the bank customer service at anytime.
  • Payment of bills and airtime purchases can be done fast and with ease.
  • You’ll gain unlimited access to securely report ATM dispense errors.
  • You can easily block your Wema bank account when you suspect any fraudulent activities. Or you can just notify the bank.

How can I get the Wema Bank Mobile app?

The Wema bank app is suitable for all Android devices. To acquire this app, the procedures are simple.

All you need to do is to open your Android Smartphone play store (Google Play Store). When you open the Google Play Store, search for the Wema bank mobile app. Download and install it.Download the iphone app here. 

Wema bank customer care

Be assured that once you become a Wema bank customer, the bank is dedicated in protecting your interest.

You can contact the bank’s customer care by using any of the lines below:

+234-01-277-77009 or +234-803-900-3700.

Email address: purpleconnect@wemabank.com.

wema bank

Wema bank online

You can always have access to your Wema bank account whenever you can connect to the internet.

With the  WemaOnline, the bank’s full-fledged digital branch, there are a lot of things you can do. You can send money, pay bills and other banking transactions, without having to visit the bank.

Your WemaOnline account can be access or connected through the internet only.

Here are some benefits of using the Wema online banking:

  • Transaction and balance can be made on request.
  • Cheque requirements are available.
  • It is possible to make money transfers via intrabank and interbank.
  • With a click of a button, you can pay for bills like PHCN, DSTV, HiTV, Startimes, GoTv, My TV, TSTV etc. You can also purchase airtime credit for all networks – MTN, Glo, Etisalat, Airtel, etc.
  • International remittance can be completed using Money gram, Western Union, etc.
  • Get full statement and mini statement. They can be sent to you in various formats – PDF, Excel, and Word.

How do I register for Wema Bank Online?

To register for the WemaOnline banking service, you need to visit the bank’s web page. Kindly www.wemabank.com to begin.

When you get there, you will see a Register icon. Request for a token online and pick it up at your preferred branch, or any preferred location of your choice where you want it to be delivered.

Registration for Corporate Internet Banking service can also be done. If you want this, just fill the Corporate Internet Banking form and submit it at any nearest Unity bank branch close to you.

wema bank

Wema bank loan

Wema bank offers different kinds of products and services. Among them are savings, cash transactions, and loans.

The bank offers various types of loans. Some of them include personal loans, consumer loans, SME loans, term loans, and mortgage loans. There will always be a package designed for you, just select any of your choice.

Application for quick loans of up to N200,000 can be done. No bank branch. You don’t even need any ollateral, and no paperwork are required. You can get quick loans from Unity bank with low interest rates.

Requirements to be eligible for the Wema bank loan request.

Below are the requirements for some of the loads offered by Unity bank:

For Salary Advance

  • A completed loan application form and executed offer section.
  • A Letter of introduction. It must be signed by an authorized employer.
  • Your proof of income. It must be a pay slip of at least 3 months or a 3-month account statement.
  • Confirmation of identity is another vital requirement. You staff identity card is acceptable but a National ID, a International Passport or a Driver’s License may be included where necessary.
  • Irreplaceable letter of salary domiciliation. The letter should be executed by employer’s authorized signatory. The signatories must be verified by a representative of Wema Bank.
  • Confirmation of your physical address is necessary. A physical visitation and report will be conducted, together with a copy of recent utility bill.

For Mortgage:

You will need the following for mortgage.

  • A compli application form from the bank.
  • There must be an offer Letter to sell property from a vendor.
  • A report of valuation must be available from any of the banks approved by a estate valuer.
  • The title document of the property.

For other loan packages, kindly get in touch with the bank’s customer care service.

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Wema bank account opening

The Management of Wema bank makes things easier for its customers. Opening an account with Wema is very simple and straightforward.

There are many services Wema bank offers. You can always choose any of them at anytime.

Also, there are various types of Wema Bank accounts. Just pick your choice and open.

How can I open an account with Wema bank online?

Follow the simple steps below.

  • Visit alat.ng. When you get there, elect the [get it on google play logo] to download the mobile app. You can also search for it directly on Google Play Store.
  • After downloading it, click on sign up to create your account. Input your active phone number and verify it. Skip the BVN option. You will do that later – which can be found at the menu when you login.
  • After you have successfully created and activated your Alat account, the next step is to fund your account. You can fund it either by using your Wema Bank ATM or transfer it using the account number in shown on your dashboard. Minimum deposit is N500.

Note: The account is a standard savings account. It can receive more that N200, 000 at once.

If you want to open other accounts, kindly visit the nearest Wema bank close to you.

wema bank

Requirements to open a wema bank account

In order to register for other Wema bank accounts at any branch, you will need go with the following:

  • A completed account opening form including signatures in mandatory sections.
  • One passport photograph.
  • An active internationai passport, an expired/valid Nigerian passport or a Driver’s license. You may also include your Birth Certificate.
  • Proof of Residential Address. A copy of utility bill issued within the last three months is needed. It must shiw the same address provided. Or a Bank/Credit statement issued within the last three months showing the customer’s address.

For more inquires, please contact the bank’s customer care.

Pone numbers: +234-01-277-77009 or +234-803-900-3700.

Email address: purpleconnect@wemabank.com.

wema bank staff


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