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Wallpaper price nigeria. Things you need to know

by Dan Hunter
wallpaper price nigeria

There are lots of beautiful collection of wallpapers perfect for your homes and offices – at very affordable prices.

Whenever you seek to decorate your room, wallpapers are important. It is an alternative to wall paints which beautifies your home.

Today, their different collection of cool wallpapers in the market to pick, and they come in different prices, mostly affordable.

If you always think about a better way to decorate your room, you can never go wrong with some cool wallpapers available in Nigeria. And you have options, because they come in different patterns, colors, and textures.

If all you have been using for the decoration of your walls are just wall paints, you have been missing out! Wallpapers are not that expensive, you will always find cheap and quality designs in the market. Compared to wall paints, wallpapers are cheaper

This article focuses on the different types of wallpapers available in Nigeria, as well as their various prices.

Wallpaper price nigeria

Wallpapers come in different material, brand, and quality. These factors and others will affect their prices. But on average, the cost of getting a roll of a cool wallpaper in Nigeria should be between N5,000 and N8,000.

5d wallpaper price in nigeria

5d wallpaper price in nigeria

Among some of the coolest wallpapers available in the Nigerian market is the 5D wallpapers. They come in outstanding designs and quality. They are affordable, and fit well into your home – be it the bedroom or the living room.

The prices of 5D wallpapers may vary in Nigeria. Be prepared for at least N6500 per roll.

Home wallpaper price in nigeria

Prices of wallpapers vary in Nigeria. The prices ddepend mostly on the materials, quality, and brand name.

However, the average cost for most home wallpapers in Nigeria are between N5,000 and N8,500 per roll.

Below are few breakdown of prices according to the types of wallpaper:

  • Foil wallpapers: Price is between N4,000 and N7,000 per roll.
  • Bamboo wallpapers: Price is between N4,000 and N7,500 per roll.
  • Liner wallpapers: This type is common. It costs between N3,000 and N4,500 per roll.
  • Vinyl wallpapers: Price is between N5,000 and N6,000 per roll.
  • Flock wallpapers: The 3D wallpapers are priced between N4,800 and N8,000 per roll.
  • Mylar wallpapers: Price is between N2, 500 and N3,000 per roll.
  • Printed wallpapers: These wallpapers cost between N2,500 and N3,000 per roll.

Ultimately, their prices are according to their designs and brand names.

8d wallpaper price in nigeria

8d wallpaper price in nigeria

8D wallpapers are some of the coolest wallpapers for your room. The custom picture wall murals are easy to fix. They are also very affordable in Nigeria. You can personalize them as they suit your visual taste.

Make your room standout by picking a roll or two of some beautiful 8D wallpapers today. The cost depend on the designs, textures, and brand – it can range from N7,000 to N18,000.

Wallpaper price per roll in nigeria

Wallpapers are often created in long rolls, they are designed in patterns which are often repeated on those rolls. There are different types and pattern which are perfect for beautifying your rooms. The 3D wallpapers come with residues of woods and plants – they fit any room. There are also 4D, 5D, and 8D wallpapers, all uniquely beautiful.

The prices of wallpapers in Nigeria vary per roll. On average, the cost between N5,000 to N8,500 per roll.

Wallpaper paste price in nigeria

You can paste your beautiful wallpapers with some special type of gums. There are different types in to market to choose from.

You can use either Noble wallpaper adhesion paste powder glue or Solvite wallpaper adhesive. Both are great wallpaper pastes. They cost between N2,000 and N5,500 in Nigeria.

4d wallpaper price in nigeria

4D wallpapers come in different types, patterns, and quality. They fit well on any of your walls – bead room, living room, and even office.

On average, these wallpapers cost about N6,000 to N8,500 per roll.

Wallpaper installation price in nigeria

The cost of installing wallpaper in nigeria is very affordable.

Charges are based on the size of the room(s).

To install a 5.3sqm wallpaper roll, here are the costs:

For a roll, it is N3,500 per roll.

For two or more roll, it is N3,000 per roll.

For 11 rolls or more, it is N2,500 per roll.

Brick wallpaper price in nigeria

Brick wallpapers are often available for sale in Nigeria. They come in affordable prices, starting from N3,000. These type of wallpapers are appealing and easy to fix.

Liquid wallpaper price in nigeria

In Nigeria, liquid wallpapers seem to be the easier to fix. Special plastering skills are not needed. Also, they are very cheap. They come in different patterns and cool designs.


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