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Types of poultry farming in nigeria. Facts you need to know

by Dan Hunter

Among the most lucrative agribusinesses in Nigeria, poultry farming ranks at the top. The agriculture sector in Nigeria is has been getting more attention recently. It is key to boosting the economy back to its healthy state.

With poultry farming in Nigeria, one can generate good return, even within a short period of time – chickens mature on time.

Basically, there are three types of chickens. They are layers, broilers, and cockerels. A layer chicken is often rear for the production of eggs. A broiler grows very fast, so it is great for meat production. On the other side, a cockerel can also be reared for meat production – but it don’t grow faster than a broiler.

This article presents all you need to know about the business of poultry farming in Nigeria. Enjoy!

Types of poultry houses in nigeria

There are also different types of poultry houses in Nigeria. Among many poultry farmers in the country, we found 4 common types of houses for poultry.

They are:

  • The folding units poultry house system.
  • The free-range extensive poultry house system.
  • The intensive poultry house system.
  • The semi-intensive poultry house system.

These poultry houses have different functions and structures. They also come with different advantages and disadvantages. For more details, check Types Of Poultry Houses In Nigeria.

Basically, there are few requirements you need for poultry housing.

They are:

  • Good space.
  • Adequate light.
  • Proper ventilation.
  • Protection against predators and harsh weather.

Poultry farming in nigeria 2020

Poultry farming in nigeria 2020

As one of the most profitable agribusinesses in Nigeria, the demand for more poultry farmers keep increasing. Everyday in Nigeria, more poultry products such as eggs, turkey, and chickens are being consumed.

In 2020, more people shifted into poultry farming. How can you start this business in Nigeria.

Start a poultry farming business in Nigeria in 5 simple steps:

  • Decide on what type of poultry bird you want to rear.
  • Choose a good farm location.
  • Construct a poultry housing system for them.
  • Plan on how to get their medication and feeding.
  • The last step is the sales and marketing of your poultry, or their produce.

Poultry farming in nigeria pdf

Would you like to know more about the poultry farming business in Nigeria?

There are some more complete guides you can consult that are presented in PDF format.

Check these PDFs:

The Poultry Market In Nigeria.

The Business Plan Of Poultry Farming.

Poultry house in nigeria

Poultry house in nigeria

There are different kinds of poultry housing built by farmers in Nigeria.

Some are high-cost houses and can cost a poultry farmer hundreds of thousands naira, depending of the number of poultry to rear.

On the other side, there are low-cost houses for poultry. This is suitable for start-up poultry farmers. With less than N30,000, you can built a good poultry house.

If you want to operate poultry farming on budget, it is advisable not to choose an urban location for the site. Urban locations attracts very high cost of land. You your poultry may also be prone to environmental pollution – noise and air.

Small scale poultry farming in nigeria

Starting a small-scale poultry farming in Nigeria is quite affordable and profitable. With about N70,000, one can rear at least fifty poultry birds, while they are being kept in cages. For medium-scale poultry farming, cost is way higher (housing, feeding, medication, and space) – at least N500,000 is required for this.

List of poultry farms in nigeria

Sometime in June 2015, the Poultry Association of Nigeria published that there were 437 poultry farmers in Nigeria, across 18 states.

This number may be considered small when compared with the population of Nigeria as a nation, and how the demand for more poultry products keep increasing yearly.

More individuals and companies are now focusing on this niche of the agribusiness.

Here are the full details about registered poultry farmers in Nigeria: List of Poultry Farms in Nigeria.

Cost of starting a poultry farm in nigeria

How much those it cost to start a poultry farm in Nigeria? For startups, a minimum of N50,000 can be used. This basically covers getting some day-old chicks plus their feeds. You can get a return of 100% on your investment within 6 months.

Feasibility study on poultry farming in nigeria

Before you begin the business of poultry farming in Nigeria (Check out Rabbit farming in Nigeria), you definitely need a thorough feasibility study.

Read this on Feasibility Study on Poultry Farming in Nigeria.


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