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Rabbit Farming in Nigeria. The Most Complete Guide.

by Abbey
Cage method of raring rabbit

Rabbit Farming in Nigeria.

Rabbit farming is the commercial selling of rabbits either for their fur or meat. It does not involve much capital to start.

  • Male rabbits are called Bucks.
  • Female rabbits are called Does.
  • An adult rabbit is called Coney.
  • A term for a younger rabbit is called Bunny (which is often used by children).
  • A group of rabbits is known as a colony or nest.
  • A group of baby rabbits produced from a single mating is referred to as Litters.

A group of domestic rabbits living together is sometimes called a herd.

Do you want to start a rabbit farm? Get the necessary information here.

Rabbit Farm in Nigeria

Rabbit Farming in Nigeria is one of the successful agricultural businesses that you can venture into in Nigeria. Rabbits can be raised as home pets or used as a source of income by selling their fur or meat. There are several breeds, and this includes.

  1. English Spot.
  2. Flemish Giant
  3. English Lop
  4. Dwarfs Lop
  5. English Angora
  6. Dutch Rabbits
  7. Chinchilla
  8. British Giant
  9. New Zealand White.

Angora Rabbit

There are two popular methods of rearing rabbits.

  1. Cage Method: It is recommended if you want rear rabbits for commercial purposes. It provides a well-organized environment for the rabbits.

Cage method of raring rabbit

2. Deep Litter Method: It is used if you want to rear the rabbit for subsistence farming. It has a high risk of disease outbreak and insecurity.

Deep litter method

Learn how



Rabbit farming is more lucrative and expedient than any other farming and this is because it requires little capital to start with and space also. Rabbit also gives birth to a lot of babies and thereby making them highly prolific.

Steps to Start Rabbit Farming in Nigeria

  1. Know about rabbit farming i.e. the advantage and disadvantages.
  2. Make sure you know the right breed of rabbit to purchase.
  3. Have a good vet doctor that would check that the rabbits are in good condition occasionally. 
  4. Practice the right farm method that suits the amount of rabbit you want to rear and ensure that the rabbit is well ventilated.
  5.  Ensure that the rabbits eat the right kind of food and that they are not malnourished.
  6. Ensure the rabbits have enough water to sustain them.

Rabbit farmers in Nigeria.

Rabbit Farmers are those who rear rabbits either for commercial or subsistence purposes

How do rabbit farmers make money

  1. Selling of rabbit meat.
  2. Selling rabbit pelts.
  3. Selling their fur.
  4. Selling rabbit manure.
  5. Selling rabbits as pets.
  6. Selling Pinkies.

Where to sell rabbit in Nigeria 

  1. Farmer’s market.
  2. Friends and family.
  3. Online (can be through social media marketing.
  4. High-end or local restaurants.
  5. Dog food companies, etc.

Cost analysis of rabbit farming in Nigeria.

To produce 1kg of rabbit meat, two hours of labor time is necessary. The return rate of investment was found to be 152% i.e. N1.52 return to every N1.00 invested. That for a fixed cost was 1299% i.e. N12.99 return to every N1.00 incurred on the fixed asset while the rate of return on variable cost was 274.5% that is N2.75 return to every N1.00 invested on variable inputs.

Rabbit production in Nigeria

Rabbit production in Nigeria is usually subsistence or family-consumption targeted. Rabbit meat is ranked sixth after beef, mutton, goat, meat(chev, on), and bush meat. Rabbit production in Nigeria is described as elementary or emergent.


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