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National population commission. Things you need to know

by Dan Hunter

The National Population Commission (NPC) of Nigeria is in charge of producing and managing data regarding the people and economy of Nigeria.

As an arm of the Nigerian Ministry of Interior, the head of thisCommission is also appointed by the President of the country.

The National Population Commission was founded in 1988 by the Federal Government of Nigeria. Nasir Isa is currently the head of the commission.

National population commission nigeria birth certificate

national population commission nigeria birth certificate

In Nigeria, whenever a child is born, the first formal document he/she gets is the birth certificate – issued by the National Population Commission of Nigeria. Although, it’s not everyone who gets this certificate from birth.Those who didn’t get their birth certificate at birth can always request for it later. Whenever you need yours, you can head to an National Population Commission around you – it’s the only body that deal with the registration of births and deaths in the country.

When a child is born in a hospital, the hospital issues a birth certificate for proof of the birth. Then the birth report will be recorded at any National Population Commission center or at the Local Government Headquarters.

You can get it for yourself or for a close relative. Check the full guide about the steps to take to get it at NPC Birth Certificate.

National population commission act

The  National Population Commission Act 1989, Number 23 of 1989 was established on the 19th of October, 1989.

The Act established a National Population Commission of Nigeria which has a Chairman, seven Members, and a Director General. Persons to occupy these offices are appointed by the President.

Below are the functions and responsibilities of the National Population Commission of Nigeria:

The Commission prepares and enforces a national framework  needed for delineation activity during sample surveys and censuses.

It creates and maintains necessary machinery for the registration of births and deaths across the nation.

It is also responsible forconducting periodicenumeration of the Nigerian population via sample surveys, censuses, and other means.

The Commission collects, collates, and often publishdata regarding migration statistics.

It organizes the appointment and training of enumerators, including inother departments of staff working for the Commission.

The NPC conducts researches and also monitors policies relating to the national population. It also set up what’s known as the national population data bank.

It disseminates information as well as offers adequate educstiot to the general public on issues relating to its function according to the Act.

The Commission gives advice to the Federal Government of Nigeria challenges of the population. This are useful for national planning and to boost the development of the economy.

Other provisions include finance, organization and staff, offenses, assets, reports, the census, and powers to enter premises.

National population commission lagos

national population commission lagos

The office address of the National Population Commission is located at Babs Animashun Rd., Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Email address: statedirector.lagos@nationalpopulation.gov.ng.

National population commission portal

Here is the portal for the National Population Commission: www.nationalpopulation.gov.ng.

National population commission abuja

The National Population Commission of Nigeria has several offices across the nation.

Its Abuja officesarecurrentlyon these locations:

  • No. 1, MasakaClose,OffOlusegunObasanjoWay,WuseZone7,Abuja.
  • Lingu Crescent, Wuse, Abuja.
  • 2149 Nouakchott Street, Wuse, Abuja

Phone number: 0813 967 4945

National population by national population commission

According to the National Population Commission, the currentpopulation of Nigeria as of 2020 was 206 millions.

The Commission estimated that the number of individuals living in the country often increase above 2% between 1965 and 2020

National population commission nigeria attestation of birth

The National Population Commission Act also made provision people (foreigners and Nigerians) before 1992 are to obtain the Attestation of Birth Certificate from the Commission. People born in the country after 1992 will be issued Birth Certificate.

Please notethat the Attestation of a Birth Certificate and the Birth Certificate itself has the same legal effect.

National population commission death certificate

The National Population Commission of Nigeria is also responsible for the registration of deaths in the country. It also issues death certificates.

Most often, this type of certificate is issued only when remains are identified, or the decision of a court via thetestimony of a person confirming the death. Also, enough time must have been passed to ensure no remains are found.


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