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Simple Farm Tools in Nigeria

by Abbey
Simple Farm Tools

What Are Farm Tools?

Farm tools are simple convenient tools developed by the farmer or nearby experts to complete some essential farming activities. Farmers who develop yields and keep animals as a rule use some basic tools to help make their work simpler and quicker.

Simple Farm Tools

Examples of Farm Tools

  • Cutlass 
  • Hoe
  • Bolt and nut      
  • Shovel 
  • Garden fork
  • Hand pan            
  • Axe       
  • Screwdriver       
  • Digger  
  • Head trowel
  • Spanner
  • Mallet  
  • Budding knife   
  • Plier      
  • Harvesting knife
  • Crowbar              
  • Sickle    
  • Wheelbarrow   
  • Shear   
  • Emasculator
  • Mattock
  • Hammer
  • Watering can    
  • Chisel   
  • Pruning saw
  • Secateurs
  • Rake     
  • Hand trowel      
  • Spade  
  • Manure drag

Descriptions and Functions of Some Farm Tools

  • Cutlass: This is a short metal cutting blade tool some with bend end and a wooden or handles made of rubber. The cutlass is generally used for land clearing, planting, weeding, and for cutting little trunks and pegs.
  • Spade and Shovel: this has a long wooden handle ending with a level metal edge that is sharp toward one side and the other D-shaped to allow for proper handling of. It is used for digging the soil, spreading fertilizer, turning and mixing the soil. Shovel tool blade is folded to give a scoop shape.
  • Garden Fork: this tool has four prongs or teeth made of hard metal that tightens to a point. The hard metal is about 20cm since a long time ago, mounted on a long wooden handle of around 70-80cm long. It is used chiefly for burrowing, relaxing, breaking the soil.
  • Secateurs: is a scissors-like molded tool comprising of two short metal blade one with a concave curve and the other with a convex curve joined at a rotate with bolt and nut. It has two metal short wooden or metal handles with a spring in the middle. Mainly used for preparing stem cutting and pruning little parts of hard lush plants for watering crops particularly seedlings and blossoms.
  • Emasculator: this comprises of a pair of powerful pincers with plastic or metal handles. Castration of male animals by crushing their spermatic cord is done with the emasculator.

Maintenance of Farm Tools

Farm tools are made of metal or wood which are solid, these tools actually need excellent consideration so they are consistently appropriate for use in farming. The following are ways to maintain farm tools ideally:

  • Keep in a store free from termites (for tools with wooden parts).
  • Oil or grease metal parts
  • Paint metal parts if it is to be stored for long
  • Sharpen blunt edges consistently to get optimum result.
  • Clean or wash after usage.
  • Keep nozzles free from blockage.

Farm tools and equipment are some of the things that make farming conceivable. There are various carries out that are used for different purposes at various stages of farming, from soil preparation to planting and harvesting.

Every professional farmer and gardeners have collections of tools and machines that they use in their fields to accomplish most extreme profitability while saving work and time.


Farm Tools and Equipment Pictures


Simple Farm Tools. A Rake.

Wheel Barrow

Simple Farm Tools. Wheel Barrow.


Simple Farm Tool, Shovel.


Simple Farm Tool. Trowel.


Simple Farm Tool. Sickle.

Watering Can

Simple Farm Tool. Watering Can.

Classification Of Farm Tools/Equipments Used For Agriculture

There is a wide range of agricultural equipment that is used in the present farming. These implement can be divided into five primary classifications, based on their function.

  • Irrigation machinery: These sorts of equipment are used for watering crops on enormous farms. They generally include central pivot water systems and pump units.
  • Soil cultivation implements: These are used for ploughing the soil and preparing for cultivation. Examples of soil cultivation equipment include tillers, disk harrows, and moldboard ploughs.
  • Planting machines: These are used for planting saplings and seeds after the soil have been cultivated.
  • Harvesting equipment: These are used to accumulate crops whenever they have arrived at full cultivation. Examples of harvesting equipment are diggers, trailers, and pickers, and so on
  • Miscellaneous agricultural equipment: These are used for carrying out culmination activities, for example, feed making, shredding, and loading on a farm.

Usefulness Of Weeds To Nigerians

Farm tools and equipment are necessity every level of growing crops, regardless of whether on little gardens or on enormous scale farms. It would be almost difficult to do farming activities without the use of certain implements.


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