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Rural electrification agency Nigeria. All you need to know.

On March 16 2006, the board and management of the Rural Electrification Agency of Nigeria were inaugurated. The agency was set up through the Section 88 of the Electric Power Sector Reform Act 2005.

With this agency, there is easy access to reliable power supply for almost all residents in rural areas. The projects provides reasonable reward for the investment made via appropriate tariff. The tariff is economical which is suitable for average customers in the rural area.

Rural electrification agency nigeria salary

What is the average salary of workers at the Rural Electrification Agency of Nigeria? The average salary in this agency is around N178,500.

Rural electrification agency nigeria recruitment

Would you like to work with the Rural Electrification Agency of Nigeria? This is an opportunity for you to apply as the application for the 2021 recruitment is now open. The form is out.

The main purpose of this recruitment is to provide more jobs for youths in Nigeria. This opportunity is for both the undergraduates and the graduates. It helps control the alarming high rate of unemployment in the country.

What are the requirements of the REA recruitment?

All applicants who want to participate in the 2021 recruitment by the Rural Electrification Agency if Nigeria must have the following:

  • Ordinary-Level General Certificate of Education or National Examination Council (NECO). There must be passes in at least four subjects at one sitting or five subjects obtained at two sittings. English Language must be included in either way.
  • Applicants must have any of these: B.Sc, HND, NCE, OND. It could be in any discipline, but from a recognized institution.
  • Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSSC) or West African School Certificate (WASC) certificates. Credits must be obtained from not less than three subjects (English Language must be included), and a minimum of passes in two other subjects.
  • National Diploma is acceptable. It must be obtained from any recognized institution. The same applies to National Certificate of Education (NCE).
  • Advanced-Level General Certificate of Education (GCE) in two subjects at one sitting or at least three subjects obtained in two sittings.

To proceed with the application into the recruitment of REA, please visit the agency’s official website at

Rural electrification agency nigeria tenders

Here is the overview of the recent tender by the Rural Electrification Agency Nigeria – the Mini Grid.

The key purpose of the Mini Grid Minimum Subsidy Tender was to kick-start the market in Nigeria, and also catalyze mini grid deployment at scale.  

As speculated, developers of mini grid will compete base on quality (that is, technical proposal) and the price (this is theminimum subsidy requirement) for the purpose of building, owning, and operating several solar hybrid mini grids.

The Rural Electrification Agency is to provide the minimum subsidies needed to successful proposers.

As planned, the agency prioritizes two hundred and fifty sites to tender, spreading across 4 states – Ogun, Niger, Cross River, and Sokoto. The sites are to be grouped into lots, which is by state. This encourages economies of scale – talking about efficiency in management and operations.

The tender will have to phases of implementation. The first phase will be designed for about fifty-seven sites. The second phase is for the other sites to be tendered.

Apart the phases, the tender is to implemented in 4 steps.

Also, successful proposers are to enter into agrant agreement with the Rural Electrification Agency. Once their mini grids are built, grant may be disbursed. Satisfactory if service is also an important factor for the grants.

You can read more about this tender at The Mini Grid Tender.

Rural electrification agency nigeria board

The Chairman of the Board at REA is Umaru Maza Maza. The Managing Director and CEO is Ahmad Salihijo.

The Executive Directors include:

Technical Services – Mohd Abubakar Wasaram.

Rural Electrification Fund – Sanusi Ohiare.

Corporate Services – Chief Olaniyi Netufo.

Rural electrification agency nigeria job 2020

The application form for the Rural Electrification Agency Nigeria’s 2021 Recruitment is out.

For more details, please visit the agency’s official website at

Rural electrification agency nigeria tender 2020

The was a general procurement notice by the REA Nigeria. The tender includes a project for development.

Below are some key details:

  • The Federal Government of Nigeria took loan has from the African Development Bank. This loan was taken to finance the Nigeria Electrification Project.
  • The objective of the development is to enhance the access to quality electricity services for the mass – every sector of the economy.

For full information about this tender, visit REA Tender 2020.

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