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Peplum Blouse Ankara. Get Your Favourite Styles.

by Abbey
Peplum Ankara and jean

Peplum Ankara blouse 2020.

The decency of the Ankara blouse makes it most preferred among fashionistas. It can be worn with Jeans, a mini skirt, 6 or 8 pieces skirt. A peplum is a short gathered, slightly flared strip of fabric attached at the waist of a lady’s blouse, dress, skirt, or jacket.


Peplum Ankara blouse and skirt.

Peplum Ankara blouse and skirt will allow you to accomplish a new look on another level. The top design of the Ankara varies based on styles, it could be an off-shoulder peplum top, one-shoulder peplum top, cold shoulder peplum top;  neckline can be either round neckline,  v-neckline, sweetheart neckline,  etc as long as it is wrapped with a peplum from the half-length. Peplum can be either single or double. As for the skirt, a peplum top can go with all types of the skirt ( minor midi skirt, 6 pieces skirt, 8 pieces skirt, straight skirt, 3 quarter skirt, etc.)

Peplum tops Ankara. 

Ankara tops with peplum shapes give a figure that blends through all curves of your body type. Whether you are tall, short, slim, chubby, or moderate it will fit you extremely well. 

Peplum tops help in enhancing the natural figure of every woman. It suits all body size extremely well, but it Ankara styles are very unique and outstanding, they can be worn as corporate wears, casual wears, corporate causal wears, professional events, business meetings even to a dinner party or date. You can wear it with pencil trousers, short or three quarter pencil skirt, straight long pencil skirt, mermaid skirt even with a wrapper. The simplicity of Ankara peplum tops always speaks greatness. You can make it look beautiful on you by wearing a nice necklace or jewelry around your neck. Ankara peplum top fits all body sizes. 

Peplum tops Ankara style.

Peplums work best for women with hourglass figures. The most elegant way to wear a peplum top is to pair it up with a pencil skirt. There are different ways of styling a peplum:

Wear a statement jacket over the peplum top.

 A blazer can also be worn with pants and shorts. 

Wear it with narrow pants and a peplum top with lace on it.

Peplums tops are specially designed to celebrate femininity.

Peplum Ankara tops with Jeans. 

Peplum Ankara tops with Jeans make every lady look unique, elegant, and beautiful. 

Ankara style

Peplum Ankara and jean

Ankara Peplum styles 2020.

Although peplum goes with all body types and sizes, there are still some principles you ought to follow to avoid your peplum looking bad on you.

  1. If you have a wide thigh and you want to conceal it, go for a thin strap.
  2. If you’re thin or slender, you’re free to wear whatever style of peplum you want, wear peplum of any width and style as you please.

If you’re fat or on the plus side, you’ll have to consider the fabric pattern ( flowery design will enhance your look while geometric design and that will conceal your look). With your size, it’s best to choose a style with an overstated waistline and smooth peplum.

Peplum Blouse

Peplum Styles


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