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Olx Nigeria. Your Complete Guide

by Abbey
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Used Cars For Sale In Nigeria Olx. How To Safely Buy A Used Cars.

Buying a used car on Olx is always a sure bet, especially if you don’t have money for a tokunbo. For instance, the same model of car that cost 1.5M for a tokunbo, can go for as low as 750k on Olx. So you can understand why people go for Olx as a releiable alternative.

However, this also comes with its own disadvantages. You can be scammed into buying a very badly shaped car, so you need to be really careful when picking a car on Olx Nigeria.

Hence below, we have made a list of a few things to watch out for when trying to purchase a car from Olx:

olx nigeria

  • Ask about the history of the car
  • Check the car mileage
  • Compare and contrast price
  • Verify car documents online for authenticity
  • Check if car frame is in good shape.
  • Check for car VIN
  • Watch out for strange sound when you turn on ignition and do some driving test.
  • Check the tyres.
  • Drive on rough roads to check the shock absorber strength
  • Check the engine
  • Check if AC is in perfect working condition.

Olx Nigeria Phones. What You Should Do Before Buying A Phone On Olx Nigeria.

Below are a few things you must always consider before buying a phone on Olx Nigeria

  • Check out the price of the phone. If it’s too high, you probably won’t get the same value as a new one, and if too low, the phone probably has some issues that the owner might not disclose to you
  • Look up the seller’s profile, like his social networking accounts to verify some level of authenticity
  • Ask for the receipt and phone packaging case to check that the IMEI number matches that on the phone. This will ensure it isn’t a stolen phone
  • Although not very important, you can also ask for warranty so you can enjoy those free services. Also note that phones that don’t have a warranty are always sold for less – about 30%.
  • If and after you decide to proceed with transaction, always inspect the physical state of the phone before you pay the seller.
  • Also watch out for fake Chinese phones that can pose as a replica of the original product. They are many of them out there, so make sure to be careful so you don’t purchase the wrong thing.

Olx Nigeria Abuja, Lagos And Ibadan. How To Change To Various Location On Olx.

You can follow these few steps if you want to change to various locations on Olx:

  • After you must have logged into your Olx App, you will notice your location displayed on the top left-hand corner of your phone. For instance, if you are in Lagos, or Abuja, that is exactly what will be displayed.
  • Click on that location and a search box will open, so you can input whatever city you want to change to. Example, if you want to change to Ibadan from Lagos, just type in Ibadan.
  • Consequently, the app can automatically pick your new location if you recently moved to a new city if you enable location sharing on your settings.

olx nigeria

Olx Head Office In Nigeria

The Olx Nigeria head office is located on:

01 Oke Poka, Ijebu Ode Rd,

Poka Epe,

Lagos, Nigeria

Keke Napep Price In Nigeria Olx

The price for keke Napep on Olx all depend on the brand in question. Below is a table listing the price range for popular keke brands in Nigeria.

Brand                  Price

Daylong            ₦180,000 to ₦350,000

TVS                     ₦250,000 to ₦350,000

Bajaj                   ₦200,000 to ₦350,000

Piaggio              ₦180,000 to  ₦300,000

olx nigeria

Olx Nigeria Login. How To Create Your Login Account On Olx Nigeria.

When trying to create a login account on Olx, you can do that using four options namely:

  • Via Email, where you will be asked to activate your account from a confirmation email.
  • Via Facebook, where you will be asked provide your facebook login name and password.
  • Via Google+, you will provide your Google+ login/password
  • Via Phone, where you will be asked to provide an active phone number so an OTP code can be sent in order to activate your account.

Olx Nigeria App. How To Download The Olx Nigeria App.

For Android users, simply go to the Google Play Store on your phone and search for Olx Nigeria. The app will be made available for download and installation.

For iPhone users, simply go to the iOS Store on your phone and search for Olx Nigeria. The app will also be made available for download and installation.

Sell On Olx Nigeria. How To Do This.

Follow the steps below if you want to be a seller on Olx Nigeria:

olx nigeria

  • Go over to Olx Nigeria site: olx.com.ng
  • Create an account
  • Sort out whatever items you want to sell
  • Take pictures of them
  • Pick a category for each
  • Upload picture in each relevant category
  • Add a title ad and description.
  • Set your price for each item
  • Provide contact information
  • You can now post your items for sale

Olx Nigeria Jobs. How To Get A Job On Olx Nigeria?

In order to get information on the latest job offering from Olx Nigeria, please visit the link below:



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