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Nigerian Military School. A Brief Review.

by Abbey
Nigerian Military School.

Nigerian Military School

The Nigerian Military School Zaria, established as the Boys-Company of Nigeria in 1954, was established under the sponsorship of Nigerian Regiment Training center of the Royal West African Frontier Force (RWAFF). The school was established alongside three others in the British Colonial West Africa in Gambia, Gold Coast (presently Ghana), and Sierra Leone. It was molded according to the Boys Wing of the British Army. The current day Military School appeared on May 20, 1954. The Nigerian Military School (NMS) had an understudy contingent that comprised of 4 organizations in its initial years: Alpha Company, Bravo Company, Charlie Company, and Delta Company. Three extra organizations were added: Echo Company, Foxtrot Company, and Golf Company.  The Boys Company as it used to be called was established as a full-fledged training foundation under the regimentation and organization of the ancient Nigerian Regimental Training Center (NRTC) presently Depot NA.


Nigerian Military School

Nigeria Military School Zaria Application Form 2021

Every year, NMS opens admission for appropriately qualified candidates to apply. The application period usually opens between mid of February to end of May. NMS trains male Nigerian Boys only. Admission of Boys into the School is rigorously for JSS1 ONLY. Candidate for admission MUST not be less 12 years of age by September of year of confirmation. Most maximum age limit is 14 years.

To Fill Application Form Online, You Have To Follow These Steps:

Visit https://www.nms1954.sch.ng/apply/

 Step 1 Read the instruction carefully, and then click the START button.

 Step 2, fill in candidate’s personal information and click on “Next”.

 Step 3, fill in candidate’s contact details and click on “Next”.

Step 4, fill in other important details and click on “Next”.

Finally, click “Generate Form” to complete the form creation.

At the point when your Payment Advice shows, you can either tap the “PAY AT BANK” button or the “PAY ONLINE” button depending on your choice.

Nigerian Military School.

Nigeria Military School Gallery

Nigerian Military School Nigeria Military School. Soldiers.

Nigerian Military School. Soldiers on the field.Soldiers During Training

Nigeria Military School Slangs

If you’ve been in the army, know an enrolled soldier, or watched movies about the military, you realize that military slang is practically a second language. Military slang assists soldiers convey a lot of information very quickly and permit troops to bond in dangerous circumstances. Learn more with a list of slangs and what they mean with regards to the military.

  • Bolo – Someone who can’t pass marksmanship training
  • Boot – Recruit still in training camp
  • Marine – Term for an individual from the U.S. Marine Corps
  • Dittybopper – A signals intelligence radio administrator who uses Morse code
  • Hopeful – A soldier who is expected to die from their wounds
  • FNG – F’ing New Guy
  • Grunt – Infantryman in the U.S. Armed force or U.S. Marine Corps
  • Joe – Soldier (from G.I. Joe) 
  • Leatherneck – Term for a U.S. Marine
  • Oxygen cheat – Recruit who talk too much
  • Pogue – Soldier who doesn’t serve on the front lines
  • Bang-bang – A military issued rifle or gun
  • Back (on supplies) – Certain supplies have run out
  • C rats – Combat rations
  • Hangfire – Wait for orders
  • Hit the silk – Parachuting from an airplane
  • Kinetic– Violent
  • Dear John letter – Communication from a soldier’s life partner who needs to end the relationship during selection
  • Errr – Greeting in the U.S. Marines (another way to say “Oorah”)
  • Five-sided puzzle palace – The Pentagon
  • Gone Elvis – Missing in action (MIA)
  • Hawk– Cold climate
  • Hit the head – Go to the bathroom

New candidates have a lot to learn after they finish bootcamp. Learning slang for gear, supplies, and parts of a uniform can be useful. To see more military school slangs, click this 

Nigeria Military School Army.

List of Military Universities in Nigeria (Air Force, Army, and NAVY)

In Nigeria military universities, aside from giving academic training to its students, additionally provides students with the necessary vital military training, skills, and the required mentality to help them fit in.

Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA)

NDA is the first and well known military school in Nigeria (See the Police Rank Equivalent to Military in Nigeria) (See the Police Rank Equivalent to Military in Nigeria). The institution was established in November 1964 and it was a reconstruction of the British-run Royal Military Forces Training University (RMFTC). The university is known to have prepared a lot of official corps of the Nigerian Army, Navy, and Air Force (Learn about what it takes to pass through the Nigerian defense academy) (Learn about what it takes to pass through the Nigerian defense academy). It began with undergrad projects to officials in preparing until 1985 however it was established in 1964.

Nigerian Defence Academy

Nigerian Army University Biu (NAUB)

This university was established in 2018 which makes it the most recently established university in Nigeria. The main aim of the university is to fortify the Nigerian Army and Nigeria itself through sound and inventive technological use.

Nigerian Military School BIUNigerian Military School NAUB Students.

Nigeria Military School of Nursing

Relatively few know about the Nigerian Army University of Nursing School. The Nigerian armed force has one of the best health facilities in Nigeria. The management of Nigerian Army University of Nursing forms is on sale and applications are welcomed from the overall population into the GENERAL NURSING (RN) program of the Nigerian Army University of Nursing, Yaba, Lagos, for the 2021/2022 academic session.

Nigerian Military School of NursingNigerian Military School of Nursing Students.

Nigerian Army University of Nursing Admission Requirements

Candidates should have at least 5 Credits in their O-Level Result (WAEC, NECO, and GCE) which should include English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. A limit of two sitting is acknowledged. Candidates with NABTEB can also apply. Candidates must be between the ages of 17 – 25 years by September 2021.

How to Apply For Nigerian Army College of Nursing Admission

Application form is to be acquired directly from the office of the Registrar on payment of the amount of a non-refundable fee of N5, 000 Naira only.

The management has directed that the forms would be closing on the 8th of JULY, 2021; all interested candidates are to submit their forms before this date as there would be no extension of closing date. To get more information about the Nigerian Army College of Nursing, click this


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