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Nigerian Hydrological Services Agency Salary


About the Nigerian Hydrological Services Agency

The Nigerian Hydrological Services Agency is an agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria established to improve Nigeria’s capacity in developing, and harnessing hydrological resources.

The Nigerian Hydrological Services Agency involves in the operation and management of Nigeria’s hydrological stations, in addition, they provide the necessary hydrological data needed for disaster planning and mitigation.

Since its establishment in 2003, the agency has carried out several projects in the hydrological subsector. Some notable achievements of the Nigerian Hydrological Services Agency include:

  • Hydrological mapping of Nigeria
  • River Discharge Measurement
  • Operation and maintenance of data collection platforms.
  • National Hydrometric Network
  • Groundwater monitoring network
  • Flood early warning systems
  • Annual flood outlook sensitization exercise. Etc.


NIHSA Salary Structure

The Nigerian Hydrological Services Agency operates a Consolidated salary scale which is the Consolidated Public Service Salary Structure (CONPSS). An employee on grade level 01/01 earns a monthly salary of about 31,000 Naira monthly.

A graduate with a bachelors’ degree is placed on grade level 08/01 in Nigerian Hydrological Services Agency, whereas, a master degree holder is placed at grade level 09.

Below is the summarized salary scale for the Nigerian Hydrological Services Agency per the National Salaries, Income, and Wages Commission.

Grade level 01 (step 1-8): This is the lowest salary grade in this agency. Workers in this level earn a little above minimum wage. The average monthly salary for this grade is 31000 Naira, and about 372,000 Naira annually.

Grade level 02 (step 1-8): Workers in this grade earn an average of 35,000 Naira per month and 420,000 Naira annually.

Grade level 03 (step 1-8): 37,000 Naira monthly and 444,000 Naira annually

Grade level 04 (step 1-8):  39,000 Naira monthly and 468,000 Naira annually

Grade level 05 (step 1-8): 41,000 Naira monthly and 492,000 Naira annually.

Grade level 06 (step 1-8): This is the entry grade level for those with National Diploma Certificate, and or the National Certificate of Education (NCE).  Salary at this level starts at 49,000 Naira monthly and 514,000 Naira annually

Grade level 07 (step 1-8): This is the entry-level for holders of the Higher Diploma. The salary for this grade starts at 61,000 Naira monthly, and 732,000 Naira annually.

Grade level 08 (step 1-8): This is the entry-level for holders of the Bachelors degree. The starting salary for this grade level is about 81,000 Naira monthly and 972,000 Naira annually.

Grade level 09 (step 1-5): This is the entry level for holders of masters degree or those with professional backgrounds. Salary for this grade starts at 109,000 Naira monthly and 1,081,000 Naira annually.

Grade level 10 (step 1-8): 121,000 Naira monthly and 1,452,000 Naira annually.

Grade level 11 (step 1-8): 135,000 Naira monthly and 1,620,000 Naira annually.

Grade level 12 (step 1-5): 182,000 Naira monthly, and 2,184,000 Naira annually.

Grade level 13 (step 1-7): 223,000 monthly and 2,676,000 annually.

Grade level 14 (step 1-5): 286,000 monthly and 3,456,000 annually.

Grade level 15 (step 1-5) 356,000 monthly and 4,272,000 annually.

Source: NSIWC

NIHSA Recruitment

To get recruited into the Nigerian Hydrological Services Agency, you must satisfy the following basic requirements.

  1. A Bachelors Degree, or a Diploma in related field
  2. Possession of NYSC discharge certificate
  3. Possession of a valid means of identity i.e. Voters Card, or National Identity Card.
  4. Other requirements deemed fit by the agency.

How to apply

To apply for recruitment into the Nigerian Hydrological Services Agency you must apply online through the official website of the agency accessible at

Recruitments into the Nigerian Hydrological Services Agency are announced via online mediums and national dailies as required by law. It is also good to have an insider who can notify you whenever there is an opportunity in the agency.

Note: It should be noted that at the time of writing, the Nigerian Hydrological Services Agency has not commenced any recruitment exercise.

NIHSA Management Team

  • Engr Clement Oyeaso Eze – Director-General
  • Ibrahim Adamu – Director, Hydrogeoinformatics
  • Omolara Idowu – Director, Admin & Finance
  • Stephen Maigirma Jabo – Director, HydrogeoPhysics
  • Aishatu T. Ibrahim Director, Engineering Hydrology
  • O Bejide – Director, Hydrology
  • James B. Bisong – Director, Operational Hydrology
  • Barrister Daddy Wuyep – Head of Unit, Legal
  • Franca Fashe Adams – Head of Unit, Gender
  • Okonkwo Dominic O. – Head of Unit, Accounts
  • Edith E. Onyegbula – Head of Unit, Procurement
  • Apollos Tsarmati – Head of Unit, Budget
  • Babatunde C. Ojo – Head of Unit, GIS and Remote Sensing
  • Lauretta Samuel – Head of Unit, Press
  • Azaki Josiah Chesna’ayilo – Head of Unit, Internal Audit.

Nigerian Hydrological Services Agency Address

Corporate Headquarters: Plot 222, Foundation Plaza, Shetima Ali Munguno Crescent, Utako, Abuja.

Phone: 098701232

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