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Life of Kunle Poly

by Dan Hunter
kunle poly

Kunle Poly Net worth

Kunle Poly, with real name Abdulazeez Adekunle Lawal, is well renowned among the chieftains of the NURTW (National Union of Road Transport Workers) in Lagos State.

He is quite wealthy, though his wealth is not easy to evaluate. Kunle Poly lives an extravagant lifestyle. As one of the heads of the NURTW in a big state like Lagos, it’s not hard to assume the appreciable amount of money to be made in the busy city road – probably the busiest road in the country.

He currently has several properties worth millions of Naira.

According to Kunle Poly, anyone who is well blessed with wealth and other resources needs to give back to society, particularly helping the less privileged in society. He has also been a philanthropist.

Kunle Poly House

Kunle Poly possesses different properties, including some beautiful houses.

Kunle Poly Age

He is well known for his alias name (Kunle Poly). Alhaji Abdulazeez Adekunle Lawal’s real age is unknown to the public.

Kunle Poly got his nickname from friends while studying for National Diploma in Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin, Kwara State (1995 to 1996). He studied Business Studies.

Kunle Poly Wife

Olayinka Lawal Lamerica is the wife of Kunle Poly. She is a Nigerian actress. Olayinka got married to the transport Union boss a few years ago.

Kunle Poly tied the knot in grand style with Olayinka Lamerica in Lagos. The event was graced by colleagues, family, and friends.

Kunle Poly Death

Sometime in 2018, Kunle Poly escaped death from some assassins. He was with his personal assistant, Ganiu, when this incident occurred.

During the incident, his personal assistant was shot dead by some gunmen. It happened in the Idumota area of Lagos State.

It was reported that  Kunle Poly’s PA, Ganiu, alias Piero was was returning from a meeting around midnight with Kunle Poly and some security men, including 2 police officers when the gunmen opened fire towards them. Unfortunately, Ganiu was hit by some bullets and died on the spot. Others were injured as they fled from the fatal incident.

There was a source that revealed that some hoodlums from the Agarawu area were suspects. The attack was brutal.

According to the source, Kunle Poly the head of the NURTW branches at Idumota, Lagos called a meeting. The meeting involves all chairmen of motor parks within the area. The meeting was concluded around 12 a.m.

After the meeting, Kunle Poly, Piero (his P.A), and 2 police officers, and a member of the union lefts for his car parked close to the office. Kunle was said to collect the car key from Piero stating that he would like to drive it by himself.

This meant Piero sat at the passenger’s seat while Kunle Poly was in the driver’s seat. They were about to move when the sound of gunshots took over the area. Piero was hit by some bullets and died. The union member with them also got shit on his hand. The police officers were about to return with some shooting both they were overpowered by the gunmen.

For Kunle Poly, it was the intervention of God. He was able to dodge close to the car. He jumped into the bridge and he was able to escape to the other side of the road. The 2 policemen also took to their heels.

Kunle Poly is from which state

The Lagos NURTW boss, Kunle Poly, is from Lagos State, Nigeria.

Kunle Poly wedding

kunle poly wedding

Kunle Poly did his wedding in March 2018, in Lagos. It was a classy event.

His wedding ceremony was a few days after a road union rivalry in the state. The event really brought an end to the rivalry; there was a reunion between executives involved.


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