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Lagos state health insurance scheme

by Dan Hunter

Lagos state health insurance scheme background information

The Lagos State Health Scheme was established via a law enacted in May 2015. The aim is to cater to the residents in Lagos State. The law allows one to get the Lagos State Health Scheme through the Lagos State Health Management Agency.

This agency has the power to supervise, regulate, and coordinate the Lagos State Health Scheme.

Basically, the objective of the Lagos State Health Scheme is to offer quality and affordable healthcare services for the resident of the State.

The mandatory health scheme focuses on quality, physically accessible, solidarity, financial accessibility (I’m terms of affordability), and equity

The health insurance scheme gets it to be funded by individuals and families. They are combined into a pool (known as the Lagos State Health Fund, LASHEF. This that the resources and risks are now distributed over the population, the healthy and rich will help the poor and sick that may occur at particular risk. This helps with huge health facilities.

In 2020, health insurance is more important to individuals than ever before. There are so many health risks.

How to register for lagos state health insurance scheme

Would you like to also enjoy the benefits of the Lagos State Health Scheme? This section explains to you how you can do just that.

First, you need to register at any of the Lagos State Health Management Agency (LASHMA) platforms around you. You can also register through licensed Health Insurance agents, LASHMA Wellness Ambassadors are also good to go with. Therefore, get the registration form first. You can also get the Lagos State Health Insurance Scheme PDF.

When you want to go for the registration, please go with your identity card from the Lagos State Residents Registration Agency (LASSRA). You can also use any other document to prove that you reside in Lagos.

Next, you are to make a choice regarding the hospital you prefer under the LSHS platform (there is more than 200 hospitals under this health insurance scheme).

When you are done registering for the program, you must pay for the premium on/before the 25th of the month. This will help you access the healthcare benefit the following month. You can make this payment in any of the available plans.

One of the plans available in the “Family Plan”. This plan is for 2 to 6 people – mother, father, and four kids who are below 18 years. The Family Plan requires payment of N40,000 per year. This allows the family to enjoy LSHS for only 12 months.

What about larger families with more children who are below 18 years? There is also a provision for it. Payment of N6,000 yearly is required for an additional child. Also, for an additional child over 18 years or an adult, an extra charge of N8,500 per year is required.

Another plan available under the LSHS is the “Individual Plan”. It covers people residing in Lagos. Here, for an individual to enjoy the scheme, he/she must pay N8,500 per year.

For premium payment of any of the plans, you can pay via any of the banks within Lagos, via mobile payment on your phone, or through the scratch card from the LSHMA Health Insurance Agents and USSD Code.

After paying, you will be required to sign the terms of the agreement. It will be sent to the phone number that you registered with. Then,  your “Policy Number” (it’s confidential) will be sent to you.

When all these have been completed, the hospital of your choice will be assigned to you. You are to visit there in order to open a Medical File for you. Thereafter, you can begin to enjoy quality healthcare.

If you registered for the “Individual Plan”, you change the plan to “Family Plan” whenever you get married.

Please note that whenever there is an emergency, you can have access to healthcare in ANY LSHS hospitals closest to you. You don’t need to go to the hospital you initially chose.

You can also purchase any of the plans for your parents, less privileged around you if you have the capacity. The healthcare scheme can be a good gift for anyone.

For more information, please visit https://lshs.ng.

Lagos state health insurance scheme address

You can reach this address for the Lagos State Health Insurance Scheme here:

10A, Ademola Close,

off Remi Fani Kayode Street,

GRA Ikeja, Lagos State,


Phone number: +234 803 318 4696.


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