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Life of chimebuka nnaji, Genevieve Nnaji’s Daughter

by Dan Hunter

A lot of requests have been made about Chimebuka Nnaji, the daughter of Genevieve Nnaji. As we all know, Genevieve is a very talented Nollywood actress, she is one of the best actresses Africa has ever produced.

Genevieve has a beautiful daughter, Chimebuka. Her daughter is also well loaded with creativity. Please keep reading to find out more about her.

Chimebuka nnaji

If you care to know more about the daughter of Genevieve Nnaji, you are in the right place.

Every useful detail about Chimebuka Nnaji will be revealed here – her real name, career, wedding details, age, and others. Please, keep reading.

As you know, the fans of Genevieve Nnaji are often interested in what goes on in her life, and her personal life. Many are also more interested in knowing about her daughter, Chimebuka, whenever her photos were displayed.

Th full name of Genevieve’s daughter is Theodora Chimebuka Nnaji. Her identity has been hidden from by her mother for a long time. The media knew less about her until recently. Yes, the recent pictures of Chimebuka and Genevieve had been a topic of discussion – it raised a stir.

We are yet to have the full details about Chimebuka, but we still have some background information for you; and some other interesting facts about her.

Chimebuka is currently 23 year old. Her mother gave birth to her at the age of 17. Back then, it was revealed that Genevieve Nnaji had some issues with the father and tried to hide the pregnancy. Well, it all turned good! Thereafter in an interview, the veteran actress expressed how happy she was for not terminating the pregnancy. It was an interesting story.

Now back to Chimebuka. It would be fun to know what she studied and what her career is, right? Genevieve’s daughter studied Mass Communication. Eventually, while she was still a student, Theodora opened her own makeup school. It was a great success!

Today, she is the owner of NAJ Makeup Studio, located in Yaba, Lagos state. Theodora takes pride in her work and most of her clients are celebrities. Her Instagram page “Dora Nnaji” is well furnished with of her makeup works.

Not too long ago, the public witnessed the presence of mother and daughter – at a birthday party of Genevieve. What was the reaction like? They were so identical! Mother and daughter look so youthful. Whenever they attend an event, they often appear like real friends.

Genevieve Nnaji’s daughter wedding

Is Genevieve’s daughter married? Yes, she is happily married. Theodora Nnaji had an amazing wedding ceremony in 2016. It was held in Mbaise. Her mother later shared few videos of the emotional ceremony. Other celebrities stormed the great occasion.

Well, who was the lucky groom? The name of Chimebuka Nnaji’s husband is Prince Osi Chigozie Ihediwa. They met sometime in 2009 that was when they began dating, and decided to seal the deal in 2016. Not too long, Dora Nnaji posted a photo of a new baby on her Instagram page. Many though it was her baby – but it was a picture of a friend’s baby.

Genevieve nnaji daughter

Her full name is Theodora Chimebuka Nnaji, the beautiful daughter of Genevieve Nnaji. The media don’t know much about her, she has been hidden away from paparazzi and the public. Her mother hasn’t disclosed much about her until recently.

A previous interview with Genevieve revealed when and how she gave birth to Nora Nnaji. This was when the veteran actress was only 17 years old. According to the Nollywood actress, she never knew she was pregnant. Her mother found out about it and she has to keep. Her family is a Catholic, a belief which frowns against abortion. It was a good decision.

Chimebuka’s grandmother raised her after her birth. She attended the Federal Government College Akure, Ondo state. Thereafter, she had a university degree at the Nnamdi Azikwe University. And by year 2013, she completed NYSC.

While she was still studying at Nnamdi Azikwe University, Theodora started a makeup school as there was a demand for the service then. It was a success and she now also owns NAJ Artistry. With the help of her mother, Genevieve, she has been able to offer her makeup service to different celebrities.

Chimebuka and Genevieve were recently seen together when her grandmother (Genevieve’s mother) celebrated her 60th birthday.

Chimebuka got married in 2016. The wedding introduction was hell in Mbaise, Imo state. It was a beautiful one to behold.

How old is genevieve nnaji’s daughter

Chimebuka Nnaji was born when her mother was 17 years old. She is now 23.In a recent interview, her mother, Genevieve, discussed how she didn’t regret keeping her pregnancy, even at a tender age. She is a miracle baby.


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