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[GUARANTEED] How to toast a girl online and win her over

by Yẹmí Noble
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Before internet became very popular, you have to physically woo and court a girl to go out with you. However, since smartphones and social media became widely adopted, it is now more common to meet a girl you like online and as her out.

To “toast” a girl is Nigeria slang for wooing her, and the fact that the internet is global means that its now easier than ever for Nigerians to do all kinds of things which was limited to the country before on a global scale. Including toasting girls from all parts of Nigeria and the world.

Since the internet is not the way our fathers and grandfathers met their women, we must then adapt some of what works for them into the new age. The platform doesn’t matter, as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or any other social media is just a medium to talk to another person. You just need to modify what our forefather’s used

Here is how you can create chemistry with girls you meet online, toast them and take the relationship to the next level

 Step by step guide to toasting a girl online in Nigeria

  1. Patience: The key that getting the woman of your dream is still patience, as it was in the days past. You do not want to appear needy or too thirsty.
  2. Do your homework: You probably have done this already, which is why you like her and want to get to know her more. But you’ve probably done this on a subconscious level. Now is the time to pay attention to her so you can know the basics about her like her favourite colour, songs and movies. These will allow you identify your common interests.
  3. Talk a lot about common interests: After your homework, start engaging her posts on interests that you both share. This could be anything, from as simple as Wizkid vs Davido or as serious as cryptography.
  4. Do not make her your primary work: DO NOT stay on her timeline all the time to respond to her posts. Go about your day normally and set a time when you check her posts and respond. One day, when she posts something she’s passionate about, ask that you share your thoughts about the issue directly instead of publicly. She will give you permission to message her directly, either on the app or via other services like WhatsApp and Telegram.
  5. Send her things that you know she will like: Now that you have established rapport, hone it by sending her things you find interesting that you know will excite her. A new song, movie, news, meme, or food. Make her smile, laugh, curious, and you can even tease her a bit.
  6. Ask for her advice on something personal: After a while, start asking her for advice on things. It should start with small things like what gift to get a friend for their birthday but it should move on to more serious things like whether you should study a particular course or quit your job.
  7. Let her know you value her advice: Every human being wants to know they matter. Let her know that you rely on her advice. However, don’t take everything she says totally unless it makes 100% sense to you. So if she says you should get a pink tie for a friend, you can buy a blue one if that is his favourite colour. Just let her know why you are modifying her input.
  8. Compliment her (only her taste): Once or twice a week, compliment her taste. This may be in music, clothing or movies. Something light and fun. This will build her wanting to chat with you daily. Even if you compliment her beauty, let it reflect that you are more impressed by her taste than the innate beauty e.g. “The lipstick colour really brings out your beautiful eyes”.

    How to toast a girl online

    How to toast a girl online

  9. Invite her to an event: This is where you meet her for the first time. It may be a birthday bash or wedding ceremony (the best!) of a friend or family. This will allow you physically establish rapport before taking the final step. This may be a challenge if you are far apart, but you can get really creative in finding virtual substitute for this via Zoom, Meet or other platforms for hosting events online.
  10. Ask her out: At this point, you can formally ask her out, though if you play step 1 to 9 right, you may not need to as you would already be close and have good rapport.

You can do step 2 to step 8 simultaneously and repeatedly. This will help you establish rapport enough for step 9, where you can then ask her out if you so desire. If distance is an issue, you can still do step 9 and 10 online, though it is much better to do this in person.

No matter what happens, even if you forget everything, always remember the number one rule: Patience.

All your toasting questions answered

How do you start toasting a girl?

By knowing interests she shares with you and keying into those shared interests like music and movies. Make her smile, laugh and curious. This will naturally create a good rapport with her. This is the start of wooing a girl.

How do you toast a girl on text?

Start with knowing her interests and chat with her on those interests. Compliment her on her taste about music, movies etc. Make her curious about your opinions on these subjects. Once she starts seeking out your opinions you can then start wooing her.

 How can I toast a girl on WhatsApp?

Do your homework on her likes and interests. After, find the common interests and chat her up based on it. Also every other day, ask about how her day went. This will let you know more of her interests. You should also compliment her tastes e.g. in music, movies, and even fashion. After you’ve established rapport, then ask her out.

How do you talk to a girl online and win her heart?

To win the heart of any being, you need patience. First you must find her interests and then find a way to have discussions on these interests, in music, movies, religion, or politics. Then you can share music, links and memes about this interests that will make her laugh and curious. After this, she will want to be with you more and more.

What questions make a girl blush?

If I kiss you right now, how would you react? Where would you place a tattoo on your body? What’s the naughtiest thing a boy has ever said to you? Which song reminds you of me? What is your wildest fantasy?

How do u make a girl miss u?

Do not talk about yourself unless she asks. Rather, pay attention to her while making her laugh when she’s chatting with you. Be a little mysterious by not acting desperate via trying to keep track of her all the time on the phone.

Should you text a girl everyday?

Yes if she is your girlfriend or lover. No, if you haven’t asked her out yet or she hasn’t said yes. This is because love sometimes die from malnourishment but often times die from constipation.

When should you stop texting a girl?

You should stop texting a girl when she reads your message and doesn’t respond till much later or she constantly replies you with one-word responses. If she hardly start the conversation with you, you should move on as soon as possible.

How do you tell if a girl misses you?

She will call you or text you out of the blue and ask after your general wellbeing if she misses you. She will want to know what seems to be minute details about how your day is going.

Why would a girl miss you?

There are many reasons why a girl can miss you, including being bored if you make her smile, being curious as to what you are up to or being lonely if you make her laugh.

How do you make her miss you after fight?

First you apologize sincerely about your part in the fight. Repeat her points to her in different words to show that you understand her perspectives. Then give her space so she can see her own role in the fight and come apologize

How do you know if she has moved on?

Your girlfriend has moved on if she is no longer willing to talk to you, flirt with you or hang out. If she has a new appearance, repeatedly tells you to move in or she has a new boyfriend, she has definitely moved away from you.

How can you tell if a girl isn’t over her ex?

A girl is not over her ex if she constantly mentions him in normal conversations, compares other guys to him, checks his social media accounts regularly and keeps in touch with many of his friends and family members.

How long does it take a girl to miss?

It depends on the girl and the manner of the separation. If the separation is not due to both parties, for example due to work travel, it may be as early as a day. However if the separation was acrimonious, it may take a much longer time before the girl starts missing the guy.

How do you know if your ex still loves you?

When an ex behaves hot and insensitive simultaneously towards you, she is having a combat between her heart and her head. She tries to make you feel jealous with positive updates in her lifestyles that you no longer ask for. She may additionally also hit you up when she is under the influence of alcohol to make some confessions.


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