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[EXPLAINED] Civil Engineering Salary in Nigeria

by Abbey
Civil engineer

Civil engineering in Nigeria. How does a civil engineer contribute to society?

When you watch Hollywood movies and see infrastructures you will be tempted to dismiss the strides of Nigerian civil engineers. However, Nigerian Engineers have contributed greatly to the development of infrastructure projects. There are several civil engineering companies owned wholly or partly by Nigerian civil engineers that are doing great.

Civil engineers are involved in designing roads, bridges, canals, dams, pipelines, terminals, and ports. Without civil engineers and civil engineering techniques, the construction of large public infra will remain a utopian dream.

Also, civil engineers work to ensure that’s proposed structures are safe and efficient, they perform pre-construction analysis to ensure that the proposed infrastructure project is feasible and not significantly harmful to the local environment.

Civil engineers also work on Public waters supply systems, waste treatment, and disposal to make the environment safe for everyone.

Demand for Civil Engineers? Are they in high demand in Nigeria?

As long we continue to build structures, civil engineers will always be in demand. According to JobOutlook, a website that monitors the job demands market, the demand for civil engineers is expected to grow by at least 11% in the next five years.

In Nigeria, there are hundreds of construction firms that are seeking the services of skilled civil engineers. Nigeria’s infrastructure is still developing, therefore the job prospect for civil engineers is very high. Civil engineers can also choose to practice privately or form a partnership with other professionals.

Do civil engineers make good money?

Civil engineers earn an average income. Apart from the basic salary, a civil engineer is paid transport allowance, hotel, and food allowance.

According to the popular salary ranking website PayScale, junior civil engineers earn between 1.5 – 6m Naira per annum.

Apart from their normal jobs, most civil engineers also work on their own as private consultants.

Civil engineer salary per month in Nigeria

Most Civil engineering companies in Nigeria pay monthly salaries (Check out the highest paying jobs in Nigeria) and allowance. The monthly salary of a civil engineer depends on his experience, academic qualification, and job position. Also, private companies tend to pay more than government agencies, however, job security is not guaranteed.

An average entry salary for civil engineers in Nigeria is about N150k per month. Experienced civil engineers can earn up to 2million Naira per month.

5 highest paying civil engineering companies in Nigeria

There are more than 500 civil engineering companies in Nigeria (Check outthe top 10 civil engineering construction companies in Nigeria). However, if you looking for a career where you will be rewarded handsomely for your job, then you may consider these 5 companies.

1. Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC)

Working in NNPC means an automatic large paycheck. Not only as an engineer but in all departments of the NNPC. Getting a job in NNPC is very competitive, and their recruitment process has been criticized to favor only the well-connected.

2. Julius Berger Constructions

Julius Berger is a German construction firm that has established a firm grip in Nigeria’s construction sector. They are known for their standard and qualitative work. 80% of government buildings were constructed by Julius Berger PLC.

3. Urban Shelter

This is a Nigerian construction firm that is involved in real estate (Check out the top 10 real estate companies in Lagos) development. Its headquarters is at Abacha Crescent, Wuse zone II in Abuja.

4. Setraco Nigeria ltd

This is another construction firm that is doing well in the area of delivering quality projects in Nigeria. Although Setraco Plc was recently engaged in a legal leadership tussle, the issue has been resolved and the company is on its feet now.

5. Dantata and Co

This is another Nigerian engineering company that has a good number of qualitative projects in its portfolio to show. They are involved in the construction of roads, dams, bridges, and ports.

Richest civil engineers in Nigeria

  1. Danladi Slim Matawal was born on the 30th of October, 1955. He is currently the Director of the Nigerian Building and Road Research Institute (NBRRI). He is said to be the richest civil engineer in Nigeria with a net worth of about 500 million USD.
  2. Ebele Ofunneamaka Okeke – former head of the Nigerian civil service
  3. Samuel Olatunde Fadahunsi OFR, CON – Former COREN president
  4. Andrew Yakubu – former MD of the NNPC

Is Civil Engineering a good career in Nigeria?

Apart from being one of the most popular professions and one of the most desired courses in UTME. Civil engineering can provide a fulfilling career path for those with a good background in Maths, Design, and Physics.

The average salary of a civil engineer is also at least 4 times more than the national minimum wage in Nigeria which makes it a good career path for those who want to ‘follow the money’.

Which country has the highest demand for civil engineers?

Over the recent years, the demand for civil engineers has risen in Asian and middle eastern nations. China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Australia rank top in countries with the highest demand for civil engineers, which is explainable due to the number of infrastructure projects going on.


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