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Consumer protection council of nigeria. Things you need to know

by Dan Hunter
consumer protection council of nigeria cpc

Consumer protection council of nigeria

The Consumer Protection Council of Nigeria is an agency established by the Federal Government of Nigeria. Its mandate is to identify and address complaints of the consumers. The agency also offers consumer educationand encourages industry, professional, and trade associations – this would help with the development and enforcement of quality standards and protect consumers’ interests.

Consumer protection council act of nigeria

As a parastatal of the Federal Government of Nigeria, the Consumer Protection Council is supervised by the Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment. The agency was created by the Act No 66 of 1992 but began operations in 1999 (this was when its institutional framework was established).

The mandates of CPC include offering quick redress when consumers complain, elimination of harmful products from the marketplace, encouraging trade, professional, and industry associations for the development and implementation of quality standards, and the creation of campaigns that will increase the awareness of the consumers.

The consciousness that no uninformed consumer may be well protected even though the agencyuses legitimate ways to reduce the scourge of consumer rights abuse is still maintained. Consumers must therefore know their rights via the Consumer Protection Council their rights and what those rights are.

It is also worth noting that businesses must be acquainted with theobligations towards their consumers.

Consumer protection council nigeria email

cpc office

You can always reach the Consumer Protection Council of Nigeria via email. Here is the Council’s email address:contact@cpc.gov.ng.

Official website: www.cpc.gov.ng.

Consumer protection councilnigeria twitter

You can also follow the Consumer Protection Council of Nigeria on Twitter.

Here is one of its Twitter handle for the CPC Lagos Office: @CPCLagos.

The Federal Government of Nigeria charged CPC for the role of protecting consumers’ interest in Nigeria.

Functions of consumer protection council of nigeria

Below are the functions of the Consumer Protection Council of Nigeria:

The Council receives and examines all forms of complaints. Relevant advice are given to consumers regarding goods or services.

It collects, receives, and disseminates information about goods and services, plus immovable properties.

The body takes action according to available information – tendering advice to public officers or the Government inclusive.

CPC encourages professional associations and businesses to develop codes of practice. This would help them regulate the activities of members.

Roles of consumer protection council of nigeria

consumer protection council of nigeria act

One of the duties of the government is to protect the people from all forms of harm to  – especially via the use or purchase of daily goods. The government has leveraged this role and granted the Consumer Protection Council.

The agency enhances and protects the interest of consumer s via education, information, and the implementation of proper standardsregarding goods and services as established by the Act Number 66 of 1992. The ConsumerProtection Council of Nigeria began operationa around 1999.

The CPC Act of 1992 is a national primary law. It focuses on a practical approach which enforces the rights of the consumers.

According to the Section 6 of the Act, a consumer could come with complaints resulting from an injury, loss, or damage. The Section 8 of the Act addressed the opportunity available for a consumer to get a redress. With these, adequate consumers rights are met.

Dg consumer protection council nigeria

The current DG and Chief Executive Officer of the Consumer Protection Council of Nigeria is Babatunde Irukera.

List the roles of consumer protection council of nigeria

Here is a list of roles of the CPC Nigeria:

It investigates all forms of consumer complaints.

It is responsible for awarding industry certification and licenses to companies.

CPC educates the consumerson their rights.

It implements all kinds of consumer protection laws and regulations.

The body also regulates businesses in an industry.

Significance of Consumer protection council in nigeria

The Consumer Protection Council ensure that the market works for both the consumers and the businesses involved.

With this agency, consumers get more accurate information about products or services being purchased. When a consumer makes this effort, he/she makes better choices and prevents misleading or mistreatment by a business.

Consumer protection council of nigeria (cpc)

The Consumer Protection Council of Nigeria (CPC) is one of the numerous agencies established by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The Council is responsible for educating the consumers as well as addressing and solving complaints from consumers.


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