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Tokunbo deep freezer prices. Facts you must know

by Dan Hunter

Owning a deeper freezer has  a lot of benefits, whether for business or personal use.

It helps you cut down multiple visits to the grocery stores. A large amount of food items can be preserved for few days with a deep freezer than the regular refrigerator.

With a good deep freezer, seafoods and meats are easily stored. If you do business in this niche, this is a perfect investment.

Above all, deep freezers are quite cheap when you compare the benefits. You can also get some good deals for tokunbo deep freezer in Nigeria.

This article focuses more on the prices of deep freezers in Nigeria, new and fairly used.

Tokunbo deep freezer jiji

Basically, there are 2 types of freezers – the upright and chest. The chest types are deep and can store more food items.

At Jiji, you will find great offers of tokunbo (fairly used) deep freezers at affordable prices.

A chest freezer made by Solstar (350 liters) goes for N67,000 to N90,000.

For Polystar’s freezers, below are the prices for tokunbo:

A chest freezer made by Polystar (116 litres) costs between N30,000 and N45,000.

A chest freezer made by Polystar (200 litres) costs between N45,000 and N60,000.

A chest freezer made by Polystar (284 litres) costs between N50,000 and N80,000.

A chest freezer made by Polystar 300 litres) costs between N80,000 and N100,000.

A chest freezer made by Polystar (430 litres) costs between N100,000 and N120,000.

Cheapest deep freezer

There are different factors that determine the prices of a deep freezer in Nigeria, both the brand new and tokunbo (fairly used). Some of these factors include brand and size, plus the location.

There are several offers for cheap deep freezer in Nigeria. You can get a good deep freezr at a ridiculously low price.

Tokunbo Hisense freezers can be gotten for N25,000 to N80,000.

For tokunbo Thermocool freezers, prices range from N50,000 to N280,000.

Tokunbo Polystar freezers go for N40,000 to N140,000.

Most fairly used and uses LG freezers cost between N30,000 and N190,000.

cheapest deep freezer

Thermocool deep freezer prices in nigeria

A quality Thermocool deep freezer in Nigeria costs between N65,000 and N250,000. The price depends and its freezing capacity and size.

On average, most Thermocool deep freezers have a freeze capacity of 100 hours after power outage. That is, you will enjoy the freezing effect for 100 hours when power outage occur. That’s a good deal, isn’t it.

Also, a Thermocool deep freezer operates on low noise. You can enjoy it in a quiet environment.

It is also protected from rust. Zinc is used for coating the body of this freezer’s unit.

Jiji deep freezer

There are various kind of freezers available on Jiji.com. Different deep freezers, in different sizes and brands.

Below are some of them:

LG chest deep freezer (LGS160F). Price starts from N105,000 and it comes with two years warranty.

Skyrun’s freezer (138 litres) costs N98,000.

Hisense chest freezer costs about N118,000.

The Nexus fast freezer chest freezer (145 litres) costs N105,000.

For more prices at Jiji online marketplace, check Jiji Deep Freezer.

Small deep freezer price in nigeria

The size of a deep freezer determines its price in Nigeria. A bigger freezer is more likely to cost higher than its smaller version.

What are the latest prices of the smaller deep freezers as at 2012?

Here are few prices:

The BD-198 chest deep freezer by Snowsea costs about N67,000.

The Scanfrost’s deep freezer (SFL111) goes for N82,000.

The 150-litre chest freezer by Sumec cost N68,000.

A Polystar’s chest freezer (Pvcf-260LGR) is priced N86,000.

Second hand freezer for sell

You can get second-hand freezers in Nigeria for very affordable prices. These freezers/refrigerators are fairly used by foreign countries like UK, and other European countries.

How much can you get a second-hand freezer in Nigeria? The price varies though, but with a budget of N30,000 you will get one that meets your needs.

Tokunbo fridge jiji

Fairly used fridges and freezers are quite cheap on Jiji. You will always find a deal.

A tokunbo Scanfrost chest freezer (251 litres) costs between N60,000 and N80,000.

A Hisense refrigerator (Ref100dr) goes for at least N59,000.

A Beko refrigerator (495L) costs N100,000.

For the full list of offers, check Tokunbo Fridge Jiji.

tokunbo fridge jiji

Used chest freezer sale

There are a lot of used chest freezers available for sale on several marketplaces – online and offline.

They come is different prices, sizes, and brands. Most of them are very affordable when compared to what you will be getting.

For a high-quality chest freezer that will meet your need, budget for at least N80,000.


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