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CIPM Nigeria. A thorough guide the certification process

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CIPM. What are they about?

The Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria was established as an umbrella association for practitioners of personnel management in 1968 as the Personnel Management Association of Nigeria. The body focuses on promoting and developing the science and practice of personnel management in all its ramifications. CIPM Nigeria conducts research and publishes materials relating to the discipline of Human Resource Management.

Chartered Institute of Personnel Management. How useful is this certification?

CIPM is a proven certification for HR personnel. Through the course, individuals learn human and analytical skills that foster human relations in and out of work environments. More importantly, the 6-staged certification enables human resources managers to learn and develop critical attributes that ensure professionalism. CIPM boosts your career and set you up for a better career part, enhancing your HR credentials with a certification that demonstrates and acknowledges your level of agility in your job role.

Other professional courses in Nigeria similar to CIPM

APHRI Certification: Associate professional in human resources international is a course designed for young professionals just starting their HR career journey. APHRI exam topic includes HR operations, recruitment & selection, employee relations, compensation & benefits, human resource development & retention, health, safety & security.

PHRI Certification: The relevant topics applicable to this certification are talent acquisition, HR administration & shared services, talent management & development, compensation, benefits & work experience, employee relations & risk management, and HR information management.

SPHRI Certification: This certification is mainly focused on strategy and policy-making with more stringent experience requirements. The exam topics for this certification are business leadership, talent Development & management, HR service delivery, and measurement & analysis.

GPHR Certification: The relevant topic for this course include strategic HR management, talent & organizational development, global talent acquisition & mobility, global compensation & benefit, and workforce relations & risk management.

HRMI: This is a world leading professional organization and official certifying body for the HR management profession. The primary aim of this body is to provide research, advocacy, and representation to promote the standing of the Management profession and engender HR Management best practice within workplaces.

CIPM website and login

The official CIPM website is Registered users can access their accounts through the login portal

CIPM courses

Foundation I

Foundation II    

Intermediate I  

Intermediate II 

Professional I    

Professional II

CIPM courses exemption

  • Holders of OND/NCE and or its equivalent in the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Management courses shall begin from Foundation II.
  • Holders of Bachelor’s Degree/HND in the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Management courses shall begin from Intermediate II.
  • Holders of Bachelor’s Degree/HND in other disciplines shall begin from Intermediate I
  • Candidates who are 30 years and above with a minimum of five (5) credits which must include English Language and Mathematics at “O” level and its equivalent will start from Foundation II.
  • Holders of higher degrees (e.g. M.A./M.Sc/MBA/M.Phil/Ph.D.) in relevant disciplines shall begin from PE I.
  • Holders of higher degrees in other disciplines shall begin from Intermediate II.
  • Candidates who hold the Associate certificate, by Examination only, of other relevant and recognized Institutes with a Bachelor’s Degree/HND and possess the requisite five credits at Ordinary level shall begin from PE I upon submission and acceptance of the student’s transcript from such Institute.

CIPM study centers in Lagos can be accessed here

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