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All you need to know about Ernst & Young (EY) Nigeria

by Abbey
Ernst & Young (EY) Nigeria

Ernst & Young Nigeria (EY) Nigeria. Background and what they do.

Ernst & Young (EY) Nigeria has been in operation for over 50 years. The firm has partnered with major corporations, private and public. Its services is cut across various parts of economy within Nigeria. It offers services to over 600 customers within Nigeria – both private and public firms.

Ernst & Young (EY) Nigeria offers professional services through some teams drawn from a pool consisting of 25 partners and over 410 professional staff with specialized skills.

Ernst & Young (EY) Nigeria is united globally by its shared value that inspired people worldwide and helping it become a leader among other service providers. What’s more? Ernst & Young (EY) Nigeria has  helped people, organizations and communities reach their goals.

What service does EY provides?

EY is a global leader when it comes to assurance, tax, transaction and all kinds of advisory services. The insights and quality services the firm provides has helped it build trust and confidence in the capital markets – as well as in economies around the world.

EY Nigeria has developed outstanding leaders. The team here have been able to deliver exactly what the firm promises to its stakeholders.

With this, the firm plays a critical role in building a better working environment for its people, its clients and for the communities at large.

Ernst & Young (EY) Nigeria

EY Nigeria’s assurance practice has been one of the most respected, trusted, and influential organizations in the industry.

EY Careers Growth Path

With EY, the growth of your career is guaranteed. The firm will assist you in delivering the best work you can – because you will have the freedom to map your own career path with ease.

At  EY, you will get help that will keep you relevant in a world where nothing stands still. You too can become a purpose-led leader with the mindset to think, innovate, analyze, and act globally.

There is no better place to be more relevant in your chosen career than here. There is equal opportunity for you to seize new opportunities and work with great technologies. You will be exposed to different clients in different industries.

Transform into a better leader

Irrespective of where you are on your career journey, you will become a truly transformative leader. This means your mindset and skillset will transform positively.

You can collaborate with a team of intelligent minds. From your supply chain experience to code-writing and understanding of tax codes, you will get more inspiration from others. This is sure to enhance your career fast.

To be honest, leadership at EY would serve as a blueprint for developing your leadership skill. This is the  key to the firm’s future success as well as yours.

Would you like to learn more while you work? If yes, you are at the right place. Learning is always encouraged at EY. This is essential because for one to stay ahead, one needs to learn at a faster pace as change is a constant thing.

If you have desire, drive and you are very energetic, you can always invest it to your ongoing learning.

The firm spends a lot on training its staff, including coaching and providing appreciate work experiences for its workers.

To learn more about the career growth path offered by EY please visit this link: EY Career Growth Path.

Ernst & Young (EY) Nigeria

EY Graduate Trainee Recruitment 2019, 2018 and 2017

Every year, EY recruit graduates from recognised universities in Nigeria. The graduates receive proper training that prepares them to face different creative challenges they may encounter in the workplace.

Be inspired, feel more valuable, and make more contribution than you ever believed possible. Get employed into EY workforce.

EY is always in need of young, energetic, and smart graduates that would add more value to them, as well as nourishing their own career path as a reward.

Your professional development is one of their topmost priority. Get world-class mentoring and learning programmes.

The culture of the firm is very flexible. Whenever you join, the experience you will have at EY is going to be exceptional, it lasts for a lifetime.

What’s more? Joining the EY workforce means you will be a part of team that will offer peace of mind to clients. You will develop the skills and experience to give Investors, companies, and regulators confidence. With ease, you will be able to help them validate their financial statements, critical business information, and other tasks that bother them.

EY Graduate Trainee Salary

The average net salary of a graduate trainee at EY Nigeria is N220,000.

Below is a breakdown of entry level salary for graduate trainee at EY Nigeria.

A graduate trainee with zero to two years of experience earns N172,000 here.

3 to 9 years of experience earns N315,000.

So, who is a Graduate Trainee? You may ask.

A graduate trainee is a graduate that is trained for better management and to help him/her develop professionally. This training and programmes are often conducted in the company. The graduate trainee needs to work under the supervision of the senior employees.

What are the duties of a Graduate Trainee?

Below are some of the duties of a graduate trainee:

  • Getting on hand working experience. This is done by visiting different working fields.
  • Taking notes that relates to experiences being gathered. He/she should track things being learned.
  • Collecting information about the company, as much as they can. If possible, he/she should also participate in on-the-job training.
  • He/she must bring good energy into the firm. Formation of lasting professional relationships with staff is also a plus.
  • Keeping of records for the company and coming up with fresh ideas that would bring improvement.
  • Researching and helping Supervisor oy Manager when necessary.

Ernst & Young (EY) Nigeria

Qualification needed to be a graduate trainee?

– A Degree in relevant field, from a recognised institution.

Skills required:

  • Flexibility and adaptability is key.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Good analytical skills.
  • Influential skills.
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Emotional intelligence.
  • Teamwork.
  • Managing ambiguity.

Ernst & Young Nigeria

EY is a global company. It may also refer to one or more – of the member firms of Ernst & Young Global Limited, each being a separate legal entity.

The company is spread across the world. Among them is the EY Nigeria.

EY Nigeria has been successful in offering professional services to private and public companies in Nigeria. The success was possible with some team drawn from a pool consisting of 25 partners and over 410 professional staff with specialized skills.

EY Nigeria’s head office is located at:

10th Floor, UBA House, 57 Marina Rd, Lagos Island, Lagos State, Nigeria.


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