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All about eBay Nigeria

by Abbey

eBay Nigeria is one of the most popular website where users can buy and sell goods and services on the internet. It’s a platform where individuals and businesses can buy or sell either new or second-hand items. Users can browse through various categories such as Clothing & Accessories, Antiques, Networking & Computers, Jewellery & watches and Video games.

The eBay operates as an online auction website, in which the bidding opens at a price the seller specifies and remains on the website for an allocated number of days, different buyers would place bids on them. When the listing comes to an end, the buyer with the highest bid wins.

 Does eBay ship to Nigeria?

This is one question that is always asked by many Nigerians largely due to the difficulties they face when they want to make their purchase from the eBay website compared to other online stores, regardless, shipping from eBay to Nigeria is very much possible. Well, it requires a bit of technicality to make a purchase from the website.

Buying and shipping from eBay straight to nigeria

Mall For Africa

I have personally used mallforafrica.com, they are actually a fantastic startup company recognized by the biggest companies in America. They are even in partnership with DHL to help courier your goods down to Nigeria. Ebay is not only for auctioning items alone, a vast majority of items are availble for sale just like you would buy something on jumia or konga. 

Mall for africa, has their own card which you will purchase for a token. You will need to load money on the card. When the item you buy arrives via DHL, the company will call you to come and pick your goods from the location you have selected. Mall for africa has branches in every major city in Nigeria. I usually use their Ikeja branch, beside total filling station. To learn about the entire process, kindly visit mall for africa on this link. 


This is a relatively new kid on the bloc that promises to ship anything you want to buy from America striaght to you in Nigeria. You only need to send them the link of the items you want or ask them to source for it. The charge a handling fee from $50. From the look of things, you need to be wanting to buy a relatively expensive thing in other to justify that $50 minimum charge. This is unlike mallforafrica where you can buy things as cheap as $5. I don’t know these guys and certainly can’t vouch for them, but a seemingly trustworthy guy called Tayo Aina recommended them. You might want to give them a try for your ebay needs and see.

How to sell on eBay from Nigeria

Currently, Nigeria is not a listed country that is allowed to sell on eBay Nigeria website. However, many methods has been devised for Nigerians to sell on the website. Amongst them is selling as a citizen of any of the listed countries.

Here is a step by step guide in selling on eBay as a citizen of the United States to earn more cash:

Firstly, REGISTER, in registering as a Nigerian seller, you need to change the IP address of your device to a US IP address. It’s totally impossible to sell on the eBay Nigeria website if you aren’t registered. You can easily change your IP address using a VPN service.

Secondly, a US ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER, it’s important in having a US address when want to sell on the eBay Nigeria online site, you can obtain this from family, friends or colleagues that are based in the United States. Also, a working US phone number is needed for verification during the registration.

Finally, LIST ITEMS, after providing the US address, you would be required to list the product you intend to sell and also, you would be asked to choose a method of payment, many sellers usually use PayPal for that.

 With this few steps, you would be able to sell easily on eBay.

 eBay shipping to Nigeria. How does it work?

Shipping to Nigeria is possible, one must be determined and ready to be able to ship from eBay to Nigeria. Some sets of guidelines must be met to be able to purchase from the website to Nigeria. They includes:

  1. USD Visa or MasterCard – you can easily obtain these cards from any of the banks in Nigeria. With the card, you can be able to pay for the goods and shipping inclusive
  2. USA Address – a US address can be obtained from family and friends that resides in the US or through paid services
  3. eBay Account – opening an eBay account is absolutely free, but when opening an account, it would require a US IP address. You can easily change your IP address from that of Nigeria to that of the United States using a VPN service. There are lots of VPN applications like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Windshield VPN etc that you can purchase or download for free on the playstore or app store.
  4. PayPal Account – PayPal is one of the foremost payment service providers in the world. It’s usually used by major online stores like eBay when making purchase. You must set your accounting records to that of an American.

Shipping is not impossible but it’s not a quick and easy process. It requires patience and attention to details to be able to ship goods to Nigeria

 eBay Nigeria website

You can access the eBay website using this link https://www.ebay.com

It’s a user-friendly website designed for easy access by all. 



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