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7 importance of festivals in Nigeria

by Abbey
importance of festivals in Nigeria

Festivals are a creative way to honor illustrious traditions, culture, and heritage. They are intended to celebrate significant events and feelings in our lives with the people we love. They are crucial in giving our social lives shape and in keeping us connected to our roots and family.

They provide us with a diversion from the monotonous daily grind of life and some motivation to keep in mind the significant events and times. The purpose of festivals is to transmit myths, information, and customs to future generations.

Nigerian festivals promote social and economic advancement. There are a number of activities at every festival that draw visitors. These activities highlight the diverse cultural background of the local population. The significance of festivals in Nigeria will be thoroughly covered in this article.

Reasons why festivals are important in Nigeria

1. Family unity

Festivals enable the entire family to come together and honor a shared ideal. All members of the family work together to prepare meals at home, which strengthens their bonds. Both children and parents have time to assist one another in home decoration, food preparation, gift-making, etc.

Children might strengthen their bonds with their family as a result. Children can interact and form relationships with their grandparents, cousins, and other family members.

2. Having similar values

Festivals also involve sharing and giving gifts. Children are taught to share joy during holidays through the gift-exchange custom. Children spread the holiday cheer by giving gifts and treats to family and friends.

Children learn to share and care for those who would not be able to celebrate holidays without their assistance when they donate or give gifts to the less fortunate. Through this, they learn the value of kindness and humility. They also learn to express gratitude for their blessings.

3. Festivals foster cultural fusion and promote culture and heritage.

Festivals are a wonderful way to learn about one’s heritage and culture. People are supposed to learn more about their culture, cultural standards, and traditions during Nigerian festivals. Additionally, they learn more about their nation. They learn about their origins as a result of this. They learn to be proud of their heritage and nation as a result of this. They became more nationalistic as a result.

During festivals, older generations in rural villages narrate historical tales to the younger generation. These tales aid in their understanding of and appreciation of the significance of observing these festivals for many years. Festivals ensure that a particular group of people’s culture is promoted and presented to the world. During festivals, the way of life and beliefs of the populace are highlighted. Festivals promote cultural integration through enhancing cultural preservation.

4. It boosts the economy

Festivals generate financial contributions. The fact that people spend money when attending festivals is one way that they help the economy. Additionally, citizens band together to create cooperatives and save money. All of these aid in the start-up of development projects.

People frequently use money they have accumulated over time during festivals. We all understand that spending money is essential to the growth of any economy. People spend a lot of money on things like clothing, shoes, and home goods.
Festivals draw people who are willing to spend money, which in turn boosts the local economy both on and off the festival grounds.

They spend money on parking, entrance, food, beverages, and even the selling of trinkets at the festival. They spend money outside of the festival settings as well, which brings in money for the neighborhood. The money they spend outside of their base includes what they pay at a local gas station; what they pay at a souvenir shop to buy gifts; what they pay at a restaurant to eat; what they pay at the local markets to buy other items they’ll need while they’re there; and what they pay when they carry those items back to their base. All of these things contribute to greatly strengthening the economy.

5. Provides jobs

A lot of job opportunities are created during festivals. Even the unorganized labor class benefits from it since jobs are created. Even craftspeople are included.
People in the neighborhood can get temporary or long-term work at festivals. Working individuals are more able to battle poverty. People’s quality of life will thereby be dramatically raised. Festivals enhance the social and economic conditions of the populace by providing jobs for those living in the areas.

Jobs like construction, painting, and decorating could potentially become available. Community activities are getting a boost from the younger generation. There is a significant influx of people into the neighborhood during festivals. To sell mementos, food, beverages, clothing, and other accessories, people set up shops. People can also find temporary employment during the festivals, such as professional dancers, tour guides, swimming coaches, photographers, and so forth.

6. It provides social benefits for our lives

The fact that festivals enhance people’s social lives is another benefit of festivals in Nigeria. At festivals, people have the chance to meet people from other tribes and locations. Festivals in a local community draw guests from all walks of life. Then, the visitors establish connections with the locals. The connections made could be quite significant for both the host communities and the tourists.

Additionally, festivals offer people the chance to let go of all their troubles and rejoice in the good things in life. It brings people together and gives them the chance to develop loving, peaceful relationships. It lessens hostility among family members and friends. To make a festival succeed, everyone puts their differences aside.

Festivals bring together individuals from all socioeconomic, religious, and racial backgrounds. Individuals make new friends and meet new people at festivals. People have the chance to observe emerging talents and even foreign performers. All of these are essential for developing a nation.

Festivals are a source of entertainment as well. New talents are displayed at festivals since there are frequently talent searches for the next great thing. Feelings of social togetherness are considerably enhanced by festivals. They concentrate on issues of a cultural or ethnic nature and work to educate the local populace about their customs. The community’s elders offer their knowledge of historical events and personal anecdotes. They also provide a kind of model for keeping families united.

7. Boosts tourism

Festivals are used to promote tourism in Nigeria. The events’ schedule invites visitors to visit the towns during festive occasions. The possibility of contact with residents of the neighborhood is provided by this specific act for the tourists. They frequently learn more about the inhabitants’ way of life. They take in the atmosphere of the surroundings as well. They get knowledge about the people’s culture and traditions. Tourism and visitor attractions are improved during festivals. Tourism contributes to economic development since social and commercial activities are increasing.

Additionally, local businesses debut new products during festivals in order to increase sales due to the presence of tourists in the area. Due to the influx of tourists during festivals, new businesses feel comfortable entering the market. The rate of sales of products and services increased as a result.

12 benefits of festivals to people

1. keeps us more connected to our tradition and religion.
2. It encourages harmony
3. Festival celebrations improve societal harmony by communicating the message of the previous generations to the present and future.
4. We learn about several religions.
5. maintain our culture and heritage.
6. It allows for a special chance to come together and spend time with family, friends, and the community.
7. Stress relief from a busy work season gives us a chance to depart from our regular routine and enjoy a colorful experience.
8. A gathering of friends and family
9. It reduces life’s monotony.
10. Since many of our festivities entail preparing and giving special contributions to the underprivileged, they also provide joy to us.
11. The sharing of ideas and festivities between cultures.
12. They create social connections and channels of communication that foster intergroup harmony.


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