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Top 10 YouTubers in Nigeria [Aside the Popular names]

by Abbey
Top 10 YouTubers in Nigeria

I have decided to create a list to discuss the top YouTubers in Nigeria, specifically focusing on their subscriber count. If you want the list of Nigeria’s richest Youtubers, you can check out my other article for that.

I would also like to add that this list doesn’t include all the obvious big celebrities in Nigeria like Wizkid, Burna Boy, Yemi Alade, Davido, and the like. You all know they are big, so we don’t need them as we focus on people and channels you might not know.

These channels have millions of views, and their owners are surely doing well for themselves.

1. Mark Angel Comedy – 8.9 Million Subscribers

The first YouTube channel on our list is “Mark Angel Comedy.” Mark Angel Comedy has been around for a while, and we all remember Emmanuella, the child actress who was exceptionally talented. Although she’s grown up now, her comedy videos used to entertain all of us. Mark Angel Comedy has amassed 8.9 million subscribers, and their content has been viewed over 2.2 billion times.

2. Family the Honest Comedy Channel – 6.1 Million Subscribers

At number two, we have “Family the Honest Comedy Channel.” This channel has been active since 2017 and has produced an impressive 4,500 videos. They are currently the highest-earning YouTube channel in Nigeria, boasting 5.7 billion views and 6.1 million subscribers.

3. CKay – 3.8 Million Subscribers

At number three is “CK,” a fantastic Nigerian artist. Many of us enjoy CKay’s songs on Spotify while driving or going about our day. He has 3.8 million subscribers on YouTube, and his content has accumulated 1.2 billion views, which translates to at least a million dollars in earnings from YouTube alone.

4. Editorial Skin Doctor 556 – 2.9 Million Subscribers

In the fourth position, we find “Editorial Skin Doctor 556.” This skincare channel started in 2016 and has created nearly 3,000 videos. Women love it as they can find the latest beauty and style guidance. The channel has 2.9 million subscribers.

5. Channels Television – 2.8 Million Subscribers

Number five is “Channels Television.” As one of the pioneering TV channels in Nigeria, they recognized the potential of YouTube back in 2011. They have produced a staggering 200,000 videos on YouTube, amassing 1.2 billion views from 2.8 million subscribers. Channels Television is a trusted source for news in Nigeria.

6. Kiz Daniel – 2.6 Million Subscribers

Moving on to number six, we have “Kiz Daniel,” another fantastic Nigerian artist. Personally, I appreciate his live performances, and I believe he is one of the best Nigerian musicians when it comes to live shows. His channel has 2.6 million subscribers and 912 million views from just 144 pieces of content. Kiz Daniel’s channel is relatively new since he split from his record label in 2019.

7. Best of Tonto Dikeh – 2.4 Million Subscribers

At number seven, we have “Best of Tonto Dike.” This channel features Hollywood movies, not just content related to Tonto Dike. It was established in 2019 and has created over 2,000 videos. They have 2.4 million subscribers and have garnered several hundred and fifty million views on YouTube.

8. AfoEvo Stage – 2.4 Million Subscribers

The next channel is “Afo Evo Stage,” which produces Nigerian movies and takes pride in releasing a new movie every other Sunday. They have created 184 movies to date and attracted 2.4 million subscribers with 13 million views. It’s essential to note that the channel creates long-form movies, often over an hour long, which allows for multiple ad slots, potentially leading to substantial earnings.

9. Official P-Square – 2.3 Million Subscribers

Number nine is “Official P-Square.” This used to be the channel of the P-Square brothers before they decided to pursue separate careers. They launched their channel in 2011 and have garnered 1.1 billion views from 2.3 million subscribers.

10. Nollywood Pictures TV – 2.3 Million Subscribers

Last but not least, at number ten, we find “Nollywood Pictures TV.” This channel specializes in home videos from Nollywood and has created a remarkable 8,000 pieces of content since 2012. They have accumulated over 800 million views from 2.3 million subscribers.


This list represents the top YouTubers in Nigeria based on their subscriber count. If you believe someone deserving should be on this list, please let us know. Thank you.


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