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Zenith Bank Plc

Zenith Mobile Banking

Banking in a go just got considerably easier with Zenith Bank’s internet banking App. Get access to your accounts 24 hours every day from any place you are. A quick download of the mobile banking App can change your cell phone into an amazing banking tool. Zenith Bank’s Mobile App is a double functioning application that bundles Mobile Banking and EazyMoney.

The mighty Zenith Bank Building.

The Features Of Mobile Banking App

  • 24/7 LiveChat with the customer service  ZenithDirect
  • Log POS, Web, or ATM apportion errors.
  • Create, share and save transaction receipts.
  • View Bill Payments history.
  • View transfer recipients’ details.
  • View transfer mini-statement.
  • View all of your accounts on your phone (Current, Savings, Domiciliary, Fixed Deposit, and so on)
  • Application is locked to device avoiding unapproved use.
  • Validates NUBAN account numbers for an error-free transaction.
  • Protected by two-factor validation: Password and mobile PIN.
  • Sort bills directly from your bank account.

Zenith Internet Banking Login Details

To Register, the user needs to download the App from Google Play or Apple Stores. To download the zenth banking app click this  then after dowloading  the banking app, choose any of the 3(three) registration alternatives:

Zenith Internet Banking Mobile AppZenith Banking App.

Register With Hardware Token

  • Stage 1: Enter Account number and proceed
  • Stage 2: Select Hardware Token, next, enter the PIN and Token digits showed on the device;
  • Stage 3: Create a six digits Password, then Create a four digits Mobile PIN
  • Then click on Submit (Operation Successful)
  • When registered, the user logs on to the Mobile Banking App with “Account Number” and “password”.

Zenith Internet Banking App Token.Zenith Bank Token.

Register With Card

  • Stage 1: Enter Account number and proceed
  • Stage 2: Select Card, then enter the Last Six Digits of the Card and Card Pin
  • Stage 3: Create a six digits Password, then Create and Confirm Mobile PIN (four digits)
  • Then click on Submit (Operation Successful)
  • After registering, the user logs on to the Mobile Banking App with “Account Number” and “password”.

Zenith Bank ATM Card.Zenith Bank ATM Card.

Register With OTP      

  • Stage 1: Enter Account number and proceed
  • Stage 2: Select OTP,
  • Stage 3: Create a six digits Password, then Create and Confirm Mobile PIN (four digits)
  • Click on Submit (Operation Successful) then, enter the OTP got through SMS.
  • When enrolled, the user signs on to the Mobile Banking App with “Account Number” and “password”.

Zenith Bank OTP On a Phone Screen.Zenith Bank OTP

Zenith Bank *966# EazyBanking

*966# Banking is an advantageous, quick, and secure secured to access t your bank account and perform banking transactions using your non-smartphone without the use of the internet. This service is accessible to all individual account holders with any phone.

Zenith Mobile Banking USSD Code.Zenith Bank OTP Zenith Mobile Banking USSD Codes.

Zenith Bank Online Statement Of Account

Consistently, your bank prepares a report for you showing all of your transactions for every month. This is known as a bank statement. It’s imperative to review your bank statement regularly – to ensure there aren’t any exchanges you don’t recognize, which could mean fraud. Here’s the way to get your bank statements, either online or through the mail.

How To Get A Bank Statement Online

Most banks today offer online banking for both deposit and credit card accounts. This makes it easy to check your account to see the status and transactions, transfer cash, and carry out other banking business. Something you can do in your online banking account is to get your bank statement.

For recent months, your statements ought to be promptly available to download as a PDF, for free. Banks differ on the best way to get your statement, but regularly there will be a link at the top for “Statements,” under “Account” or “Account Services.” Once you discover this page, you can download PDF forms of your bank statements. You can pick the time and what account you need to see. Most banks have your statements in a flash available.

Zenith Internet Banking (Ghana)

Zenith Bank (Ghana) Limited, a financial services provider, was incorporated in April 2005 under the Banking Act 2004 (Act 673) as a private limited organization and started universal banking activity in September 2005. Zenith Bank (Ghana) Limited is a privately possessed African bank incorporated in April 2005 under the Ghana Banking ACT 2004 (ACT 673) and a Subsidiary of Zenith Bank PLC Our Vision. The company is listed on the Nigeria Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange.  Account Summary It is the greatest business bank in Nigeria and the 6th greatest bank in Africa.  Zenith Bank opened another head office in Accra, Ghana. The Zenith Bank Ghana mobile banking service is extraordinary compared to other mobile applications in the banking area used by numerous Ghanaians.

Zenith Bank Customer Care    

ZenithDirect is a 24/7 Interactive Customer Center that gives customers world-class service and a superb banking experience. Zenith Bank Customer Care Services are offered through menu-driven self-service, phone interactions, social media platforms, and live chats with well-trained customer service executives. To contact Zenith Customer Care Service Center, click this 


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