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Zenith bank account number code

by Dan Hunter
zenith bank account number code

Among the top banks in Nigeria, Zenith Bank PLC is one. The bank has numerous customers across Nigeria, West Africa, and Uk.

This article focuses on the banking codes that make doing transactions with Zenith Bank easier. We shall cover account number codes, codes for transferring funds, and many more. Keep reading.

Zenith bank

Zenith Bank is one of the largest financial service and banking providers in Nigeria. The commercial bank also renders banking services across other countries in Anglophone West Africa. As of 2019, Zenith Bank Plc holds up to $16.1 billion in total asset and about $855 million in shareholders equity.

The bank is currently listed on the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE), as well as on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). It is traded on the NSE as ZENITHBANK, while as ZETB on the LSE.

The public limited company was founded in 1990 by Jim Ovia. Zenith Bank Plc currently maintains its headquarters in Lagos State, Nigeria – at Zenith Heights, Plt 83, Ajose Adeogun Str., Victoria Island, Lagos State.

Zenith Bank provides banking services for customers in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Sierra Leone, and United Kingdom. Its official website is www.zenithbank.com.

Zenith bank whatsapp number

One of the easiest and fastest ways to either check your account number or make other enquiries about Zenith Bank is to contact their customer care via social media. They are available on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Just send your message and your issue will be addressed as soon as possible. Here is Zenith Bank phone number: +234 1 2787000.

Zenith bank code

zenith bank code

The Eazy Banking USSD code introduced by Zenith Bank has made banking faster, easier, and more secure for customers. The USSD code is *966#. With it, accessing your Zenith Bank account is faster. You can do several transactions on your mobile phone (either a smartphone or non-smartphone). No need for any internet connectivity.

To view all available services under the USSD code, just dial *966# and follow the instructions.

Zenith bank account number

Do you forget your Zenith Bank account number?

You can always get it at a speed of a click. Just dial the code *966*00#. Make sure you dail it on the phone number you used for the account registration. Next input your PIN. Your account number would appear.

Zenith bank code to check balance

zenith bank

Checking your Zenith Bank account’s balance is easy with the USSD. You don’t need to visit your bank or any ATM.

Just dial *966*00# and follow the simple instructions that prompt on your phone’s screen.

Zenith bank account number format

Check your Zenith Bank account by dialing *966*00# on your phone. Enter your authoritization PIN (4 digits), and follow the simple steps that pop up.

Example of zenith bank account number

The Zenith Bank account number, just like that of other commercial banks in Nigeria, has 10 digits.

You can check your Zenith Bank account number by dialing *966*00# on your mobile phone.

Zenith bank customer care number

zenith bank customer care number

Do you have questions or complaints about the financial services rendered by Zenith Bank Plc? For quick reaponse, please get in touch with their customer care via 234-1-2787000. You can also visit the nearest branch close to you.

How can I check my zenith bank account balance online

Checking your Zenith Bank account balance online is simple.

You can either use the bank’s USSD code by dialing *966*00# on your phone or use the Zenith Bank internet banking – simply login and check your account balance.

How to change my zenith bank alert number online

If you decide at any point in time to change the phone number you want to be using to receive bank alerts from Zenith Bank, then it is very easy to do – without having to visit your bank.

Follow these steps to change your alert phone number with Zenith Bank:

  • Visit any Zenith Bank’s ATM close to you.
  • Insert your card and input your PIN to display your profile.
  • Next, select ‘Update Phone Number’.
  • Now type in your new phone number.
  • Finally, confirm with your PIN.

That’s it.

If this doesn’t work for you, please visit any Zenith Bank close you and a customer care representative will help you change your number.

Lost my bank account number

Whenever you lost your bank account number, you can always reach out to your bank.

For Zenith Bank, a fast approach is to dial the code *966*00#. Your bank account number will pop-up on your phone’s screen.


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