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YouTube Partner Program availability in Nigeria [Beyond Monetization]

by Abbey
YouTube Partner Program availability in Nigeria

I have a monetized YouTube account. I also have a blog. And I see this question quite a lot and I said I needed to write something about it.

Understanding YouTube Partner Program Eligibility

There’s something called the YouTube Partner Program, and before you can be eligible to get into the YouTube Partner Program, you need 4,000 watch hours in a year and 10 million short views in a space of three months. In addition to either of these two conditions, you need to have a thousand subscribers on your account.

One-Time Requirement: 1,000 Subscribers

That thousand subscribers can be whenever you can get it, and it’s forever. So you don’t have to keep having 1,000 subscribers every year. You only need 1,000 subscribers once.

Applying for the YouTube Partner Program

Once you have all these things, you need to apply to what you call the YouTube Partner Program. But the YouTube Partner Program is just another way of saying YouTube monetization. I know you might not understand this, so that is why I decided to talk about both terms.

Availability of YouTube Partner Program in Nigeria

The YouTube Partner Program is 100% available in Nigeria. In another topic, I’ve already talked about which countries are not eligible to have YouTube monetization. Someone from Cameroon, Niger, or even Rwanda cannot have YouTube monetization, but you, as a Nigerian,  can have that, and you can be qualified for the YouTube Partner Program.

Challenges in Getting YouTube Partner Program in Nigeria

Quality Content Matters

Before you can get the YouTube Partner Program or get your channel monetized in Nigeria, there is a huge hurdle that you are going to face, and you are going to face what I call the YouTube monetization team, which I usually refer to as the YouTube lawyers. These are the people who are there to make sure that any channel that they are going to monetize has to be of high quality.

Avoid Reused Content

If your channel is just a mashup of content that you get from online, maybe you just see this nice picture of this video of a musician, and the musician posted that video on his Instagram, you copy that video, and then you post it as your own, that is reused content. It really doesn’t matter if you add a voiceover or not.

These so called celebrity channels are a lazy way to get into YouTube. Often times, they are of poor quality with Ai voiceovers being used.

If you put such videos on your channel, your channel over time will get more views, and then it gets to a stage where you have the requirements to join the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube is going to reject your application because they will say that that content you are using is not your own, and the term they are going to use, is reused content.

But if you put your face, and then you critique that piece of content, then it’s your own. As long as your face and voice is on the content, YouTube will let it pass. Anything other than that, you will face an uphill battle.

Artifically boosting views and subscriber count

Another thing that the YouTube Partner Program can do to stop your monetization process is if you are artificially boosting your subscribers or your views. Some people do not know that YouTube is one of the smartest tech companies in the world, and they can actually know people that do sub for sub. This is not a good way to get subscribers. 

A smarter thing to do is to meet people face-to-face and tell them to subscribe. I know it is not easy but think about it this way. Perhaps you need 600 more subscribers. If you meet 10 people each day, you talk to them and ask them to sub in front of you. After 2 months, you will have your required subscribers. 

This is totally legit as the subscribers will be random and from real people. 

Also, telling people in your family to keep watching your videos continuously until you hit 4,000 watch hours; is really wrong. YouTube also has what they call invalid traffic. Huge well established Youtubers have ran foul of this rule, with their earnings dropping by 50–90% overnight.  YouTube is waiting for you if you do illegal things, and they are going to reject your YouTube Partnership monetization.

If you see anyone that promises to give you views and 1000 subscribers for 20,000 naira or thereabout, run o. They will destroy every chance of you ever making money from google in life.


So to answer your question, YouTube Partnership is available 100% in Nigeria, you can apply, they can review your channel, and if everything is fine, everything checks out, you are going to get your channel up and running, and they will start serving us on your channel, and soon you start making money as a YouTuber also. Thank you.



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