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What is binomo investment. A guide

binomo investment

As an online trading platform, Binomo Investment caters to clients in several countries around the world (it’s currently operating in over 130 countries). The trading platform has become one of the top – think Turkey, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, and Brazil.

In 2014, Binomo was founded by Dolphin Corp. The company is located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. As one of the largest brokers, Binomo has more than 850,000 daily active traders and produces thousands of successful traders weekly.

This article will discuss more about Binomo Investment, and whether you can trust the broker or it’s not right for you. You will get all you need to know about the trading platform. Enjoy!

How does binomo investment work

If you need some of the best financial products to invest in, then binary options should be considered. It is an effective financial product.

So how does this investment work? All you need to do to be in profit is to first bet on markets, either to fall or rise. Next, you will choose an expiry time you want the trade to complete, and then you go short or long. It’s very simple to implement.

After the set expiry time, a trade will automatically close. Then your profit will be claimed, or loss if you get it wrong. You decide the amount to risk before placing a trade – your potential profit will also be displayed beforehand. That’s not all, you can predict the direction of price of an asset and make some profit.

How you profit solely depends on the asset(s) you trade. That’s how most binary options trading platforms work, and Binomo Investment is no different.

Is binomo investment legit in nigeria

is binomo safe

Many Nigerians have been asking different question about Binomo Investment. Is Binomo Investment legit in Nigeria?

Yes, it is very legit. Binomo Investment is not scam scheme. It is purely an online trading platform already well established in over 100 countries around the world.

As at the time writing this piece, the financial company is in the category “A” in the membership of the International Financial Commission (IFC) – with over $20,000 in protect for possible case disputes.

Is binomo safe

Binomo is very safe for investors and traders. The trading platform is so innovative and offers several trading tools that enhance the financial decision process of traders. This makes it easier for traders to make more profits from their trades.

Binomo Investment has been in business since 2014. It is one of the top brokers which specialize mostly in the profitable binary options market.

The company currently hold a FMRRC certificate as a broker. This also means it is being regulated by the body. Even in India, law allows citizens to legally trade binary options.

Binomo investment in ghana

tnf binomo investment

In Ghana, Binomo Investment has given traders to earn more money from the binary options financial market. It is legal and also safe to invest in.

Among the top ranking financial trading platforms in Ghana, Binomo is currently the 4th (out of 981 brokers) – and now rating 9 out of 10.

Why does Binomo Investment stands out in Ghana among the rest?

The broker have the following features and benefits:

– Traders can deposit as little as $10 and trade with a minimum of $1.

– Trading is available, 24/7 – even on weekends.

– It has powerful and flexible trading software – easy to use.

– The platform is suitable for Ghanaians.

– Gives your at least 25% bonus, and other exciting offers.

– Free trading training is available. Online supports is provided.

How to register for binomo investment

The registration or opening of a Binomo Investment account is straightforward and simple.

Irrespective of your location, follow the steps below to get started:

  • Visit the official website of Binomo or use its mobile app.
  • Next, click Sign Up.
  • Input your preferred email address, then your password.
  • Choose currency account you want.
  • Now accept the broker’s term and conditions.
  • Finally, click ‘Create account’.

Follow the next simple instructions that pop up.

Who is the ceo of binomo investment

The current CEO of Binomo Investment is Mr Kelly Binomo.

Tnf binomo investment

Binomo Investment is one of the fastest growing trading brokers in the world. The trading platform was created to help people make money online trading binary options.

Is binomo legal in india

Binomo Investment is very legit, worldwide. It is regulated by several international trading bodies.

The broker currently has no restriction in India. Financial traders and investors from India are allowed to earn more money trading with Binomo.

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