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Unilag School Fees (All Courses)

by Abbey
Unilag postgraduate

It is natural for aspirants of any University to have many questions in their mind concerning the school of their choice. The location is important. The academic calendar and school fees are also important.

Before you choose a University to study in, it’s important that you have the knowledge about the school fees, especially for the course of your choice. The school fees for departments and courses varies – law, engineering, architecture, economics, accounting, computer engineering, banking and finance, biochemistry, business admin, mass communication, you name it.

The level of your financial strength is needed here (or the financial strength of your parents).

Today, you will find out about the various school fees if you chose the University of Lagos (UNILAG) as the institution to study in. Enjoy!

Unilag school fees for freshers

Fresh students of UNILAG pay different types of fees, and they seem to pay more – because they are new.

Among some of the fees they are charged is the Acceptance Fee. The Acceptance Fee is compulsory for every fresher, as long as they are willing to accept the admission offered by the school (UNILAG).

How much is the acceptance fee of UNILAG? You may ask. Fresher’s are to pay only N20,000.

Other charges for freshers of UNILAG

First-year students are to pay the following fees:

  • Registeration – N5,000.
  • Result Verification – N5,000.
  • Examination – N2,500.
  • Identity Card – N1,000.
  • Medical Services – N2,500.
  • Sports – N1,000.
  • Library Services – N2,500.
  • Laboratory Services (only for Science Students) – N10,000.
  • Endowment Fund – N5,000.
  • Information Technology (IT) – N2,000.
  • Students Handbook – N1,000.
  • The Tertiary Institutions Social Health Insurance Programmes (TISHIP) – N5,000.
  • Hire of Matriculation Gown – N1,000.

As you can see, new Science students are to pay a total of N63,000. If you want to study medicine and surgery (medical students), be prepared for this or more. For the non science students (education, business administration, english language, etc), it is N53,500. Please note that the Acceptance fee is included to this total cost.

Unilag school fees for direct entry

Would you like to study in UNILAG through the direct entry? Read on to see the basic requirements and the school fees to budget for.

If you chose the University for the  JAMB Direct Entry (DE) application, here are what you need to qualify.

You must have at least five credit passes (at one sitting) in any of the relevant O’ Level subjects relating to your course of choice – but Mathematics and English Language must be included.

For your school fees, be ready for a total of N54,000 to N57,000.

Unilag school acceptance fees

The acceptance fee of UNILAG (just like for other tertiary institutions in Nigeria) is compulsory for all new students – all departments. If you accept to study for a course and you have been offered admission by UNILAG, you have to lay this fee. The fee is just N20,000.

Unilag school fees for part time

If you are looking for a University with good and flexible part-time programmes in Nigeria, UNILAG is a good choice.

As a student who works and want to study at the same time, you would get flexible degree programme  at UNILAG – it’s just easy to accesss.

Whether you are working towards getting an undergraduate degree or a Postgraduate degree, the weekends and weekday evenings lectures help you to bag any of the degrees.

The tuition fees for part-time programmes are often more expensive that the full-time programmes. Why is this so? Part-time courses takes more time to complete that full-time programmes. Often one or two years more than full-time courses.

For B.Sc programmes, it would take you up to five to six years to complete – depending on your course electrical engineering (Check out the top 7 low key firms where electrical engineers can work in Nigeria), computer science, mass comm, estate management, and others).

Below are some of the courses available for his programme are:

  • Chemistry Education.
  • Public Administration.
  • Biology Education.
  • Business Administration.
  • Physics Education.

So how much is the school fees of UNILAG part-time students?

Here, school fees vary, depending on the course you want to study. The average school fees of part-time students is up to N140,000 – it covers some of the course materials given, especially to fresh students. The school fees is paid annually.

Please note that instalment payments are not allowed. You are to pay your tuition fees at once.

Below is a break down of UNILAG part-time school fees for the Postgraduate programme.

UNILAG Postgraduate Part-Time School Fees

Faculty of Arts

  • English: N120, 000.

Faculty of Business Administration

  • Banking and Finance (2 Sessions) – N150,000.
  • Masters in Business Administration (2 Sessions) – N450,000 – excluding the departmental dues (N3, 000).
  • Sc Industrial and Labour Relations (MILR) (2 Sessions) – N112,500.
  • Sc Industrial and Labour Relations (IRPM) – N112, 000 (for each sessions).
  • Sc Development Finance – N600, 000 (instalments are allowed).
  • Sc Risk Management and Insurance (MRM) – N200, 000.

College of Medicine

  • Sc Public Health – Community Health (2 Sessions). This costs N150,000 – excluding departmental dues between N15, 000 to N20, 000.
  • In Public Health (2 sessions) – N150, 000.

Clich here to get firsthand information about the Unilag Postgraduate school.


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