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Treadmill price in nigeria

by Dan Hunter

The world is now paying more attention to healthy lifestyle and exercise than never before. The sales of various fitness equipments are on the increase. Among these tools and equipments is the treadmill. More people are buying the treadmill today in order to stay healthy, during this Covid-19 pandemic.

In a time like this, the treadmill has definitely become the core workout for many. All gyms own some, even individuals – for their homes.

There are several kinds of treadmills in the market today, and they come in different prices. This article will discuss the prices of this fitness tool in Nigeria. Keep reading.

Treadmill prices

As the demand for different brands of treadmills keep increasing today, you need to remain abreast to their prices if you plan to get a good one. We shall dissect more on the current prices of treadmills in Nigeria, the common brands and their various features.

Sure, prices vary when it comes to treadmills. But still, most of these prices have been stable somel recently, following the incident of the COVID-19 pandemic, prices fluctuate.

Treadmill price jumia

Treadmill price jumia

By making use of the treadmill instead of a user powering the mill, this machine offers you a kind of moving platform connected to a wide conveyor belt powered by a flywheel or an electric motor. The moving belt to the rear requires the user to walk, jog, or run on the equipment at a matching speed with the belt.

moves to. Simply, you move according to the belt. That’s raw exercise just like jogging or running miles – a spot.

Would you like to get some good quality treadmills? Get great deals at the Jumia online store at affordable prices. There are different brands and offers. Prices could vary from N80,000 to N400,000.

Used treadmill for sale

There are different kinds of used treadmills you can find in the Nigerian fitness markets at great prices.

Prices are according to brands, features, and conditions.

Also, there are quite some expensive treadmills with amazing features that makes your fitness goals easier to reach.

One of the best products out there are treadmills made by Nashua.

The Nashua 2.5 HP treadmill. This treadmill has Music, Massage, and Twister. It costs at least N160,000 in Nigeria.

The Nashua 3.5 HP treadmill. This treadmill has WiFi, TV, Music, and Android. It costs at least N600,000 in Nigeria.

Tokunbo treadmill

Tokunbo treadmill

To some people, exercise is like a chore. They feel reluctant to take a trip to the gym or go out running. But owning a treadmill can make this easier and more fun – workout from home or office.

Don’t sweat your bank account, there are good tokunbo treadmills that will get the work well done.

One of the best treadmill treadmills in Nigeria is the Body Fit Treadmill. You will get good deals when you shop for some of their products.

Below are some offers:

The Body Fit Manual Magnetic Treadmill. This pack comes with a massager. Price starts from N75,000.

The Body Fit Treadmill 2 HP. It comes with a dumbell and a massager. Prices start from N140,000.

The Body Fit 3 HP treadmill. This treadmill comes with MP3 and Massager. Cost? From N160,000.

Treadmill for sale in abuja

Are you in Abuja and you need some top-quality treadmills? You can consider these brands of treadmills.

The Sole F85 SOLE Treadmill 2016 Model. This Sole Treadmill’s prices rangs from N900,000 to N1 million.

The Sole S9800 Commercial Treadmill. It costs between N2 million to N2.2 million.

The Sole S9900 Commercial Treadmill. This is another great treadmill by Sole. It goes for N2.1 million to N2.3 million in Nigeria.

Nordic Track Treadmill (the Nordic Track T10.0 Treadmill). This is a 4.5 HP treadmill motor that comes with tablet holder. Prices are within N500,000 to N600,000.

Treadmill konga

If you want some high quality treadmills with good prices, Kongo is one of the best places to be. Get some great fitness equipment from top brands.

Shop online for some amazing treadmill deals today at Treadmill Konga.

Jiji treadmill

Discover more quality treadmill deals on Jiji today at affordable prices.

You can find good treadmills on Jiji for as low as N45,000.

Check them out at Jiji Treadmill.

Cheap treadmill in nigeria

You can get good treadmills in Nigeria at affordable prices. For as low as N50,000, a treadmill can be secured for your office or home.

Regardless of what treadmill you will be going for, pay attention to its maker. Some brands are well known for qualify and durability.

Here is one of the best brand of treadmills available in Nigeria today, the American Fitness Treadmills. Below are few of its products.

The manual treadmill by American Fitness costs at least N50,000.

The American Fitness 2 HP Treadmill. This package has USB, Dumbbells, MP3, and a Massager. It costs at least N125,000.

The American Fitness 2.5 HP Treadmill. It also comes with MP3, Massager, and Dumbbells. Price starts from N145,000.


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