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Top 5 furniture companies in Nigeria

by Abbey
furniture companies in Nigeria

Looking to piece together a pleasantly furnished room, kitchen, or restaurant? Or have you been having doubts about the best place to get quality furniture for that house or office you are currently building in Nigeria?

Then this article is for you to answer all your questions to an exceptional level of satisfaction. 

For every building, be it office complex, event centre, or residential buildings: one important piece that completes the puzzle of its aesthetics is the furniture. A well-furnished building is a great sight to behold. Over the years, there’s been an evolution to the outlook of the furniture industry and the companies therein, especially in Nigeria. More so, people have moved from the regular wool material of decor to long-lasting leather material for chair and beautiful wood for other furnishings within the building. More recently, capable Nigerians have sort of importing their furniture from various parts of the world, for exorbitant prices, this can be due to lack of information or choice. However, with this article, we intend to bridge the gap of information by raising awareness about credible furniture houses in Nigeria. Without further ado, we will take you through the top 5 furniture companies In Nigeria that guarantee quality alongside aesthetics.

1. Lifemate Furniture

Lifemate furniture has carved out a credible name for themselves in the furniture industry in Nigeria, and it no surprise that they top the list of furniture companies we will be recommending in Nigeria. They have received a lot of recommendations from top celebrities in the country with their creative designs and creations. They produce furniture ranging from traditional to the modern design of furnishings based on client specifications for living rooms, kitchen cabinets, bedroom complete amongst others. Their head office is located in Lagos with branches offices in Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Kano, Abuja, and Ilorin. Their lagos address is Oregun, Ikeja, 1 Ikosi Rd, Lagos, Nigeria

2. Cyrus Furniture

Cyrus furniture is a well-known company when it comes to the presentation of top quality furniture for over 20years. Over the years, their professionalism and furniture quality has placed them among the top furniture companies in Nigeria. Cyrus furniture not only deals with house furniture but has expanded to include the production of several building components used in Nigeria today. They utilize long-lasting wood for their furniture and are also capable of importing furniture from any country the client delivers at a modest price. If you are looking to import a special type of furniture from a specific location abroad, need not stress yourself as Cyrus furniture got you covered.

3. Bedmate Furniture

Bedmate Furniture is a popular figure in the furniture industry. They have various showrooms all over Nigeria and even across the border in Ghana. They distinguish themselves from others through their attractive Italian designs made with quality wood and other constituents materials. All these ensure the durability of their products. Furthermore, bedmate furniture also offers interior decoration consultancy services and transport services from their factory. Their main showroom is located in Lagos with branches in Abuja and some other cities in the country. You can visit bedmate furniture website here.

4. ABS Furniture

ABS furniture is a name to reckon with in terms of furniture in Nigeria. They have a great sense of aesthetics in terms of their production. This explains why they produce furniture for hotels, bars, and restaurants. They offer post-purchase services to their clients and maintain a high level of credibility in their dealings. They are located at Victoria Island in Lagos. Reach ABS furniture on facebook here.

5. Southwood Nigeria

Although Southwood Nigeria has experienced a change of name, their quality has not dropped a bit. Previously known as Office depot, Southwood furniture has been in the business of producing and selling furniture for the past two decades. They offer their production and consulting services to every sector and building type. They are highly committed to ensuring client satisfaction and be sure to get a worth of your money if you patronize Southwood furniture. Contact SouthWood right here.


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